Written by Jaguar177

28 Sep 2015

Having met Suzy a few weeks before, an encounter that started with a drink in the Pub to a very sex fueled encounter a few weeks later. This lady was horny and came in floods. During our meet and conversations since I decided to plan something a little extra for the next time we met. Suzy had shown a huge interest in being with 2 guys who would not flinch at sucking each other's cocks. So I set about arranging a meet with a little difference.

I arranged to meet Suzy at a hotel in Stratford. I had mailed her the room number and arranged to meet at 4.00. When Suzy entered the room I was naked tied to a beam in the room and blindfolded. Suzy took little time in dropping her bag and coat to the floor, she moved up close behind me kissed my neck as she slid her hands around my waist moving slowly to what was now a very erect cock, stroking it gently she came around to the front of me kissing me pationately on the lips with one hand on my cock and skilfully removing her dress at the same time with the other. Dropping to her knees she took my cock in her mouth and started to lick up and down the shaft of my cock, eventually opening her mouth allowing my cock entry to her mouth and throat . With her hands on my hips pulling me towards her she slid up and down my cock I could feel the smoothness of her lips on my helmet every time my cock entered her mouth. I tried to hold on but my cock soon filled her mouth with a large serving of spunk. Suzy untied me but leaving the blindfold on she took me to the edge of the bed she sat down pulled me to my knees took my head in her hands and pulled me between her thighs. She only said one word lick, which without hesitation I buried my tongue into her pussy and did exactly what I was told like my cock Suzy soon started to cum flooding my mouth and face with her warm juices.

I removed the blindfold and we laid on the bed in each other's arms and kissed. After a few minutes I looked Suzy in the eyes and said my turn. Placing the blindfold on Suzy's eyes I pulled from under the bed the ropes I had placed there earlier. Timing Suzy spread eagle on the bed I put on the laptop with the sound of a 3some. I moved away from the bed sat on the chair and sent a text to the guy I had planned as a little surprise for Suzy. I put the door on the latch so he could come in without making a noise. The sound of the 3some was taking affect Suzy began to breath deeply as her nipples grew. I,m not sure if she heard the door but as I laid beside her kissing her lips and gently squeezing her nipples our companion knelt at the end of the bed placed both hands on her thighs and he too began to enjoy the taste of Suzy,s pussy. By now Suzy was fully aware of the delights ahead.