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Nudity does not mean sex, but sometimes it happens. 

Anna and I found a rather good hotel in Austria.  Its just a normal hotel but has a civilised sauna. A few of the rules are, do not display affection, get no closer than 30 cm. But then there are five beds that would not be out of place in a swingers club.

The first two days in the sauna we never saw anyone. It was our third afternoon in the sauna, we arrived later. We were being good,  sitting a foot apart.  A couple came in, I greeted them in Germany and we introduced ourselves, it was not long before my tourist Germany failed me. 

Anna touched my leg and removed her hand implying never mind. I touched her leg for a moment. 

Otto, did more, he held on to Lina's leg. Anna edged closer to me. Otto ran his hand higher up Lina's leg and edged closer to her. Anna with her eyes fixed on them took hold of my cock. We were seeing how far this would go and how many sauna rules we were going to break. I took Anna's tit in my hand, it was slick with sweat. Lina took Otto's cock in her hand. 

I kissed Anna and whispered "Do you want him?"

"Yes, I know you want her, even in that state." She was referring to my limp dick. (Anyone who says they shagged in a 90 degree sauna misread the thermometer.)

Anna opened her legs. I looked over at the other couple.  Otto had moved his  hand higher up his wife's leg, she opened her legs and a finger slipped inside.

That is when the sauna door opened and we quickly moved away from each other. 

The woman said hi and lay out on a towel. Blonde hair just long enough to pull up and clip in place, tips on the small side and a smooth pussy. It's a bad show to watch.

"I think it's getting a bit hot in here." I commented. 

"I have had enough." Otto replied. 

I rubbed ice chips over my chest and our wives took a shower each. 

"Those beds are large enough to have a 4sum on." I commented. 

"They are large enough."

Anna came out of the shower and asked. "Would you like to come to our room?"

Otto said something to Lina in German who turned off the shower and asked. "What did you say?"

"We were talking about sex in our room."

They said something in German to each other,  most was lost on me but there agreed to fuck.

"Yes." Lina answered. 

We had our shower. I could hear the ladies talking but with the water running I could not hear what was said.

We opened the door the ladies went in. Anna had her white bath robe open as she walked towards the bed. Dropping her clothes was normally a big reveal showing the men what what were hoping to fuck, but having been naked in the sauna we all knew what we looked like.

I shut the door and Anna tossed her robe across the room and sat on the bed. Otto aimed his cock at her and Anna took it in her mouth.

I opened Lina's robe. Took a tit in my hand and pressed my very hard cock against her. She said something in German and got an answer. 

I pushed the robe off her, dropped mine and told her to lay down. I took a 12 pack from beside the TV, pulled a few out and tossed the packet to Otto, whose hopes of getting inside Anna were now confirmed. 

I went down on Lina's smooth cunt, super clean from sweating in the sauna and showering. The sweet smell of pussy, such a shame to put rubber in it. There was movement on the bed I looked up, Otto had his head between Anna's legs, I went back to Lina, soon both women were cumming. 

I rolled a condom on and there was a change. Lina spoke in German again. She got an answer and pulled my rubber covered cock towards her cunt. I fucked her gently ensuring she came first. I pulled out, dropped the condom close to the bed and went down on her cunt again. She sucked on my cock.

When I looked up Anna had a hand over her tit.

"Fuck me Tony." Anna asked.

We all moved around and I fucked her doggy spilling my cum in her cunt. She turned over and pulled her cunt open. 

"You can eat that if you do the same for Tony."

He quickly fucked his wife and delivered before she came, but I ensured she came. She came once I offered her my cock again,  she hesitated then sucked on it hard as I dug deep into her cunt. 

We all lay on the bed. They were here for two week, we only had one. We decided we were lucky to find each other so we arranged the next day.

We went for a walk around the lake, stopped for lunch in a tourist trap and got back to the hotel hot and sticky. We went to change and met in the sauna after  a shower. The joy of a naked sauna after a sweaty shirt clinging to my back is indescribable. After the shower we went to their room to fuck.

Wednesday we had a trip to see a glacier so we met the couple in the sauna after Anna texted Lina. 

As we were laying out in the sauna I heard Otto saying " verboten"

I opened my eyes. There was a man in bathing trunks staring at us and a woman all naked enjoying the heat.

"If you wish to wear those you can go into the family area next door." I told him.

He never moved.

"..or you can take them off." I continued. 

Otto stood up, I thought I better back him up, but as I swung my legs around to get up the man left.

"Thank you." The woman said.

Otto said something,  I told her. " It was our pleasure."

She thanked us again and settled back to relaxing in the heat. 

"That is so annoying." Anna complained. 

"Why do they think they have the right to do that?" Lina asked.

"I don't know, is it just the English who do that?" 

"No, Germans do it."

We went to our room, fucked  got changed, had dinner and went back to fuck again. 

Thursday we spent together hiking in the hills. We did hope for a place to fuck, Anna and I hoped, but it was too busy. We got back about 5 PM and spent the rest of the day relaxing and fucking. 

Friday was our last day and Anna said she wanted to see how far we could take Otto and Lina.

We had a trip, so we met our friends in the sauna, after a relaxing half hour we had showers and went to our room.

There was no wasted time, robes fell to the floor we locked in 69 with each other's partners. I heard Anna cum and kept working at Lina. She came thrusting her cunt into my face. I pulled my cock from her mouth and wanked releasing my load. Anna was already riding Otto when I pulled a condom on and entered Lina.

Thinking about Anna's plans for the night excited me and I came quickly. 

