Written by stevo3438

18 Nov 2008

Last week I stopped off at one of my regular sites, looking for fun.

I went in, and was disappointed to find that I was on my own, but having some time to spare, I went into a cubicle & waited.

I sat stroking my cock for a few minutes, then someone else entered. He went to the urinal, and shortly came back to the cubicles, and peered through the hole in the door. He watched me for a while and then knocked gently. I opened the door to find a guy in his early 50s standing there. He motioned to the urianals, so I followed him.

We'd been wanking each other for a couple of minutes when another guy, probably late 30s came in. We pretended to be pissing, but it was soon apparent that he was there for the same reason as us. His cock was about 9" hard, and looked so inviting that I soon had him in my mouth while I wanked the first guy.

All too soon the guy in my hand shot his load, then went to stand guard at the door as I continued to suck. I was soon rewarded with the biggest mouthful of cum I'd ever taken; almost too much to swallow, but I managed.

My companions left, and I returned to my cubicle, and soon another eye was watching me play. Another knock, I opened the door and the guy came in, cock already out.

He asked if I wanted to be fucked; I replied by turning round and leaning on the back wall. He spread my cheeks, and I felt the cold lube on my ring, then the head of his cock pushing against me.

I relaxed, and he pushed right into me, and we settled on a gentle rythm at first, until his theusting became more urgent.

His first 2 or3 shots went deep inside me, then he pulled out & coated my arse with the rest of his cum. He cleaned up & left, leaving me to wait for my next playmate.