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Tight Small and white

"Starting our journey"

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Although being 58 I keep active and ive remained slim, 32 waist on a good day, not very hairy, and no bum to speak of. I would have liked a little more bulk on my shoulders and arms but I'm not into gym's preferring running over open fields.

The day had come, I'd made sure I was clean external and internally and trimmed up my pubes. I'd go hairless but that might raise suspicion going that far.

Oh had i not said, im married to a typicaly menopausal wife who currently vary rarely is intimate beyond a cuddle.

So a carefully selected pair of tight white briefs and some jeans and shirt and I was off.

The usual tummy flutter but a head determined and excited I knocked on the door and was welcomed into the flat by Bob.

We had a brief slightly awkward hug and kiss and he offered me a hot drink but I had water. Sat on the sofa there was some chat about the day and what we had been up to as we had been exchanging emails and knew more about each other.

He lent forward and kissed me properly this time his hand running over my leg.

We broke apart and Bob took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

Standing at the end of the bed we embraced and and kissed deeply.

His hands were over my bum and back and now over my chest and down to my groin. Oh this felt nice. The fire was now lit and we started removing cloaths all the time kissing.

We were both down to our underware both in tight white briefs with bulges now. I turned round and pulled bob close, his arms and hands round me, holding me while his strained cock pushed and rubbed against me. I took control now, turned round and while kissing Bob dived my had into his briefs and pulled out his cock, hard in my hand. I felt Bob shiver and gasp as my hand explored then I boke away and So if for to my knees to be face to face with his cock. Held it straight and took and much as I could I'm to my mouth. Bob gasped and I withdrew and started exploring the underside, the sides and the purple head while squeezing and fondling his balls.

Wanking him a bit some sweet pre cum flavoured my tongue.

It was time for some more kissing so I rose up. My cock had escaped down the leg of my briefs and bob instantly reached and touched me. I stopped and pulled them down and we started rubbing our cocks together.

Moving to the bed we fondled and kissed and ended up on our sides in a 69 and after a while I pushed Bob on his back and got astride him sucking him and burying my face between his legs for his balls and anything else while Bob played with me. Taking things further I spun round and say on him so our cocks were together. Now I had control I lent and slipped forward and while kissing Bob reached round to rub his cock up and down my crack.

I was partly prepared and sittinh up on my knees with several spits on my fingers transfered to bobs cock and my hole I managed to ease him in a little.

We played like this teasing the moment for a while but the angled were wrong do I got on my feet either side of bob and lowered down on to him. This was better and I managed to get fully sat on him with some working and I began raising and lowering and bob joined in with the rythem. My legs ached like this and cramp in my foot (I am not far off 60).

We repositioned on the end of the bed doggie style and bob used some lube and slipped in fucking nicely as I pushed back on him. He had a little anal vibrator and slipped out the used it on me. This was new to me but nice. We fucked some more and I tried to kneel up and turns we could kiss while impaled on him but I just don't brnf like the guys on the porn films.

Separating and kissing we resumed cuddling cock to cock while Bob had a rest. After a short while Bob was hard and eager again and I rolled over and we spooned and jossled untill with some help bob slipped in me. This was nice and comfortable for us both, me lifting a leg a bit and reaching round to pull him deeper. This did it for bob after a while and his fucking got more urgent untill he delivered his load.

I rolled over and we kissed and I fondled bobs cock as he relaxed. I think in the excitement it had cum some time before and was enjoying being fucked so there was no need for bob to bring me off buy we still played with each other.

Not bad for a 1st full session.

We dressed kissed and made plans for next time.

Written by tigerplay

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