Written by Old Soldier Blue

3 Jun 2018

I wasn’t having the night I had expected. Yes, my wife was in the living room. She was naked on her hands and my cock was buried deep inside her. This was planned. I had cum twice already through the night and I was close to the third. This wasn't planned. While I had my cock inside her, she had another cock inside her mouth. This wasn't planned. And neither was the other woman squatting over the other man's face. I could watch as his tongue and mouth, along with his fingers, were bringing her to yet another orgasm. I had lost count of how many orgasms the girls have had so far.

But I'll start from the beginning.

Along with the rest of my troop, I was on a four-week exercise. Due to a mechanical fault I got the chance to return home overnight half way through. Chance of a much-needed fuck with my wife. We had only been married just over a year so still took the chance to fuck each other when we could.

No mobile phones back then so surprise was easy. But I got the bigger surprise!

It was late when I got home after taking the vehicle to REME and waiting for the Duty Driver to give me a lift. The Driver said he would be back at 0800hrs in the morning.

I quietly opened the door and could hear Barry White on the stereo. Brilliant, we love fucking to his music. As I crept closer I could also hear a female moaning softly and in rhythm, as though being fucked as a cock entered hard, but it didn't sound like my wife.

As slowly as I could I pushed the living room door open a bit, just enough to see my wife sat on the setter. She was totally nude. Her head back and eyes closed as her tongue was licking her lips. From her chin down her neck, it was bright red, all the signs of an oncoming orgasm. And this was probably due to the woman between her legs, licking her other lips as a cock thrust in and out of her cunt. With one hard thrust deep inside of her, the woman on her knees threw her head back and moaned loudly as she came. The man behind her pulled his cock free, moved the woman to the side and holding his cock aimed between my wife’s legs, moved forward. She lifted her legs, feet on the setter, opening herself more to another man's cock. Even from where I was standing I could see how swollen her lips were, pink and glistening with her juices.

She reached her hands down to her cunt, pulling the lips wider as the man about to fuck her rubbed the head up and down her slit. When he felt it was right he pushed into her, my wife moaning loudly as she felt another man’s cock inside her.

I moved back out of sight. My own cock was rock solid. I had watched porn films but not seen it live, with my wife taking a starring role. Do I just watch? Do I stop it? Am I feeling angry, jealous, excited? All of these. But my wife is fulfilling a fantasy of mine, or nearly. Yes, she's fucking someone when I'm not there. And fuck knows how long this has been going on. Do I strip and join in? I think I had already decided. I suddenly found myself with my cock in my hand, wanking as all these thoughts went through my head. So, I now get the chance to put my cock inside another cunt and a close-up of another cock fucking my wife.

The cock inside my wife belonged to Staff Sergeant Ferguson, the so-called Families Officer, whose job was to look after the needs of the soldier’s families while we were away. The woman his cock had just been inside was Debbie's, my mate Ted’s wife. He was also on exercise with me. Fergie wasn’t going to say anything. He'd be up in front of the CO if anyone found out he was fucking the wives. Debbie wasn’t going to tell Alan, her husband.

I stripped and again quietly opened the door. None of then heard or saw me. Fergie was ramming his cock in and out of my wife. He also had two fingers pushing in and out of Debbie’s cunt, while she had one of my wife’s nipples in her mouth. Hard cock in hand, I walked towards them. Fergie had taken his fingers out of Debbie and now was holding both of my wife’s legs wide as he was thrusting hard and deep into her. It wasn't until I placed the head of my cock against Debbie's cunt that any of them noticed I was there. Obviously, Debbie was the first as I sunk my cock to its full length deep into her. I could feel the moist, soft and warm skin wrapping around my cock. It’s a memory that has stayed with me ever since that night. It was as though time stood still. My wife looking at me as was the man whose cock was buried in her cunt. Debbie just knelt there moaning with my cock inside her. The others didn’t move until I put my hands on Debbie's arse and started fucking her.

