Written by k4m

18 Oct 2008

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a days walking along the coast. I had set out on a hot sunny day to walk along the coastal path between Whitby & Scarborough. The path is very secluded in parts & as it was mid-week there were very few walker out.

As I rounded a cove the path dipped into a hollow & to my surprise a man was laided out naked soaking up the sun in this natural sun trap. He must have seen the shock & embarrassment on my face as he quickly jumped up & reach for his towel. Before he had time to wrap the towel around his waist I noticed that his cock was thick & he was shaven, his cock was complimented by a large pair a balls.

Sorry if I startled you he said but I come here quite a lot & I very rarely see anyone. Its fine I said, still a little embarrassed & slightly turned on by the sight of the strangers naked body.

I explained that I was walking the coastal path & was heading to Scarborough. The guy introduced himself as Paul & I held out my hand saying pleased to meat you I am Mike. As Paul extended his hand his towel fell to the floor exposing his manhood. Shit he said but made no attempt to pick the towel up. Paul could not help but notice that my eyes where fixed on his lovely cock. This sight had also stirred my cock into life & I had a large lump in my shorts & Paul to no time in noticing it.

You like he said. Shyly I mutterd mmmm that is a nice fat cock you have there. Come closer he said & he bent down to his bag & pulled out a bottle of sun cream. Hold out your hand he said & squirted some oil into my hand. Now rub it into my cock he said in a rather authoritative loice. Obediently I started to rub the oil into Paul cock with slow wanking movements. Paul stood & just breathed a little heavily as my hand worked the oil into his manhood. Within seconds I could feel the excitement building up in Paul\'s meat. It was now getting harder & thicker. I used my other hand to cup his balls as my wanking action got a little faster.

Paul was now groaning & some oil had ran down to his shaven balls. I massaged this in & with my middle finger I found his ass. Th e finger gently rimmed his ass hole whilst my hand continued to massage his lovely smooth balls. My right hand now started to pump hard up & down on his long shaft.

Paul now spoke in a deep breath, \"stick you finger up my arse\" he panted out. My finger slipped up Paul\'s oiled up arse & it worked around probing as deep as I could manage. The cock wanking, ball massaging & arse fingering was too much for Paul as he groaned\"I am coming\" a thick stream of lovely white cum shot out of Paul\'s cock as I furiously wanked it like a piston. All Paul could say was Mmmmmmmmmmm. Good boy I said as I licked my finger after removing it was his ass. The taste of sweat, oil, cum & sex was lovely.

Paul was shaking with excitement as I said \"my turn now\". I quickly dropped my shorts & fed Paul my 7 inch rock hard cock. Paul greedily swallowed down on me & withing a minute I was emptying my load down into Paul\'s mouth & down his gratefull throat.

I quickly cleaned myself up said goodbye & continued my walk.

I must go along there again one day I thought to myself as I happily walked along