Written by memoryman_2009

2 Oct 2014

Work side of life a bit slow last week and as I very horny I went seeking my 7th cock of the year up at my local cottage on the A3.

I had a meeting in Guildford so left an hour early so I could hang out for to see what might occur.

Turned up to find car park not very full. Few cars parked but empty. There was a van there with two men testing there model cars. "Bugger it" as I thought it would only frighten other potential cottagers away. But as luck would have it they decided with their remote controls take the cars for a drive up into woods which would make a change as it's normally us blokes looking for cock who get on the dog walkers nerves.

It wasn't long after they went that a Landrover pulled into the car park and reversed into the spot next to me. It was driven by a man a bit senior to me. Wasn't quite sure if he was a player as he kept his look straight ahead and made no eye contact.

I took a chance and began to play with my nipples to see what would happen and sure enough when I looked over he was playing with his tits through his shirt.

The man then got out of the Landrover and made for the wood across the road from the car park. Now regulars may recognise where my cottage location is and know that it doesn't have the best cover and there is more chance of getting seen.

That didn't cross my mind so I got out of my car and duly followed him. The man slowed down and let me catch up and he led me to an almost well hidden place and behind a tree. So I thought. I walked up to him and stood in front of him and quickly discovered this was going to be a silent one as no matter how much I tried to communicate with him he remained silent. As I have said before, it takes all sorts....

I started to feel his tits through his shirts and this prompted him to take of his shirt of to reveal a hairy chest with big nipples that resembled wing nuts. I started to play with them and at the same time feel his cock through his trousers. He was hard already and didn't need anymore groping to get stiffer. The man undid his belt and let the trousers fall. He had on a pair of briefs. (Mens and not the ladies type like a pair of the wife's i was wearing.) The bulge looked even more reassuring when I got down on my knees. I pulled them down to reveal very nice circumcised cock but as hard as a stone. This knob was stiff because of Viagra. I came to that conclusion as no man in his 70's,(my estimation.) would have a cock that hard.

No matter for I took it in my hands and played with it. This was a lovely cock and the first uncut I have encountered for ages. (Are owners of uncut cock more horny? )

The bell end of this cock was rock solid. I kissed the tip first and with my tongue circled the rim then slowly ran my tongue down the stem and took, one at a time, the mans hairy bollocks into my mouth. I then covered the helmet with my mouth and slowly put it in my mouth. As fellow suckers would agree it is a moment of joy.

I got into the a sucking motion and the man put his hands on my head and slowly fucked my face.

All of a sudden the man tapped me on the head. I looked up to see he was pointing in the direction of the woods as if to say there was someone coming and began to pull his pants up.

I panicked and was off. I crawled over the forest floor and when I made it to the path but was soon back in the car and off on the A3 to Guildford.

To make matters worse, as i was wearing shorts, I had been bitten to death by Mosquitos and had to find a chemist on the way to my meeting to stop the infernal itching.

Shit day eh?

Not so, as I got lucky later and it wasn't though cottaging.

I have to say on the way back from Guildford I was feeling just a little depressed at the lack of success earlier. Though I got to suck a lovely cock I felt a disappointment that it ended up not only suffering the indignity of crawling through the under growth of the woods, I never got to get a load in my mouth.

Cottaging for me is to be driving home with the taste of spunk in my mouth. Not getting a load spurting from a cock into my mouth is like having jelly without the custard or bacon sandwich without brown sauce!

It crossed my mind to stop at the cottage to see I would get lucky again but this time with a 'happy ending.' but thought of more mozzy bitten legs made me think better of it.

I was just passing the cottaging spot when my mobile phone rang. I looked down to see it was my very close friend Dougie calling. I let it become a misscall as I was driving

I got off the A3 and at the first opportunity I pulled over and returned the call.

"Hello sailor' were his first words. Always a good sign as that means he is in a dirty talk mode. I told him I was in the car and on the way home. "Excellent' he said as was on his way to Gatwick and had time to spare and wondered if he could pop in for a cup of tea.

Doug's popping in always lead to some sort of fun! If I have a very best friend it is Doug he is not only a wank buddy but the cuckhold husband in the 3some I was in many years ago.

Though things don't happen anymore as a team I manage to have bit of grubby talk with the couple but only as singles.

If allowed have a read of the stories I posted a few years back describing our relationship.



I wrote recently on here that when we were out at lunch with our respective wives I had made a prior arrangement for his wife Angie to give me a sign that she wasn't wearing any knickers which she did with a big wink. Doug didn't know this and I thought he would like to find out in a letter from me here on SH.

That what he was the real reason why he wanted to come around not for a 'cup of tea!

Doug is a classic Londoner, he's witty and quick minded and a dirty bugger but as he says not as grubby as me. I last had his cock in mouth a year ago when he popped in for 'tea', this time on his way back from Gatwick. On that visit I never got to taste his spunk as he had already had a wank at the airport. Hopefully I would get lucky this visit.

