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Tom came to visit

"First time man on man and ended up with cum in my arse"

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When I was on here years ago with my previous profile, I got talking to a nice older local guy.

At the time I was looking for female company. But Tom had other ideas.

After chatting a while I was finding myself very turned on by this older dominant male.

The chat got filthier and one day he messaged me and told me he was gonna have my arse bare and seed me.

This initially terrified me but got me rock hard thinking about it, but I protested and declined his offer.

Fast forward a bit of time I finally agreed to meet this gentleman. My heart was racing at the fear and excitement that was about to unfold. As he entered my old flat he gave me his coat to hang up and ordered me to the bedroom. I was told to strip naked while he got undressed.

He told me to get on my knees and lick his balls, then told me to lick his shaft. Shortly after I had his (my first) cock in my mouth, pulling his foreskin back to reveal a large head for sucking & licking. He tried a few times to push his cock down my throat while holding the back of my head, not with much success as my gag reflex kicked in.

After he was rock hard he told me to get face down on the bed and spread my arse cheeks apart. He proceeded to lube and finger my hole to stretch me out a bit. I had already been loosening myself off with some toys in previous weeks so I wasn’t virgin tight.

Once My hole was ready for him, he got on top and pushed his 8inch bare cock into me, starting slow then picking up the pace. It wasn’t long before he was shooting his cum inside my virgin hole, once he pulled out and got off the bed, he got me to lick his cock clean. He got dressed then left.

Later that day he messaged me and told me I’d been a good slut and passed the first test, he would push the boundaries further next time.

Just a basic account of my first time taking cock

Written by Dmac09

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