Fergie also slowly withdrew his cock and I watched it, appearing covered in my wife’s juices, her cunt looking as though it didn't want the cock to leave. Then, just at the point of being fully out, my wife’s cunt starting to close, he pushed back in, her cunt stretching to take it all back inside. I couldn't hold back much longer. No sex for two weeks, coming home to find someone else fucking my wife and having my cock inside her friend was a little too much for me. I reached my hands to the front of Debbie’s thighs and as I rammed my cock hard into her cunt, I pulled her back to meet me. With every thrust my balls must have banged against her clit. Debbie had a massive orgasm a couple of seconds before I came deep inside her. I heard my wife also cumming and looked across to see Fergie with his cock pressed hard into her cunt. He was emptying himself into her. I pulled out of Debbie and sat, exhausted, in an armchair. Fergie sat in the other. As soon as we sat, my wife was between my knees, my cock in her mouth, cleaning the mixture of mine and Debbie's juices from it. Debbie took Fergie's in her mouth, doing the same with his cock.

Now the questions were coming into my head. Questions I wanted answers to.

Obviously, we talked. Fergie answered my questions as the girls had their mouths full. Apparently, this was the second time he had fucked my wife, the first time was the night I went on exercise. He had been screwing Debbie for the past six months. They used to meet when Debbie told Ted she was attending Wives Club events. They would fuck in his car, he would book a hotel for the night when Ted thought the Wives Club were doing a trip and they spent the weekend together in Berlin when, as Families Officer, he arranged a Wives club Trip there. I remembered the one. My wife went on the trip. But the first time he fucked Debbie in her flat, my wife walked in on them. That was the night we left for exercise. And that's how they ended up here.

I accepted this for now. It was hard to concentrate as the girls had swapped and Debbie had my cock inside her mouth. I was quickly becoming hard again. Debbie got up and lay on her back on the carpet. Before I had chance to move, my wife was on top of her in a 69. This was a side to my wife I didn't know about. From where Fergie and I were sitting we watched as my wife pulled Debbie's cunt wide so that her tongue could gently lick the soft pink skin. It wasn't long before i could see Debbie's juices flowing from her cunt.

Me and Fergie sat watching, my cock now hard as I slowly wanked. Fergie was doing the same. I just wanted my cock inside the mouth and cunt in front of me. As I knelt in front of my wife, I saw Fergie do the same behind her. My wife was gently rubbing Debbie's clit as i watched Fergie aim his cock at what must be her wide-open cunt. It probably entered with ease after Debbie's mouth had got it ready. As his full length reached inside her, i pushed mine into her mouth. I felt fantastic, living a fantasy. After fucking her mouth for a minute, she placed my cock at the entrance of Debbie's cunt. As my head touched her wet soft skin, Debbie raised her arse, wanting my cock. As I was fucking her my wife was rubbing her clit. Debbie was already close, and her sounds were muffled as she came. Fergie's cock must have been in her mouth. I felt her warm juices flow around my cock inside her as she came.

I withdrew my cock and sat on the settee. Fergie sat in the armchair opposite. He pulled my wife with him. Facing me and looking straight at me, I watched as my wife slowly placed another man's cock at the entrance to her cunt and very slowly lowered herself on to it. I watched his cock and my wife's cunt seemed to stretch as it welcomed him inside her. When he was fully inside, she leaned back, lifted her feet and slowly milked Fergie's cock. I saw his hands move to her arse to take her weight as she lifted herself just to the tip of his cock and then lowered all the way until he was fully inside her again. She was looking straight at me as all I could watch was Fergie's cock disappearing in and out of her cunt. Debbie came over and straddled me, she held my cock as she sank herself onto me. The inside of her cunt was warm, and I could feel my cock expanding inside her as my blood flowed. Although I was fucking Debbie I was watching my wife over her shoulder. I watched as my wife raised the tempo on Fergie's cock, speeding up. She was going to make him cum and was making sure I watched. Fergie was trying to thrust upwards as she lowered, but she was in control. Faster she went until her cunt finally released his cock. She took hold of it with both hands and wanked him until he came. His first spurt of cum had so much force it landed on her tits. His remaining cum landed on her belly and dribbled down to her cunt lips, some still on her hands. At this point I was near to cumming. My wife sent my cum deep inside Debbie for the second time tonight as she smiled at me, lifting her cum covered hand and licking it clean.

