16 Jun 2015

To continue

There was an air of tension furled by desire as we started playing with each other - I suddenly wanted to be completely naked and out of control .my mouth was dry and my heart was pumping .

I wanted more - his cock was average - uncut and just throbbing - I had never sucked a cock before - but love oral sex and love to make my partner cum with my mouth , I knelt down , and for the first time ever tasted that salty precum taste and the soft delicious head of this mans cock

I had to get more - I was playing with myself as i sucked him off - it was incredible - knowing someone could come and catch us at any moment - such a thrill - He was obviously very turned on - I slipped a finger into my mouth and covered it with a mixture of saliva and his pre-cum - which was hanging off his cock now in long lines when ever I pulled my mouth off him - I wormed my finger around between his bottom cheeks and started to caress his rose bud - gently - not invasive - just slowly slipping it in a little way

He adjusted his stature so that he was now leaning against a rock and could allow me more access - I went in deeper all the time sucking him - with in a minute he was thrusting and moaning - and then he came in my mouth ........ such an unbelievable turn on

I stood up and started playing with myself - soo turned on - he was still semi hard - bent down and started licking me - eventually put his mouth over me - what a sensation - I havnt had many blow jobs - but this was sensational - I have always stimulated myself anally and dreamed of others doing it to me - I find it very erotic - so when he slipped a finger in to me I came with abandon -

I know now that I am bi sexual - I love it all , to me sexuality is something that needs to be expressed - not bottled up - I have had a no of encounters since this and look forward to more - One of my favorites was with a TS - incredible - she was the first person to actually penetrate me