Written by Marksway1

8 Jun 2014

I've been indulging in my bi side for many years, but I've never had a guy cum in my mouth before, that is until yesterday. As soon as the guy got out of his car, and headed into the woods, I followed him. He clearly knew the holly tree that like minded guys head too, a couple of hundred yards into the forest. I joined him there, after following him a discreet distance, and saw I was in for a treat.

Already he had his cock out, and was wanking gently. His cock was really well proportioned, and though not a monster, it had a glorious bulging purple helmet. He felt my crotch, and I unzipped my jeans and eased my semi-erect cock out. He started wanking it, and bent forward to take it into his mouth. The actions of his tongue along the underside of my shaft was electrifying. He eased my jeans down more, and fondled my balls as he sucked me deep and slow.

I withdrew before I came, as I wanted to get that glorious cock of his in my mouth. His dick was beautiful and clean, and tasted great. I'd been fantasising about swallowing cum for weeks, and knew that this was the cock that I wanted to eat every drop of cum from. As I sucked his dick, he eased his boxers down, and I saw his pubes were neatly trimmed, and his balls were completely shaved. It turned me on more that as I deepthroated him, he gripped his balls to delay his cumming.

I'd wanked off so many times before whilst fantasising about cum filling my mouth, and as I sucked his dick, it grew and grew. It was probably 8 inches, so big but not enormous, and I worked hard sucking the helmet to engorge his cock even more. After a few minutes, I saw he had released his grip on the base of his cock and balls, and the thrust of his butt cheeks that I had a hand on, indicated he was close.

With a deep thrust and a gasp, he came deep in my mouth. The feeling was sensational, as I felt the warmth of his cum spurting over the back of my throat. He came lots, and whether I'd wanted it or not, it slid straight down my throat, that he'd opened up with the deepthroating I'd been doing. I still managed to taste his cum, and kept his glorious penis in my mouth, as it twitched with each spurt of thick cum.

I've tasted my own cum before, but his was thicker and creamier than the thickest cream I've ever eaten on food. I swallowed and swallowed, and licked his helmet clean. He withdrew, and zipped his cock away, before quickly moving off. I hadn't cum yet, but felt an ecstasy that was orgasmic surging through my body. I looked down, and hadn't seen my dick that hard and throbbing for a while. A few strokes with my hand, and I soon came, with an intense orgasm. I licked all my cum off my fingers, and swallowed it too.

So yesterday I became a cum slut, and it was amazing. I cannot wait to go back to find another cock to drink it dry. All evening I kept on getting an aftertaste of his warm cum, and it keeps turning me on. I've kept wanking myself off at the memory. Thank you all for your stories that encouraged me to try it, as you've opened a whole new world for me, and though it may be tame compared to other stories, the simple act of swallowing cum was suck an amazing turn on for me.