Written by Joko

5 May 2016

As I said last week Anne and I spent a long weekend down at my mate's place.We arrived around 7.00 and as we had stopped for a pub meal on the way Anne was a little tipsy by the time we arrived.We got our stuff in from the car then she was given a rather large vodka and coke which only got her more light headed.About 8.00 the doorbell rang and my mate answered,coming back with three other guys.Anne was almost asleep by now and I was introduced to the guys,my mate saying that he was waiting to hear from some others who were not sure if they could make it.Our talking had roused Anne who slowly got to her feet to get another drink.When she came back I took the drink from her and the other four guys began to undress her,which didn't take long as she had no bra or knickers on.She was soon left in just stockings and sussies then one of the guys produced a pair of handcuffs,turns out he was a local copper.She was cuffed behind her back then blindfolded.Her nipples were being pulled and pinched,then sucked and bitten,then they bent her over at the waist and the cop took off his belt and began to whip her arse quite hard.She squealed at the first couple of lashes but then settled into a low moan as he continued.They were all telling her she was a cumslut and a whore,then one of them stuck his big cock into her mouth as her arse was still being lashed.He didn't last long,soon pumping his spunk down her throat.My mate had been taking pics on his phone and was evidently sending them to some one else.His phone began to beep a few times and about fifteen minutes later his bell rang again and another four guys trooped in behind him.She was on the floor now,sitting astride one cock,with another up her arse and one in her mouth.The newcomers wasted no time in stripping off and mauling her swinging tits as they waited their chance.As the guy up her bum emptied his load up her,the bell rang again and another two guys appeared.Her arse was already retaken and the guy in her mouth was pulling out and shooting his load over her face.At this point she was made to sit back,still with a cock up her cunt and arse but with her being handcuffed her tits were thrust out and a clear target for the same belt which had made her bum cheeks almost purple.He bagan to whip her big juddering tits with the same relish,wanking himself at the same time,then he stopped whipping and stepped forward,spunking all over her already reddened tits,then rubbed his spunk into them.Another guy straddled her and pushed his cock into her mouth,then my mate appeared with a couple of wooden clothes pegs,which he promptly applied to each hard nipple.I was taking pictures on my phone and even had a short video where the guy in her mouth shot all over her face and tits as well.This went on for some time,with everyone just waiting for their chance when a hole became vacant.I didn't even bother,I had sat back and watched her being used and abused and had already come twice.When everyone was spent the started to drift away but three guys stayed over,one on the couch and the others in his spare room.Before he left,the cop obviously had to get his cuffs back,so she was unshackled.My mate and I took her straight to his bed and we all slept together.I woke at around 5.00 to find my mate on top of her fucking her like crazy,so I moved up the bed a little and wanked myself all over her face.Around 8.00 he got up and came back with the other three guys but by this time her cunt and arse were both sore so she asked if he could just suck their cocks.She sat on the end of the bed,still in just her stockings and sussies and took each one in turn,either in her mouth or over her face.They then left but asked if there was to be a Saturday rerun to which my mate said he'd let them know.As it happens,there was another session that evening and the word had evidently gotten round as even more guys turned up,some at different times.At any one time there was a maximum of 8 guys but during the course of the night/early morning I reckon about 15 guys had either fucked her or spunked in her mouth,although she was not whipped at all this time.On the Sunday afternoon,my mate directed me to a local dogging site where he said there was always action,some of it gay but mainly guys looking for women.We sat for ages with nothing happening but just as it was getting dark,cars began arriving.As usual,some just drove through then left but some parked up and waited to see what was happening.Anne was wearing only stockings and sussies(fresh ones) again in the passenger seat and I turned on the interior light so anyone watching could see her tits.This had the desired effect and soon we had an audience at both sides.her tits were still marked from the Friday night,which seemed to convey the message that she was sub,and soon she was out of the car with someone shagging her arse with another cock pumping her mouth.She took three loads up her bum and four in her mouth and on her face before we called it a night and went back to base.We were leaving around lunchtime the next day,so when we got up,before we left she bent over the arm of the couch and let my mate pump his cock up her arse and when he was ready to come he slapped her arse,pulled out and she turned round,dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth,swallowing his jizz as I wanked over her face.What a weekend but what next is the question? Any suggestions anyone?