Doug was at the house when i arrived home. I led him in and we went into the living room. I usually give him a kiss on the cheek but instead of turning his face away I found myself with my mouth on his and our tongues touching. Now this was unusual as in all the years of our intimacy we have never snogged as he always give the impression that 'frenching' was not his thing.

What is funny is that the last woman I french kissed was Angie, Dougs wife. That was last year too when we were alone together discussing our wanking habits. Doug knew about as I told him and he was disappointed that it hadn't gone any further.

Our snogging became more passionate and we were both feeling each other up through our clothes.

We sat down for a bit and discussed the lunch and fact that Angie had gone commando and not told him. Finding out secrets about his wife is very much a turn on. He is a cuckhold to the core. This led to more kissing and fondling.

Now Doug's big thing is reading letters here on SH especially the cuckhold ones so i suggested we went to the office to read the latest offerings. Doug is a real critic of the letters. He's very fussy for authenticity and claims he can spot a phoney one a mile off. I always remind him that it doesn't matter as the section is called 'Stories' and it doesn't matter if they are true or not and again reminded him that a lot of readers might think the ones I have posted are not true either.

We were soon scrolling down the pages. Doug found one experience he thought was for real and started to read as I had already seen it I set about undoing the belt on his suit trousers and pulling them down along with his jocks to reveal his very stiff uncut cock and big hanging balls.

I have sucked Dougs cock more times than any other mans and it is a pleasure I never get fed up with. His cock is just a little longer than mine but the fact he has a foreskin that covers all his prick when hard looked even bigger. His foreskin is a little tight around his bell end which more prominent and suckable.

My tongue was soon digging around in the end trying to get around the shiny glans of the helmet. I then took it all the way down and deep throated it and at the same time tugging at his bollocks. The delicious salty taste of his precum began to leak into my mouth. I took the cock out of mouth to watch it ooze from the eye of his cock.

Then I remembered something.

The last time we spoke on the phone I mentioned to Doug, as an unfulfilled cuckhold, that it was one of my desires was for him to leak his pre-cum onto the gussets of my wife's knickers as it will be the nearest any man will ever get his cock close to her most wonderful hairy cunt so I asked was up for it. He was.

So as not to change the mood I left the office with him still engrossed in a story and went up stairs to the knicker draw and got out the ones I know she wears on a regular basis. They are usually quite sensible ones from M&S. So with a selection I went down stairs back to the office to find Doug sitting there gently rubbing the tip of his foreskin back and forth over the bell end of his cock.

If i am envious of anything Doug can do and that is his ability to make the most amazing amount of pre-cum while I don't produce any. Why I don't know. I have always assumed that it was because I am circumcised but better minds on the subject say that is not always the case.

The stuff was oozing big time out from Doug's foreskin and dribbling down his cock so I quickly turned a pair of black panty's inside out land was mopping up the excess with the gusset. I thought maybe I had missed the best of what he could squeeze out but no fear as he seemed have plenty more to offer. I got Doug to stand up and held the knicker gussets under his dick do the precum would dribble on to each pair of panties.

The precum was soon being soaked up by the gussets. It showed up more in the black ones and disappeared without a trace in the whites. No matter as I was now satisfied that my wife will, for the next week, have dried liquid of another mans cock rubbing against her cunt.

Job done and I was soon sucking Dougs cock again while he looked and read more stories. I was heaven readers.

I was surprise that Doug hadn't spunked as he was obviously turned on by what we had done so far. I asked him what he wanted to do and like a bolt out of the blue he said he would like to fuck me up the arse! Was I taken aback or what! as he knew that it was an ultimate fantasy of mine to have his cock up me. His wife, even in the old day's, suggested he bummed me while I was up her. His response was always a big "No' and muttered something about 'shit'

Still gobsmacked by Doug's offer I asked him to explain. All he said was that he owed it to me as I had given him years of pleasure by fucking his dear wife and I always had been the one to give rather that get and if he couldn't fuck his best friend up the arse he was no chum after all.

That readers is what I call a very nice thing to say. All together "Ahhhhh."

I asked him where would he like the shagging to take place and he said in your bed so he can fantasise about my wife being there watching us both.

So by the hand I led him up the stairs to our bedroom.

As I live in hope that I get to be fucked or maybe fingered I always keep my man fanny ready for such a thing. Every time I go out cottaging I make sure my hole is in ship shape and in tidy order based on advice and technique given to me by a gay friend. Won't go into detail as it is will spoil the moment but all i can say it involves a bidet and a squeezy bottle!. Also for the record this would be my third live cock in me as I have enjoyed over the years shagging myself with carrots or courgettes and latterly had the use of large black dildo. First bumming was when I was sixteen with my adolescent wank buddy, second with a gay friend with a very small cock (I didn't feel a thing) and in recent years with Alana a cross dressing friend who used to pop in on his way to work and fuck me.

We had a brief discussion about condoms but as I reassured Doug that my arse was squeaky clean etc and he was unlikely to have any future penetration with his Angie there was no chance of passing anything on if there was anything to do so.