It did not matter much Otto plunged his naked cock into his wife, and I plunged into Anna. We dutifully fill our home ports, setting free our little sailors to swim north and leaving a pool for others to play with.

Anna instructed Lina. "Lay between our lustful men so they can both reach you."

"What about you?" Lina asked.

"I will have my turn later."

Lina lay on the bed, we took turns kissing and fingering her. Anna put one foot on the bed and fingered herself. Otto was watching Anna as much as he was kissing his wife.

"Does it feel good to have two men?"

"Yes," Lina answered between kisses.

As my hands and Otto's moved from cunt to tits Lina's body became covered in Otto's cum.

"Have you ever had two men pleasuring you before?" Anna asked.

Lina was cumming as she answered. "Yes"

"..and you love being taken by two men."

"So do you."

"Yes I do, and more than two men." Anna replied, touching Lina's ankles.

I kissed Lina as Anna moved her hands. Lina raised her head as my lips moved away.

Anna moved her hands above Lina's knees. Otto was fascinated he did not take his eyes off Anna slowly moving towards Lina's cunt. Anna's hands pushed Lina's legs wider open and licked her pussy. Otto continued watching, forgetting to pleasure his wife, only watching. Lina opened her mouth in silent pleasure as Anna worked her cunt. I kissed Lina who responded eagerly. 

Lina came twice before Anna lifted her head and asked "Was that nice?"

"gรถttlich" Lina answered.

"gรถttlich?" I asked.

"Divine." Otto translated.

"Is that your first time?" Anna asked.

Lina, recovering from what seemed like something very enjoyable, answered. "Yes but only my first." Lina was panting. "Now it's your turn."

"Not yet, suck Tony's cock."

Lina started to suck my cock. Anna took Otto's cock and aimed it. Otto put his hand to his cock and pushed in. Anna made the tiniest shake of her head and I guessed it went in Lina's cunt.

"Two cocks you're a very naughty girl Lina." Anna commented.

Lina came and Otto filled her.

"Now it's my turn." Anna said, rolling a condom on Otto's cock and sitting on him. She leaned forward and asked. "Can you taste your wife?" She kissed Otto.

I pushed my cock into Anna's ass.

"Would you like this Lina?"

I pumped Anna's ass feeling Otto's cock in her cunt, and filled her. Anna sat up and finished her orgasm before bouncing on Otto's cock.

Anna got off Otto and asked. "You know he was in my ass?" 

Anna pulled Lina to her and kissed her. Lina kissed back.

"They can both go in the front if you want." Anna assured Lina.

"Which is best?"

"If you have two men, use them in two places. Don't worry Tony will do it, he will be gentle. Is it your  first time." 

Anna squeezed lube onto her right hand and stretched her left out for Lina's head. Lina did not wait to be pulled towards Anna. Lina leaned towards Anna and then kissed. 

"Bend over."

Lina was obedient. Anna lubricated Lina and pushed a finger in. Anna kissed Lina's bum and fingered her cunt. Lina came.

"Sit on Otto and lean forward." Anna told Lina. "Just relax."

I pulled a condom on and gently pushed into Lina.

"Say if you are uncomfortable." I told Lina.

Anna put a hand on Lina's back. My hands were on her hips. I moved slowly.

"Is that alright?" Anna asked.

"Yes, just do it slowly."

I continued pumping slowly and came. I left her and Lina sat up.

"Now it's just you and Otto." Anna told Lina and leaned towards her.

They kissed. Lina swung her hips.

"Do you want Otto in your ass?" Anna asked.

"Next time, yes."

"Next time! You do like it."

Lina came and started moving for Otto. "I do!"

Otto came and Lina rolled off him. She knelt up and kissed Anna. Lina's legs were slightly parted. Anna worked Lina's pussy.

"Is Otto going to fuck your bum?"

"Will you fuck it Otto." Lina asked, still hugging Anna.

"Yes Lina."

We were both hard.I did not know what turned Otto on more; his wife being finger fucked by Anna, him about to be in her ass or our cocks in her at the same time.

I pulled a condom on and Lina sat on me. She leaned forward.

"Nice and slowly Otto, let Lina get use to you."

Anna spread more lube on Lina and Otto's cock.

"If you think you are pushing too hard you are." Anna told Otto.

I felt Otto moving. Otto left and Lina sat up. She swung her hips. She reached out for Anna, who leaned in and they kissed, wrapping their arms around each other. 

"Do it for yourself, then for Tony. Then for me." Anna told Lina.

"For you?"

"Make Tony cum."

Lina bounced on my cock and I filled my condom.

Lina almost fell off me and Anna fell on her cunt offering her own to Lina. Otto was watching, almost transfixed.

"Can I do anything for you Otto?"

Otto looked at me. "No thanks."

He looked at his watch. "Its dinner time." Otto informed.

"Still time for them to get off."

Anna and Lina continued with their heads in each other's cunts.

We went for dinner and met just long enough to say the normal things and ask them to stay in contact.

"I hope they do come to see us, do you think we will see them again?" Anna thought as we lay in bed.

"I hope so."

"You liked her then, it's a pity you only had her."

"I had you."

"But you can have me anytime." Anna climbed on top of me. "Did you want to fuck him?"

"If he wanted, but I always prefer pussy, women's ass and men's in that order."

"I know but you do like to fuck men who fuck me." Anna continued rolling her cunt on my cock. "I like seeing you fuck."

"I know and I like to see you fucking."

Anna was almost there when she started bouncing. We came together.

Written by Tony

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