Written by Kentjim

26 Jul 2011

I'd previously met up with a couple on two occasions for some very full on fucking sessions but this was to be my first foursome. G, a bi guy I knew from SH, was entertaining a couple he sees off and on and who were apparently keen on another guy joining them. So lucky me!

I was the first to arrive soon followed by A & B. G had said that they didn't ever stay long so quickly got down to the action. Sure enough after a quick hello and glass of wine A was stripping B off to reveal a slim, very fit body with already erect nipples. Soon us three men were licking her pussy and playing with her tits. We quickly stripped off with A revealing a great cock - 7" the same as mine but thicker. G's was a bit smaller but still very suckable which is what we were soon all doing.

A got B on her knees inviting me to fuck her while she sucked him off with G joining in to alternately lick her pussy and suck off A. B then sat on A's cock and invited me to slide mine into her pussy as well while she sucked G. It was really tight and soon had B squealing with delight. We kept swapping around with the guys taking the chance to suck the other cocks as well as playing with B.

The session ended with A and G both fisting B, A letting G cum in his mouth and finally me and A cumming all over A's gorgeous tits.

In all it only took an hour and then they were gone. But what a fantastic hour and hopefully one we'll repeat again!