Written by Doc

5 Sep 2013

My last story ended with me sucking the most beautiful 10" black cock that I had ever seen. After dropping his thick sweet load in my mouth, I became so excited that I spent mine on my leg...scooping it up and letting him lick it from my hand. We were both so spent, that we just lay there for awhile before even speaking. After a few minutes, I finally asked..."I don't even know your name" It's Jason he replied...What's yours? Just call me Doc was my reply. He then asked " Are you sure you've never been with a guy before...I've never had a more intense orgasm,,especially when you licked my ass and inserted your finger and massaged me deep when I filled you mouth full...then kissing me with your mouth full of my cum. Damn, I'm getting hard again just thinging about it." I assured him that this was indeed my first experience and I was overwelmed with the satisfaction it had given me and if I didn't love pussy so much, I'd consider switching teams. He then told me that was his first time too and that he had never had such and intense orgasm from a BJ, even from his wife of 14 years. She had never licked his ass or inserted a finger during oral sex although he had done that to her, which she seemed to like. "I still have not experienced sucking a man's cock or tasting a direct shot of his cum in my mouth. Will you give me that pleasure before leaving?" Of course I will and I may want to suck yours again as well. With that being said, we begin round 2 with some very passionate kisses...and I must say that I never imagined that kissing a man would be such a turn on for me.

He then begin sucking and licking my nipples which gave me an immediate erection...the trobbing hard kind, He worked his way down and begin licking the swollen head adding huge amounts of saliva as he went. He'd deep throat the shaft and suck hard as he withdrew his mouth to the head...repeating over and over. He'd lick and swallow my balls and then venture to the orfice of my asshole...lubricating it with his never ending supply of saliva. As I had done him, he inserted his finger abbout 1" and fucked my ass gentlely and begin sucking my cock as before. Within minutes, I droppped my load and filled his mouth full of my sweet love juices which ran out the sides of his mouth. Again, like I did him, he kissed me and let my cum flow into my mouth...swapping it back and forth and swallowing only a small amount at a time until the last drop was gone. What a sexual experience! We agreed to meet up again soon and parted for that afternoon.