21 Apr 2018

Many years ago I got a taxi back from Birmingham after a night of clubbing, the driver was a good looking Asian guy, I sat in the front seat, we chatted as he drove the 20 miles or so to my home, the subject of sex came up as it does when two guys chat, it turned out that he was married but his wife wouldn't give him head, I jokingly offered, he laughed & we continued the journey, chatting about general things, as we were getting to the end of the journey he brought up the subject of sex again, I again jokingly offered him head, this time I saw him squirming in his seat so took the opportunity to have a look at the bulge in his jeans, it looked uncomfortable so in my drunken state I decided to put my hand on his thigh, I didn't know how he would react? He groaned a little, so I slid my hand up to his crotch, he groaned more then asked "do you know anywhere quiet that we can go?" I directed him to the car park of a park near where I lived then, when we got there I opened his jeans, he lowered his seat, when I pulled back the waistband of his underwear I was not disappointed when his 7 inch hard cock sprung free! I wasted no time and put my mouth round it, I heard him moan and felt him writhe around, I held his tip in my mouth and flicked my tongue around his nob, he moaned more, I did this for a while before sliding my lips all the way down his shaft, I felt his nob in my throat, I slid my lips up and down his shaft for quite a while, each time pausing to lick around his nob, my hands were exploring his chest, he was obviously getting more and more turned on, he suddenly stopped me, I was confused? He wanted to pull his jeans & underwear down, I was no longer confused, I got my mouth to work on his cock again but this time I wondered how far I could go. so I licked down his shaft & took one of his balls in my mouth, he moaned, then I took the other, he groaned, then he slid forward in his seat and opened his legs so I slid lower & pushed my tongue into his arse crack and found his hole, he yelped as my tongue touched it! I tasted sweaty but clean, he managed to say "no one has ever touched me there but it feels amazing" I licked & pushed my tongue in as far as I could until he said I'm going to cum, so I quickly adjusted my position again to get his cock in my mouth, I sucked him for about a minute or so when he grabbed my head and thrust forward and shot a load into my willing mouth, I swallowed every drop, he appeared to almost pass out for a minute or so, then told me that was the best sex he'd had in years.

I said we must keep in touch, we did through my clubbing days.

The night didn't end there though, I gave him directions to get home and explained that I'd walk the rest of the way as it wasn't far, he left and I started my short walk home, as I walked down the road I noticed that the same taxi kept passing me, I was still feeling horny so I stopped to see if I was imagining things, the same taxi drove past me twice slowing more each time, then on the third time stopped and asked if I wanted a ride, when I looked at the sexy driver my drunkenness made me say "no thanks but I'd love to suck you" he said "great" so I jumped in, we went back to the car park, he undid his trousers and I wasted no time sucking his 6 1/2' tasty cock, he held my head and fucked my face, it didn't take him long to shoot his load which I swallowed greedily

2 unexpected loads in one night, mmmmmmmmmm is all I can say

I kept in touch with both of them and had lots more fun

hope you all enjoyed this, plenty more if you want?