Written by waawaawizard

13 Aug 2013

I'm a bisexual guy and I'm not afraid to admit it. Adore women but also love the rawness of two guys together having hard dirty sex :) I've had the usual experiences with men (oral, anal, etc) with men of my own age but never been with an older gent. Well this has all changed now as last week I had some of the best sex ever with a mature guy and it just so happened that the mature guy was my mates dad!!!

I hadn't seen my mate in person for ages, we did the usual Facebook thing but since he moved away a couple of years ago we hadn't met up for ages. Anyway it's a Saturday night and I'm down the pub having a few beers and in walks my mates dad (David), he sees me and comes over to say hello and as he's on his own I ask him to join me. I've always got on with David ever since I was a kid he was always friendly, hell he even took me to my first footy match. To cut a long story short we end up having a fair few beers and chat about the old days. To be honest we get very drunk! David tells me there's no way he can go home to his wife this drunk and he will have to find a hotel. Nonsense I say come and crash on my sofa.

Back at my place with have a few more drinks then it's time for bed, I go off to get him a blanket and some pillows but when I come back he's started to strip for bed. His trousers are off and I can see the bulge of his cock in his pants, it's all I can look at! He sees me staring at his bulge and laughs, I'm so embarrassed. But then he does something unexpected and drops his pants and shows me biggest cock I've ever seen, I want it and I can feel myself getting turned on and erect but it's my mates dad.......I don't care I want to taste it. I walk to him and grab his cock I can feel it getting harder, he tells me to suck it and I drop to my knees and plunge his cock into my mouth. It tastes divine and I suck on it like my life depend on it, I can hear him enjoying it and can feel him slowly start to fuck my mouth, I hear him moan and groan as I try to take him as deep as I can in my mouth. After ten minutes of sucking I stop and he looks disappointed but I take him to my bedroom to get more comfortable, we both strip completely naked and I take out the lube and condom and place them on the bed he gets the idea of what I want :) I lay on the bed and he gets ready and lays behind me in the spooning position, he lubes my hole up and slowly starts to enter me. My god he's big, the biggest I've had but he's very gentle as he's pushing inside me. Once he's in me I can feel just how hard he really is and he slowly starts to fuck me, deep long slow thrusts I moan and gasp every time he pushes in me, he really knows what he is doing and its not long until he gets a good rhythm going and we're both loving it. Then he pulls out and rolls me onto my back and raises my legs up, he pushes straight in my arse and continues to fuck me as I wank my cock. It's not long before I cum over myself and he watches as I lick the salty hot spunk from my fingers, then he adds his cum to the mix after he pulls out of my arse and rips the condom off and covers me in his warm stick cum. He straddles my chest and makes lick his cock clean and we drop on the bed and sleep with me still covered in spunk.

In the morning he's gone but he's left me his mobile number if I fancy some more fun. I wonder if he has any mates who would like to join in??? :)