Written by tennder parts

17 Nov 2008

I am a mature bi guy and I have seen lots of action.

I deliver goods to a local bi guy who always likes to play and sucks me to completetion.and fingers my hole.

I have always wondered why he never fucks me,despite me going mad for cock.

Last week I made my usual delivery knowing I was going to de-spunk my balls, he greeted me and said his mate was in the kitchen and wanted to watch him suck me,and take a few photos

I said yes but no faces, He helped me strip completly which was unusual as he normaly only wants my arse and cock showing.

He started to suck my cock which was stood very erect playing with my balls and fingering my hole the camera was flashing away,getting very close up pictures,when his mate

with the camera pulled out a massive cock and pushed it in my mouth still taking photos he said no one will recognise you with this in your mouth,while i was sucking cock my hole was being rimmend and well fingered.I was then pulled onto my knees with one guy still sucking my cock,when i felt my hole being lubed up the camera stopped flashing as I felt a hard push against my hole as the guy struggled to penitrate me,then my hole gave way to the onslaught as the massive cock began to slide in, over the years i have had lots of cocks in me, but this one the daddy of them all I have never been stretched and fucked as deep as this monster was capable off.

He fucked me for ages calling me his slut and cumdump and my hole was now his mancunt as i would never want a smaller cock after his beut,he speeded up and pulled out and covered me in thick cum his mate who was still underneath was splattered with it. my hole was wide open after i was told he could see inside,

My reg cock sucker said he had arranged the fucking for me as he could not get an errection and felt i should go home well fucked for a change and that his mate was often refused full sex when guy saw the size of his tool, needless to say my mancunt was sore for days after. But I still want him again