Written by 26biboy

2 May 2011

hi there im a 27 year old bi lad and have spent the past six months becoming a total cumslut for my older freind john, I met him through a gay website and he is perfect the first time we met he use my like a slut and has been ever since, it started off with regular meets once week and pretty soon it was up to 3-4 times a week, john is 56 and married so we meet at his office,he has a great body for his age and a lovely thick 7.5 daddy cock with a really big bell he loves to dress me up as his little tart then spend ages using me I love nothing more to be dressed as his slut on my knees while he fucks my throat calling me his whore and slut and telling me how i have to do as im told.

Well last week he rang me and told me to book the bank holiday weekend off work because we were going to visit his friend in the country, I rang work and got it off straight away no way I was going to miss this I have been wanting a 3some for so long and i knew that johns fiend was really nice because I met him when I was coming out of johns office he smiled ad said you must be mark johns told me alot about you hopefully you might come for a visit one day soon. John had sorted everything out he would pick me up on friday morning he told me not to brother bringing anything as I was to be dressed as a slut for the whole weekend and he would bring every thing and I could get dressed on the way. Friday finally arrived and got up nice and early had a nice soaky bath and shaved and had a bit of breakfast, I heard john beep and eft the house in just T-shirt and shorts I jumped in the car and john sped off "hows my little slut then already to be a good whore and show Daddys fiends how well behaved you can be" oh yes I replied I cant wait to be a good little whore. Good well get those clothes off and get into that gear on the back seat, I was soon out of my shorts and was pulling on pantis a little mini skirt long socks and a bra and tight white blouse followed by a blond wig and then I applied some very tarty red lipstick and dark eye make up. Oh very nice said john what awhore I cant wait to show you off to Peter and his fiends, I though it was just the three of us I said but john told me there would be peter and two others.

I was so nervous on the way but john reassured me that he would let anything happen to me and I was going to love being the centre of attention. I must have dozed off I woke to feel john rubbing my shoulder wakeywakey sleey head we're here, I opened my eyes had a little strech we were parked on a nice drive in front of a really Impressive house wow I said to john good isnt it and no neighbors to bother us right back in a minute, he shot off to find peter I checked my lippy and got out of the car streching my legs then peter and john came round the corner Oh hi mandy you look absolutely great said peter and he came right up and gae me a long wet kiss his tounge probing my mouth and his hands on my arse I was rock hardand could feel his large bulge straing in his trousers I ran my hand down and started to stoke his cock through hs trousers, He then put his hand s on my shoulders and pshed me down I unin his belt and his fly and he pushed his boxers down and I saw a lovely 7-8 inch thisk dick I licked around the bell and then started to take him into my mouth it was so horny we hadnt even got to the door and I was on my knees getting face fucked I felt peters cock twitch and then hot jets of spunk shot down my throat there was loads of it but I managed to get most of it down. What did I tell said john slapping peter on the back she is one great little cock sucker and wait till you see her little cunt mmm, peter helped me up and put his arm round me and walked me in through the large hall and into the a lorge lounge with huge windows looking out over the garden and feilds take john will put you stuff in your room and I'll get us a drink, I ad a look round the room then I heard peter come in I had asip of wine and sat bck on the sofa Peter sat next to me and stroked my thigh and started to kiss me my hand went to his crotch again but he moved it away and lifted me onto all fours so my ass was facing him he stood up and took his clothes off and sat bck down, he stroked my ass through my panties and then slid them to one side he rub his wet finger around my hole and slowly slid his finger in and out getting faster then another finger and a thrd I was loving it feeling my hole stretch ready for his big cock.

Peter got up onto his knees behind me and slipped on a condom and lubed my hole then I felt him push against me and my stretched hole let him in he went right in balls deep I felt so filled, you like that dont you cunt your ass is so tight and hot he started to pump me slowly building up speed and pulling furhter out then in until he was really pounding me I love fast rough sex and could feel his sweat dripping onto me then he pulled out and put me on my back legs spread and roughly jammed his cock back into me you love that dont you you filthy little slut oh yes was about all I could manage he was slamming into me so deep it was taking my breath away, I felt like a rag doll suddenly I felt a cock next to my face and looked up to see john he got above me and pushed his cock down my throat so that everytime peter thrust into me I gagged on johns cock, thats it you slag take it john was saying while peter was saying this cunt really loves it I am going to cover the slut in come and he pulled out came above me and shot his spunk over my face and johns cock which was still down my throat it was to much for john and he startd shooting he pulled out and let most of it splash all over my face I was covered in cum and john said we need to get you cleaned up before the guests arrive they lifted me up and took me into the downstairs wet room and got me to take off my blouse and bra but leave on my stockins then the knelt me down and stood over me and started to piss over my face and body something I love it makes me feel like such a filthy slut I started to wank myself as the hot piss went all over me I came very quickly john and peter helped me up and both gave me a nice long kiss john told me to have a shower and then get change into the outfit he has put out for me and meet them in the lounge in half an hour, I'm glad of the rest and have a nice long shower......to be continued