Written by Mrs G

13 Aug 2015

Nikki's love for extra cock had grown over the last 18 months to the stage where there was never enough.

Earlier this yer we final had enough money to extend the back of the house, so after choosing a builder from the next town started the works. The first week or so there was no activity towards Nikki, however after 2 of the builders had come into the house to close some of the heating and seen some of her more saucy underware on a radiator things started to get interesting.

When i returned home from works Nikki said that the foreman and one of the other older guys had started flirting with her, We discussed it and agreed that she could play if all was ok. Over the next few days the flirting got more and more heavy with Andy the foreman rubbing his cock through his jeans as they sat and talked. He had told her that he loved suspender tights, so without any wasting time Nikki bought some when shopping the next day and left the empty packet on top of the bin.

Lunch time came and Andy and one other made themselves a drink in the Kitchen, obviously they had seen the packet as they asked Nikki if she was wearing them - she said maybe. The flirting continued for a few minutes until Nikki went to a cupboard and bent over to get something out. She said she was expecting them to comment, instead Andy was behind her in an instant rubbing her bare arse. She stayed bent over and moaned in pleasure, to which Andy told the other guy we've got a right one here. He unzipped his jeans and placed his hot hard cock on Nikki's arse, she moaned again.

He then pulled her up and told her to strip to her tights. As Nikki is slightly sub she did this without question. Andy then said hat she had some meat on her and that she looked light she was built for fucking. Andy then led her into the lounge and told her to suck him. As she sucked and licked him the other stripped and started playing wife her pussy. She started moaning more at this, Andy asked his mate if she was ready, he said she was fucking wet. Andy then laid down on the floor and told Nikki to ride him so he see her big tits bounce. She climbed on top of him and started to ride him, he isnt big in length but has a good thick cock. She rode him like this for a while, cumming a few times as she did, to which she was asked if she liked cock and men fucking her repeatidly, she said yes to both. Andy then sat up and rolled her on to her back and slipped back inside her. Her legs were soon up and he was pounding away until he suddenly stopped and started spunking inside her. There had been no mention of condoms or of him cumming.

He rolled off and the other guy started to get into position, but he stopped and said just a sec there is something i like to see, he then snagged her suspender tights in a few places and then said go fuck her now. He dropped straight into her and said to Andy that he must have filled her right up the dirty bastard. This guy fucked her hard and fast for only a few minutes before adding his load to Andy's.

They both got dressed and left Nikki laid there saying they would be back tomorrow for seconds. Needless to say this continued on way past the works being finished.

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