As Doug got completely undressed but I kept on the pair of panties I had worn out to cottaging earlier as he wanted to put his cock up the side of the one of the legs. I went to the bathroom and got the K-Jelly out of the bathroom cabinet.

He then asked if he could sniff a pair of the wife's panty's as he fucked me. This wasn't a first as we used to swap our wives knickers when having wank sessions years ago.

A search of the laundry basket showed it to be empty as the previous days washing was in the machine, so no panties to be sniffed but quick thinking had me reaching around the bathroom door and finding the wife's black pyjama top and bottoms. For some reason, though fanatical about clean knickers, she will wear the same pyjamas for a couple of days, sometimes three, thus making the crutch very soiled and smelling deliciously of cunt. Doug was in luck.

Back in the bedroom Doug asked me to get on all fours on the bed. I could feel his hands caressing the cheeks of my arse and moving down to feel my cock and balls through the knickers. He pulled my cock out and began wank me and even pulled it backwards to suck the helmet. Another surprise as it is something he never did that often as always left the sucking to me.

Another surprise was in store as I felt the part of panty's covering my fanny being pulled over and a what felt like a wet finger entering me. Hang on! that was no finger it was his tongue. I was being plated by my best friend. Not the first time I had the experience as I had a wonderful Irish fuck buddy who did it all the time but this was the first time by a man.

I then felt his probing wet finger pushing into me. Followed by another. I then heard the lube tube being opened and felt the first cold touch of it as it was dribbled over my hole. Doug then began work his fingers in my hole and as I wasn't resisting it it was soon stretching opening ready for a cock.

Doug then pulled me closer to the end of the bed. He had stopped fingering and I could feel the tip of his cock trying to find it's way into me. Slowly but surely it went in but stopped at the sphincter. Doug's cock is not that fat so a little shove soon had it sliding into hilt. Fuck me guys. This was the real thing. Not having a cock that long in me before as Alana, my cross dressing friend, who used to give me one was not that well endowed, this time I could feel it all the way up me.

Doug began to shag me. He was making noises of enjoyment, even commenting on the tightness of my 'man cunt' but they sounded a bit muffled. I looked around to see that he had turned the wife's pyjamas bottoms inside out, tied the legs around his head so the crutch was under his nose. I nearly started to laugh as he looked like a member of the Taliban but the pleasure of being well and truly fucked out weighed any mirth to be had.

We stopped for a break and I asked Doug that I would liked to be fucked from the front.

Now not being that nimble anymore took a moment or two to get right. Still with the wife's knickers on I managed pulled my knees up so that my hole was facing more up than down. While I was struggling to get into position Doug wanked his cock producing more pre-cum. I suggested he dribbled it over my waiting man fanny which he did. He them put his the cock of his helmet in my arse and took it out again to show strings of the precum stretching from me.

Doug slowly buried his cock into me, I even managed to put my arms around his neck and pull his face down so I could kiss him. We were making love!

What was also nice about facing him was I could also share the smells from the soiled crutch of the wifes pyjamas.

Doug settled into a nice easy fucking rhythm. Being fucked from the front was different from being on all fours. It felt more sensual and the penetration was deeper.

This was the longest fuck I had experienced as the shags with Alana, my cross dressing friend, were always quickies and a prelude to sucking and spunking.

I have always wondered why ladies loved to be fucked long and hard and now I knew why.

Doug asked if I was happy for him to come in my arse without a condom. "You've got to be joking!" I replied "Give it to me.!"

Doug adjusted the pyjamas under his nose and began deep inhaling while fucking me

Up until now I hadn't attempted to touch myself as when i used a dildo or carrot on myself hard-on just don't happen. This time i seemed to have the assemblance of an stiffy that would take kindly to being wanked.

Now Doug is a noisey cummer. He is like a fucking bear. The faster he went to noiser he went. Luckly he was a aware of the racket he was making and put a pyjama leg in his mouth.

Doug unloaded. The sensation of his spunk firing into me was subtle and all I can describe it as a sudden 'warm' feeling.

Doug collapsed on beside me. I carried on wanking now having a reasonable erection. I picked up the discarded wife's pyjama bottoms and put them to my nose so I could enjoy her aroma just as he did. It wasn't long before I was spunking thick dollops of sperm over Doug'd now wilted cock. The moment of ejaculation also caused my stretched arsehole to contract and could sense Doug's spunk squirting into the panty's gusset. A perfect ending.

After a little cuddle, again a first as he is proned after spunking to be off and out the door. Typical man eh.

I for some reason felt a little horny still so kept on the wife's underwear under my shorts. Doug got dressed in his suit and was soon looking like the smart business man he is.

Downstairs there was no mention of what had just taken part and we were just like two mates chatting about football and enjoying a cup of tea. The only evidence of what had just happened was occuring in my wife's panties as I could feel the sensation of what was left of my best friends spunk seeping out of my bum.

Turned out nice after all.