5 Aug 2019

We arrived at the club, Jane as nervous as ever, we paid our entrance money and went in, it was only 9pm and the club was still pretty quiet only a few couples and a few single guys, we got ourselves a drink and sat down, jane was starting to relax a little now, as we were having our drinks a few more couples had appeared and it was filling up nicely.

We went to get changed to get in the hot tub, when we went to get in, wow it was freezing, apparently they had to drain it as someone had broke a glass in it, we decided to brave the cold and climbed in, it felt ok until I sat down and I thought my balls were going shrivel up.

We settled in as we were joined by a couple of guys who also braved it, we got talking to one guy in particular who we found out was called Charlie, generally swinging chit chat really, jane started rubbing my cock to try and thaw it out, it started to grow in her hand and was soon hard, she then asked me to stand up so she could suck me, I loved her doing that as it showed her increasing confidence of being in the club, i stood up and she greedily started sucking on my now rock hard cock, we both knew the other guys in the hot tub were watching and playing with there cocks, this went on for 5 mins and then we sunk back down into the hot tub, Charlie thanked us for the show, I knew jane fancied having some fun with charlie, she started touching feet with him under the water and thankfully he took the hint and moved next to Jane, I then saw her hand go under the water and make a move for his cock, I whispered in her ear if she was enjoying his cock, she said yes and wanted to find a room for us and Charlie.

Until now this was unusual for Jane to progress things but I was loving it, we got out of the hot tub and found a room and looked the door.

I started kissing jane while charlie went down on her now very wet pussy, I could hear him fingering her quite vigorously and she started to squirt all over him as he was doing so, I moved up the bed and jane started sucking my hard cock inbetween shouting out in ecstasy while charlie was enjoying himself in her cunt, after a while we swapped places and charlie moved up to Jane's face and feed her his rock hard cock, I watched as she sucked hard on his dick, his face said he was enjoying the feeling of being in her mouth, I moved to the bottom of the now wet bed and positioned myself between Jane's legs and slid my prick right up her wet cunt and started fucking her, she looked amazing with a nice hard cock in her mouth and me fucking her gorgeous pussy.

Charlie and I then changed places, he rolled a condom on and guided his stiff cock into Jane's very wet pussy and started fucking her nice and firmly, I was getting jane to tell me what he was doing as I was kissing her, she was loving it, after about 10 mins i could tell he wanted to cum, i asked Jane's where she wanted him to cum and she motioned to her mouth, he moved up and removed the condom and she preceded to suck and wank him hard and then he exploded in her mouth, as per usual jane didn't spill a drop and swallowed the lot, that was one of the most horniest things I've ever seen, as he pulled out of her mouth I kissed her deeply on the mouth, charlie said he would leave us too it and both of us lay on the bed knackered but very satisfied.