Written by Michael

28 Nov 2008

This was the first time I had such close contact with another persons body.I was a virgin due to my extreme shyness. It,s OK he whispered in my ear.I could feel his cock push between my cheeks,I was,nt ready for that.No I heard myself saying.Thats alright,he whispered as I felt his hand push his cock down between my legs.His other hand moved down the front of my body,pulling me back towards him,taking my cock from the other chaps mouth.Sit on the toilet,he whispered,I did.My cock was soaked in saliva and harder than I had ever experienced.Wow, thats a beauty he said.The chap next door was watching.He lifted my teeshirt over my head,I offered no resistance. He was completely naked,his cock standing straight up,he kept smiling at me.He knelt in front of me and removed my briefs,I was naked.

His hands moved up the inside of my thighs,pushing my legs apart.He took my balls in one hand and encircled my cock with the other,he was looking into my face as he wanked me slowly.The chap next door watched,I assumed he was wanking.He got off his knees and stood in front of me.He took his cock in his hand, having to bring it down from its upward pointing position and moved it to my lips.I knew I had to suck him.I opened my mouth,he very gently pushed it in.It was salty yet sweet,his hands took my head and moved me back and forward on his cock.Hold my balls he whispered,as he spread his legs wider,I reached up and held them,play with them he said,I did my best.An arm came through from next door and found my cock,the hand started wanking me.

The cock in my mouth was moving faster,he was holding my head tight now,his cock going in and out fast.A loud grunt and the action stopped,I felt my mouth fill with bursts of hot liquid,it kept coming ,I was forced to swallow,then it stopped,the chap next door was wanking me faster.He pulled his cock from my mouth.Without a word he quickly dressed and left.The chap next door was lifting off the toilet by my cock,I stood up and put myself back through the hole.He immediately sucked me,I felt myself coming.I gripped the top of the partition again,my spunk was shooting from me,I could feel him swallowing,it was fantastic.Even though my cock was going down in his mouth he continued to suck me till it was limp.I sat back on the toilet,his cock and balls came through the hole.Even though I wanted to leave,I knew I had to wank him off.I took his cock and wanked him really fast,his balls hitting against the partition.I felt his cock tighten in my hand,then spunk shot from it with some force,hitting the wall at the other side of the cubicle.His cock continued to jerk into my hand until he finished.He puuled away,he put his face to the hole and said,that was great,I hope you come back again,we need some new cock here.I,ll be back I said.