Written by Double

7 Aug 2007

My wife (Val)and I were on a camping holiday in the south of france. When on getting up one morning we noticed it was very overcast, so instead of going to the beach we decided to go for a drive.

Cap D'Agde was about 10kms to the east of where we were staying in the direction of Montpelier, we had had heard of the resort, but had made no plans to visit. As we headed to Montpelier the weather got better, so we decided to stop at the nearest beach.

We saw a sign for Marsaillien Plage, so we turned off the main road and headed for the beach. We parked the car at the beach, got our things out of the boot and headed west along the beach.

We after about 100m we came to a sign indicating the start of a nudist beach, there wasn't many people about, so Val agreed to continue. I whipped off my shorts and walked naked along the waters edge, Val said she would keep her clothes on until we found a spot to sit.

We had been to a nudist beach before when we were on our holidays a couple of times, but we were no way what you would call nudists.

As we walked we passed more and more naked people, firstly the odd couple and then lots of gays. We decided to find a spotted in the area of the beach after we had passed the gay section.

We spotted an ice cream trolley on the beach, so we found a spot opposite, approx 20m from the waters edge and 30m from the dunes at the back of us. It was only around noon and the beach was very quiet, with only a few couples around us. As the afternoon passed by more and more couples began to arrive, until we were all packed like sardines in a very small area, altough there was acres of space on the beach.

About 4 in the afternoon I nodded off, but I was suddenly woken by an elbow in my ribs from Val. I asked what that was for, and she said look behind you. I turned round and a woman of around 25 was sucking her partners cock in front of everybody. All the couples around us were sat up watching the show, all wanking off there partners as they watched.

I started to get an erection and stood up to look around the beach, there were about 200 to 300 people around us. At least 80% of that number were either, wanking, sucking or fucking. And there I was stood in the middle of it with a fucking big hard on.

I sat back down and as I did, Val grabbed my cock and started to wank it, as I continued to watch the blow job only 1m away from me.

I then looked up and noticed a group of men forming a circle about 10m away. I said to Val that I am going to find out what was happening. As I got to the group, I managed to find a space at the front before the circle was complete. In the middle of around 30men all of which were wanking, was two young women, 20 years old at the most. They were stood on their knees, legs apart wanking each other. As I stood watching and wanking, 3 teenage girls came behind me and asked me what was going on. I turned round, still wanking and let them stand in front of me. As the four of us watched, one of the girls grabbed my cock and wanked me.

When the show finished, I walked back over to Val. She was lying on her back, with her legs apart, knees bent, reading a celebrity magazine and rubbing her pussy. Sat directly in front of her were two men, both of whom were furiously wanking.

I laid down beside her, my cock still rock hard and bursting to come. I whispered in her hear waht I had just seen and about the two men wanking in front of her. She said the men had been there for about 5 minutes and she decided to give them a show. She asked me to wank her whilst the men were watching. After a couple of minutes the men watching me wank Val grew in number to about a dozen, I kept whispering in Val's ear everytime there was a new arrival.

Eventually she succomb to the pleasure and let out a scream as she orgasmed. A couple of the men then decided to shot over the pair us, covering Val and me in cum. Not something I enjoyed too much, but it got Val going again.

She made me get on my knees and sucked and wanked my cock in front of hundreds of people, until I could not hold it no more and I shot all over her face and chest.

What a day, before that day we were not naturists, exhibitionists or swingers, but the pair of us enjoyed it so much we went back and visited the beach another 3 times before we went home. Next year we intend to stay actually within the naturist quarter of Cap d'Agde.