Written by jean

11 Aug 2010

Hello my name is Jean and my husband is Rb were both in our fifties thats all we admit to. This story happened last christmas me and my husband went to a party thrown by some very good friends of ours and it was alot of fun there was alot of wine flowing i had on my party head as Rb calls it lol which means i will flirt with anything near and am usally the centre of most of the fun and laughter that goes on as the night wore on most of the other guests left and all that were left were eight couples who we both know very well one our friends had brought his new girlfriend and she had fitted in very well laughing at the antics well as the party died down we were sitting around chatting when somebody came up with the idea of playing dare which in everybodys state seemed like i good idea. We wrote down the dares on paper and put them in a bowl and took turns to pull one out and so on this was good fun after the third round the dares were getting more risky i got one which read "make five men in the room cum at the same time" there was alot of laughter about if i would do it or just take the forfit i was not about to have that so i stood up and took all my clothes off except my black seamed stockings and my gstring and choose the five men they took off there trousers and got them selfs ready for action as i knelt down in the middle of the room and started to play with their balls and slowly wanked their shafts and took the heads in my mouth sometimes taking two at the same time the blokes were loving it i was getting in my stride with wanking and sucking after about five mins i could tell a few were getting close to shooting their loads so i told them to start wanking and cum all over my face. They came in close all i could see was cocks around me i played with there balls gently pulling ball sacks and kissing the heads on any cock that came into my vision the growns were getting more and more and louder when i suddenly felt the first one explode on me i turned my head and to take it as the first one came the others started so over the next couple of mins i was showered in sticky man milk i had it in my hair my eyes and mouth i carried on wanking what ever cock was near till everyone was spent and i had come a few times myself my stockings were covered. After the men had got them selfs dressed and i stood up the others in the room clapped and cheered and was told by a close girlfriend that they were glad i had got the dare as she did not think she could have gone through with it i had to admit to her i was glad i had had a few glasses of wine as i would not have good through with it myself but i was so glad i had as it was alot of fun Rb had videoed the whole thing he thought it was the horniest thing he had ever seen me do. On the way home we had to stop and fuck. My action that night is now stuff of legend lol if your lucky i might post a couple of other things i have done sometime soon xxxjxx