Written by Colin

21 Sep 2011

Ive worked here in a hotel on the IOM since last year,Im from the Island and did,nt have any sexual experience,I know I come over as a bit effiminate but thats the way I am.The night manager/porter became a friend of mine when I first started here and gave me my first taste of gay sex,I have a small room at the back of the hotel,he has a bedsit and I,d spend a bit of time at the hotel in the evening and then he invited me to join him for a drink one evening,I ended up getting a bit drunk and ended up in bed with him.he did,nt force me or anything,we started off mucking about wrestling and things and because it was so hot in his bedsit he suggesred we strip down to our undies,at first I was bit reluctant,I think I knew what he was up to but once I saw him in just a pair of small white briefs and I could see he was sexually aroused I went along with it and of course we both ended up naked sweating and eventually in bed wanking each other off.

He told me that he used to occasionally have sex with male guests when he first started working at the hotel and made himself a few bob by just spending an hour or so in some of their bedrooms,so long as your discreet you can do OK.He told me he still occasionally got asked by men that he knew about where on the island they can get sex with a young lad and with my looks and things he could introduce me to them.He told me about how to dress and got some sexy girls briefs from a drawer,again I was,nt sure but when he persuaded to try a pair on I could,nt believe how sexy I felt,he also persuaded me to do what most young men do these days and get rid of my body hair,he volunteered to shave off my pubic hair,we had a bit of fun while he was doing that because once he started doing it I got a hardon which ended up in us having oral sex,the first time I,d done that,but as he said it was something I,d have to do anyway so I should see it as a practice run and I surprised myself by enjoying the taste of his spunk and he said to me that it was important to swallow spunk when I sucked a cock off.

One evening I,m hanging around the bar in the hotel,he was on duty and he was talking to a man of about sixty,well dressed and looked like he had a couple of bob,I could see them looking in my direction and say something,they both smiled at me,I,m not stupid and knew they were planning something.Alex,the night manager,came to where I was sitting,you fancy a bit of fun he said and fifty quid,spend a bit of time in his bedroom,a bit of cock play,he does,nt want anal just wank and suck,easy money if your up for it,I told him you,ll wear sexy undies,I know he,s into that,a pair of the knickers in my drawer,heres my keys if you want to earn a bit of money,he handed me his keys,to me fifty quid was nice money and I was feeling in the mood for a bit of sex so why not.

As I took Alexs keys he said I want you to do me a favour,I want you to come and tell me everything he wants you to do to him and what he does to you,to be honest I think I could have sex with him myself but hes looking for a bit of young,I,ll tell him twenty minutes in his room OK,I headed for Alexs room to change.I used some deoderant before trying on several pairs of the little knickers,settling on a small tight white pair,I like white anyway,there was nothing I could do about my hardon and wondered what his was going to be like,other than Alexs I,d never even seen another man with a hardon,now I was about to handle one and probably suck it off,funny enough I felt excited at the prospect.

The minute I knocked on his door it opened,he was already in a short white dressing gown,hiya Colin he said,he knew my name,I,m glad youve come,come in.Drink he said,I nodded,whisky Ok he said,not my favourite but I needed a drink,he poured a large one,he was already a bit tipsy.As he handed me the drink his hand went to the front of my trousers and felt my cock,he was already sweating profusely,I let him feel my cock,he poured hi s whisky down his throat and undid his dressing gown,I don,t know why but I was,nt expecting to see him naked underneath,but he was,he did,nt have a hardon,he had a large cock but it was still limp,he got rid of his dressing gown dropped onto his knees and undid my trousers and pulled them down taking the knickers with them,I could hear him gulp for air when he saw my smooth skin and erect cock,he pulled the knickers back up tucking my balls into them,I stepped out of my trousers and lifted my top over my head,I could,nt believe how much I was enjoying the whole thing,he stayed on his knees and started to wank me as he started to work on his own to get it to life,I did'nt know if I should help but just let him do it his way,he removed my knickers.

Somehow I expected his cock to be enormous seeing the size of it limp but as it hardened it did'nt really get that much bigger,fully hard it was a bit bigger than my own but still no more than about seven inches,nice though.He stood up and pulled me against him rubbing our cocks hard onto each other,we were both of a similar height so it worked OK.Alex had never kissed me,we just had sex,but he wanted to kiss me on the lips,I went along with it,his tongue was in my mouth,he had a tight grip on my bottom grinding our cocks together.He put his hand between us and held both our cocks at the same time and wanked both of them,I liked it,I'd even forgot I was getting paid for this,he even had a very nice body.

I let him guide me to the bed,he was quickly astride me,his cock was hard now,dripping precum,he sat on my knees and wanked both of us,never having eye contact with me he just watched himself wanking both of us,I reached down to see if he wanted me to wank him,but he pushed my hand away,I felt like I was missing out a bit,I wanted to wank him,but he was paying.

He changed to the 69 position and at last I got to hold his cock and touch his balls but he was ready for sucking,he already had my cock deep in his mouth sucking hard on it,I knew what I had to do,his precum tasted lovely,I knew I was going to like his spunk.For somebody who just twenty minutes before was still completely limp there was no stopping him now,he was pumping his cock into my mouth and sucking furiously on mine,then my mouth was filling with his hot spunk,quicker than I expected,even as I'm swallowing and enjoying it I,m aware that I,m still not cumming off,I needed to work on it a bit,I fucked hard into his mouth,it worked,I,m filling his mouth with my spunk,I could feel him gulping and swallowing as I sucked his cock dry.

He climbed off me and put his dressing gown on,he went to his pocket got the fifty quid and handed it to me,now hardly noticing that I was still naked he headed for the shower,I got dressed and left.

I went and waited for Alex in his room,I got naked before he arrived,I wanted some real sex,I told him that other than sucking each other off it was all fairly boring stuff,he wanted to know all about his cock the taste of his spunk and things like that.He told me that some of the others he knew liked full anal and that he would introduce me,why not I thought,its still easy money.