Written by oz58

26 Nov 2008

I met a guy who i had hired a car from in Cambridge a long time ago , he was efficient , smart and slightly odd to me at that time. Anyway hired the car took it back and had cause to do it again , same chap different car , john ( first names now ) insisted he show me how it all worked , in the car he made me feel electric - tense - short of breath , you name he did it to me , i had no idea what i was experiencing , then he touched my groin ,ok off you go .I did not have the strength to move off , i felt really silly , john then said let me drive to my house and you can calm down. Nice house blah , blah- got in the front door and he held my groin again , i was now panting softly , he went to kiss me me but that was not for me , he apologised but my cock was throbbing by now , we went to his room and he was stripping off , he was very broad and hairy as was i , but ...... his cock was longer , thicker but uncut i nearly came just through the visual thing , he sent me into a really strange world , i wanted to suck his cock feel his balls, smell him , play with his nipples it was bizzare . Then i stripped off , we rubbed our bodies together i had never had this contact before with a man , it was fantastic , johns lovely cock was 8\\\" but his hood would not retract , i sucked his cock till he came and we had a lovely 69 , my first , he introduced me to a couple of his college friends but john was my first and best cock ,although he had us introduced to a guy from France who had a cock to die for , Peter was at at Cambridge studying something but to stop boring you all was cut , 8\\\" but oh so thick and was a bloody nice guy with iy , i sucked his lovely cock for weeks and experienced mine and johns first get together , apologies for ant errors.