Another surprise as my wife lifted Debbie up from my cock, spread Debbie's cunt lips and cleaned my cum from Debbie as it slowly dribbled down. Fergie was stood at her side and she took his cock into her mouth, cleaning him and then cleaning mine. She then lay on her back, spread her legs wide so that Debbie could clean Fergie's cum from her cunt and tits. She had me and Fergie either side of her head, wanking one cock while she sucked and licked the other, not letting them lose all their hardness.

My wife came twice before me and Fergie were hard enough again. Debbie's tongue and fingers had done their job. Keeping my cock in her hand, she asked Debbie to put a cushion under her arse to raise her cunt. She took my cock in her mouth and pulled her knees up, offering her wide-open cunt to Fergie's cock. She was making my fantasy really come true. I watched as Debbie guided Fergie's cock towards my wife's waiting cunt. I had a close-up of another cock stretching her cunt as my cock stretched her mouth. Debbie was sucking my wife's tits and then my wife offered her my cock to suck. With me in Debbie's mouth, she could enjoy the cock pumping in and out of her. Her breathing became quicker. She took my cock back in her mouth as Fergie fucked her faster and harder. She took my cock from her mouth, squeezed it hand, arched her back as she had a major orgasm, Fergie's cock rammed hard and deep inside her.

And now here we were. I started pumping hard into my wife and I wasn't going to stop until I came. I felt my cock throbbing. My wife must have felt it as she pushed back onto me. Fergie was thrusting upwards into her mouth. We both came together, me deep inside her cunt and Fergie shot his load into her mouth.

My wife swallowed all of it. Some had dribbled out onto his cock and balls, there must have been loads. My wife cleaned that up too. Debbie came around and took hold of my softening cock as it slipped from my wife's cunt. First, she cleaned me, then she licked and sucked all my cum from my wife's cunt, making my wife cum again.

By now it was around 0200hrs and Debbie said she had to go. She dressed, and with one final suck of our cocks, making them semi-hard, she left.

Fergie said he didn’t have to leave as his wife was used to him not coming home, so asked if he could stay and give me a lift back into REME tomorrow. I didn’t say anything, but my wife held us both by our cocks and took us to the bedroom. She lay in the middle between us and kept both cocks in her hands as we slept.

I was woken up later with my cock inside her mouth as she sucked and licked me to life. I could feel every thrust of Fergie’s cock into her as he pushed her onto my cock. I felt him getting faster and harder, he must have been getting near to cumming. And so was I. I started thrusting upward into my wife’s mouth, timing things with Fergie hammering into her cunt. This time, I came hard into her mouth. I saw her cheeks puff out as my cum filled her mouth. Just like earlier when Fergie filled her mouth with his cum, some dribbled out onto my cock and stomach. Again, she cleaned me before letting go. Fergie had pulled out as he came and covered her back with his cum.

Fergie and I had quick showers and dressed. My wife stayed in bed. She was going to sleep. While I was in the shower, it had been going through my mind about whether Fergie would be back fucking my wife over the next two weeks. Rather than tell them they can’t, I was going to tell them they could. But I had to know everything from my wife when I returned; who with, how long; how many times.

On the drive into camp, I managed to get more information from Fergie. My wife and Debbie aren’t the only ones that he fucks regularly, there is another two, both in my Battery, both husbands on exercise with me.

I had an idea forming in my head. I quickly ran the idea past Fergie, who thought it may work. I had two weeks to put more detail to the plan. I agreed with Fergie for him to speak to Debbie and my wife and the night I get back from exercise, we’ll meet at my flat for another fuck session.