Written by trainman

2 Mar 2012

When I was mid 20's I got to know a guy who owned a gay shop selling mags, clothes, toys. This was mid 80's. at least 30 yrs older then me but a very sexy guy. I'd been in his shop a few times and had some sexy fun with him in there when he'd give me briefs n shorts to wear then play with me n suck me.

I used to visit him at his house, turned out he lived about a mile from me and he'd show me porn on a reel to reel projector he had, as he played with me. He'd ring me and invite me round daytimes on his day off......tell me what to wear, which was so horny, being told to dress for sex........ he liked the 'rough trade' look, so it was workboots, jeans, vest. He always stayed dressed in very smart suit, shirt, tie, polished shoes........he was very much an old school gent.......think that's why he liked rough trade.....was so the opposite of him.

I'd get there, follow him to a bedroom where he had the projector set up, he'd switch it on then sit on the edge of the bed and ask me to strip slowly as we both watched the porn and he watched me. He had floor length mirrors on the wardrobe doors so I could watch myself as I made it real sexy for him, all the time he was murmuring his approval and encouraging me....'Yes go on Stud, stroke yr big cock' as he sat with his hands in his pockets, playing with himself. When I was down to my jockstrap, he'd reach out n stroke my cock thru the fabric, cupping my balls and fondling them......all the time praising me in his upper class accent, which only made me swell even more.

One particular time I remember....I lay on the bed with my hands behind my head, he lay across the bed his head in my lap as he pulled my cock from the jockstrap....it was rigid, a leather studded cock strap gripping it tight and making the head swell....he slipped a hand under me, between my cheeks til he reached my balls and began stroking them as he sucked and licked my cock......the movie started at a huge house in Hollywood ......bright sunlight, a chauffeur in full grey uniform, cap , boots, outside polishing a white stretch limo. Front door opened and his 'Boss/Master' came out wearing tight tank top vest and skin-tight white flared trs......very 70's. Chauffeur opened door and they drove off to a 'cruising' area where there were loads of hunks in jeans, shorts, boots, trainers, bare chested, stroking their meat thru the fabric....looking for a pick up. Bossman sat in the back stroking his cock thru his trs as he eyed the meat outside the tinted windows. He told the chauffeur to drive on til Bossman told the driver to pull over and stop for a hitchhiker. He was in shorts n t shirt, trainers. Got in the back of the limo and they drove on. The Bossman started small talk stroking his cock all the time as he noticed the hiker doing the same. He reached over n felt the hikers cock thru the satin shorts as they kissed, then slid the guys shorts off and pulled the t shirt off til the hiker was naked in the back of the limo.

The hiker pulled Bossman's trs off and his vest til they were both naked, sucking and kissing on the back seat......the chauffeur driving along watching them in his mirror.

At one point Bossman opened the limo sun roof, got the hiker to stand up thru the roof and sucked him as they drove around......anyone looking cld only see a guy standing up thru the sunroof.....so horny

Eventually Bossman fucked the hiker in the car and the chauffeur pulled over, got out and stripping off he joined them too......three naked hunks, very 70's style in the car, bright sunshine, tinted windows as people drove by they were all fucking and sucking, no one had a clue what was going on in the car.

And all the time I was watching this and getting hornier and harder my cock was being sucked by this pervy gentleman.....til I told him I was gonna cum......then he sucked n slurped at my cock til he drained my balls completely, never took my cock from his spunky mouth, til I was ready to get hard again......then he'd wipe his mouth with a white cotton hanky and ask if I'd enjoyed that as if I'd just had a 4 course meal.

He was such a gent and I loved being a real perv stud for him..........shame he moved away.

If you enjoyed this let me know........loads of others to write.