Written by Peter

9 Jun 2009

I thought about that expreience many times during the next few weeks.I,d hitched lifts as usual,one guy made some advances but bottled out,I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring.

It was about three weeks later,he pulled up beside me,hello again he said with a smile I,ve been looking out for you.He expected me to get in the car,I did,I was actually pleased to see him.No shorts today then, he said,he was wearing trousers also.

As he pulled away he looked at me and smiled taking a quick glance between my legs.I really enjoyed that he said,knowing I knew what he meant.I felt myself getting hot,me too I replied already feeling my cock getting hard.

It was as if he could read my mind,his hand went on the front of my trousers and felt my cock,lovely he said.Open your pants for me he said as he removed his hand.I unzipped them and pushed them down to my ankles,he immediately felt my cock through my undies then slipped his fingers inside them.

I spread my legs for him,he reached between them and fondled my balls.My cock was fully erect out the waistband of my undies throbbing against his forearm.His fingers went around my cock and squeesed gently,I was loving his touch.

Suddenly he took his hand away,I,m pulling into the pub up ahead he said,we,ll have a drink I need to use my phone,I want you to save that for later,pull your pants up and my own cock might go down.

We parked in the car park,is it back in your underpants he said with a smile,mines just about fitting.I just laughed, I was still fully erect and wanted to get on with it.He ordered himself a whisky,you he said,a vodka please I replied.

We sat at a table in a corner,would you like to meet a friend of mine he asked,he,d like to meet you,we sometimes meet up for some fun.I was,nt sure about it at first but he assured me I would enjoy it and I wanted to have sex,I agreed.

The drink had gone slightly to my head,he started telling me how much he had enjoyed sucking me off and what a lovely body I had.My cock had gone down but started to rise again,again he seemed to know.I,ve got a real hard on,he said I need to be taken in hand,is yours hard,I nodded,he smiled.

We left the pub my cock out of my undies rubbing against the material of my trousers.Once in the car he felt me then took my hand and pressed it against his.As we drove off he undid his trousers and lowered his undies below his balls.His cock stood straight up,I reached for it,it was hot and throbbing,he moaned his appreciation,let yours free he said,I was glad to.

With one hand I slowly wanked him whilst doing my own cock with my other.Thats perfect he said,nice and slow,I think you,ll enjoy meeting my friend,I,d forgotten about that.We were suddenly on a back road,we drove on for some time the road getting narrower.I was a little nervous,it,s OK he said,again reading my mind.

He pulled onto a dirt track and parked beside another car,my hands were off our cocks,it,s OK he said again.He zipped his trousers up I did likewise.Believe me he said you,ll enjoy this, come with me.

We left the car and headed into some trees,a small wooded area.He knew his way through,following a small pathway.He kept looking at me and giving me a reasuring smile,he knew where he was going.We turned towards a bunch of trees,he found a way in,there was a secluded clearing.

A man,probably in his 50s, was sitting on a tree trunk.Hi John, he greeted my friend his eyes on me,hi Carl my friend replied,this is Peter.I,ve heard a little bit about you he smiled offering me his hand,he was looking me up and down.

Have you two been playing with each other already or need I ask he said looking at the front of Johns trousers,just warming up John replied.It must be my turn then he said removing his shoes,quickly followed by his trousers shirt and underpants,he was naked in seconds.

His cock was semi erect,don,t all rush at once he said laughing.John took his cock and wanked him to full erection,want to have a go he said looking at me,while I get these off.He too was naked in seconds,I felt the odd one out.

Carl undid my trousers and pushed them down,I slipped my trainers off followed by my trousers.His hand immediately went inside my undies,my cock was only semi-erect a bit wet with precum,you two have been naughty he said.

John was lifting my teeshirt over my head from behind as Carl removed my undies.

He stroked my cock to full erection,he was on his knees.John put his arms around me from behind and gently tweeked my nipples,I liked that.Suddenly I felt the heat of Carls mouth as it slipped over my cock,the tip of his tongue finding the eye.

John was pressing himself harder against me the full length of his cock throbbing between my cheeks.I could see by Carls movements he was wanking himself as he sucked on my cock.I was enjoying every beautiful second.

My turn John said as he let me go,they changed places,I could feel the difference of their mouths.Carl had decided on something else,I felt his fingers part my cheeks,I was,nt sure but let him do it.I immediately knew it was his tongue,he was probing my hole with it,I could,nt stop myself trembling at the sensation.

He actually managed to push it a little into me,I even forgot John sucking on my cock.His tongue licked and pushed,I wished it could go further in,I could,nt stop myself wriggling onto it.I felt disapointed when he stopped but then felt his fingers replace it.He had soaked me in saliva.

A finger gently entered me,I loved it I wanted more,then two then three,John continued to suck my cock,I loved that too.He removed his fingers and went to his clothes,he was in front of me now his cock twitching,he reached in his pocket for a condom and smiled at me as I watched him roll it over his cock.

He was back behind me,spreading my cheeks again.His tongue was back at my hole lubricating it.I felt the throbbing of his cock as it touched my hole.He pushed gently I felt it enter,it hurt a little but it was almost enjoyable.The throbbing felt enormous as he pushed further and further into me.

John took his mouth from my cock and wanked both our cocks as he took up a position where he could watch Carls cock push into me.Suddenly Carl started to fuck me his cock moving in and out faster and faster,I was in heaven.

John was wanking us both harder,I knew I was,nt far from coming off.Carl grabbed me in a tight grip his cock pushed fully into me,he was coming,I could feel his cum shooting along his shaft his moaning getting louder and louder as he emptied himself.

It brought me off,I watched my own cum fire into the air,I just kept coming.I,d seen John come off before but it was still a beautiful sight as he shot his cum a lot of it landing on me.

I felt Carls cock leave me,he discarded the condom.He was well prepared he got sheets of tissue from his pocket and handed them around.We cassually cleaned ourselves,all our cocks losing their hardness.Nothing was hurried,I was loving being there with two naked men.Carl took my cock in his hand and said with a smile,its my turn to wank that off next.