Written by RandyDave

8 Jun 2009

Some years ago I worked in a town in Surrey and used to go to the local swimming pool at lunchtimes. It had separate men's showers and changing room.

Well this day it wasn't busy - I had had my swim and was showering. As usual I stripped off and was washing off the chlorine when I noticed this young lad at the other end of the showers also naked. He was middle height and slim but with a huge cock, half erect.

I couldn't help looking but didn't say anything. I left the showers and went in to change. I was just finishing drying myself when he came in too with a towel around his waist. He sat down opposite for a few seconds than got up and took his towel off showing his hard fully erect cock and pointing at me. It was gorgeous - about 9 inches.

I checked around - we were by ourselves. I said he seemed to have enjoyed his shower - he agreed and said he was feeling randy - seeing me naked had got him aroused - which was very flattering for me since I was a lot older and not nearly so well endowed even if in fair condition. I reached out for him and he put his cock into my hand. He was smooth and warm. I checked around again - I had never done anything like this in public but couldn't help myself. I leaned over and took him in my mouth. He tasted good too.

I sucked him for a few seconds and then came to my senses a bit. I said I had some bi videos at my house and did he fancy watching them with me that evening? He said yes so we arranged for me to drive past the pool after work. I reluctantly let his cock go after another quick suck, then quickly dressed and left after confirming he was still OK to meet up.

Work was agony that afternoon - I was desperate for time to go to till 7.00. Would he come? Did I have the guts to do it too? Would he let me fuck him? What would his big cock be like up me? .......