Written by Tomcovenent

5 Oct 2011

It was a week or so after that my wife first mentioned our experience, we had seemed to have decided between us and subliminally that it was taboo and needed to be forgotten during our normal lives, something separate like a fantasy only to be used in moments of sexual intimacy. I had been dying to ask her how she had felt and what she had thought of what was now a real experience and not just a fantasy. I just wanted to discuss it and to hear her speak about it, to re-live the excitement I’d felt and perhaps do something again. It was early evening and we were watching TV, cuddled together on the sofa. The TV was, as usual, pretty dull! She seemed almost shy when she asked me if I had enjoyed the show and wondering who the woman who had been so exposed was and how she felt afterward, was she concerned if she might be recognised, was the man her husband, was it her first time…a torrent of questions poured out but no mention of what had happened to her! I suggested that the woman had probably been a sex worker, a stripper or something and that it was probably a set up for a porn film. She seemed not to like this idea and argued that she hadn’t noticed any cameras and the lighting had been poor and the woman had not been a perfect model and was mature, probably in her forties, although she has looked extremely hot she admitted! I asked her if she thought the woman was an ordinary woman, a wife, perhaps a mother. She said she liked to think she was. I pressed her a little, as I had a suspicion and a desire that she had very personal reasons for her views and that it was her wish to experience something similar - I hoped! She admitted that she had imagined it was her that had been in the back of the car and that she wished she knew how the woman had found herself in that position. I pressed again, ‘why?’, I asked ‘Do you want to do something?’. She was embarrassed and went all coy on me. I decided that she might respond to my being a little more forceful. ‘Hun, I want you to do something more, would you?’, ‘Do you really want me to do something?’ she asked. ‘Yes, I do’. She looked at me with a strange gleam in her eye and asked almost breathlessly ‘Tell me what you want me to do’. This was it, this was my chance. I knew it was make or break. I could ruin everything if I didn’t come up with the right scenario for her. I decided to be extreme, to go for broke, to risk it as I was sure that her sexual desires were not going to return to before the experience of the dogging spot. ‘I imagine you in front of people, forcefully stripped to your underwear, to be in something unflattering as you did that night, to then piss yourself there in front of everyone’. She said nothing in reply but gradually I realised she where she had been fondling my leg she was now edging upward!

To be continued – if you want me to!