Written by Alan

26 Aug 2010

As a young gay lad I had never experienced a glory hole.I'd read about them on sites like this and always found the thought very erotic,just the thought of having sex with a complete stranger with no strings attatched.A couple of weeks ago I was leaving a small town in North Yorkshire,just out of town I passed a public toilet on the side of the road.Seeing a couple of cars parked nearby,it crossed my mind that perhaps it was'nt derelect,I did a bit of a detour and had a closer look.

It looked run down but I could tell it was still open,I parked up a little bit away and walked back to it.I could'nt believe how nervous I felt but was also very aware of my cock rubbing against my undies,I'd already started to get an erection.It was fairly dark inside and smelly,it had just one tiny window,when my eyes adjusted I could see it had two cubicles,both doors were closed,I tried one it opened a bit before being pushed shut but not before I got a glimpse of somebody standing inside in bra and knickers.

I thought I'd gone in the ladies by mistake but then realised they don't have urinals,which I went and stood at,feeling my body tremble from head to toe.I looked towards the door of the other cubicle and could see a shadow which told me there was somebody in there as well,obviously right away I knew what was going on,my cock already erect and wanting attention.My hands shook as I undid my zip,my cock was well out of my undies,it was a relief to get my fingers around it and start to wank.

I could hear noise coming from the cubicles,noises I recognised when a couple of guys are having a wanking session,this was my first glory hole.I could see that there were holes in the doors so the chances were they could see me wanking,but just in case they could'nt I turned towards them to give them a full view.

The door of the cubicle I'd tried opened slowly at first then fully back,he was about mid 40s,he was dressed in just a bra and knickers,he was even barefoot.There was'nt much to either garments,they were white,skimpy and lacey,his cock and his balls were out the leg of the knickers,which somehow added to the sexiness.His cock was being wanked by a hand which was coming through a large hole in the partition,he was standing with his back arched back his hands resting on his buttocks,pushing his cock proudly upwards.

Even though the knickers covered his pubis area I could tell by his balls and cock that he was smooth shaven,it looked beautiful,I felt really envious of the guy in the next cubicle.Unfortunately I was'nt going to get a chance to play with it,suddenly the hand from next door started to move with increasing speed and it was clear that he was going to let himself be wanked off,you just know when thats going to happen.He put his hands inside the knickers at the back rubbing his cheeks,his hips started to jerk,the hand on his cock held on and wanked faster as the jerking increased.He was watching my hand wanking my own cock,then suddenly a kind of growling sound came from him as a stream of white spunk shot high in the air.

He let himself be wanked dry,then casually finished himself off with some toilet paper as his cock became limp,even limp there was no way he could fit his cock in the knickers.He dressed in the same casual way,smiling at me as he did so,almost saying you'll just have to wait your turn,enjoy he said and winked at me as he left.I was straight in,the hole was bigger than I expected,probably the size of a football.Next door he was as naked as the day he was born,he was standing with his legs apart wanking on a very sizeable cock,he had low slung balls,moving backwards and forwards between his legs as he wanked.

I closed the door it did'nt have a lock,I probably would'nt have locked it anyway,I fancied somebody pushing it open. It felt right to get undressed,I stripped naked.I suddenly realised why glory holes had got such a reputation,it was about sex with a total stranger and being able to have no inhibitions,just go with the flow,no idea what might happen next.

He gave me just enough time to get naked before his arm came through probing my body,not a word was spoken but I knew he wanted to feel as much of me as he could.I turned around and moved up and down,his fingers went in my mouth,tweeked my nipples,fondled my balls and gently felt my love ring always coming back to wank my cock,I could see how easy it would be to allow myself to be wanked off,but I wanted a long as possible session,I wanted all of the things I'd read on sites like this.

During the next couple of hours I discovered the joy of toilet sex and glory holes,over the period it involved four other guys who had come in to have sex with a stranger.Fuck it I've just come off.