Written by Pixiesha

30 Sep 2017

We go to a gay bar and have a chat with a gay couple the talk turns to sex and they say they have always fantasised about women and bi sexual men and so we get kinky sharing thoughts and we end up going home together. We are all very nervous and things are a bit awkward at first but I kiss u and take of your clothes and I say ...shall we go to bedroom ?. You are naked and it's not long before the guys are too , we talk a bit about sex and what turns us on and the guys mention they have never been with a woman before so ask can they smell me there, feel me and maybe taste me ?. I lay back as they remove my clothes and they touch my tits and go down on me / they are not sure what to do , how to lick and pleasure a woman so you go there and lick me slow showing them what to do how I like it - they taste me and feel me , I’m very wet and I cum loudly feeling all three mouths pleasing me - they put fingers inside me and after begin to suck the cum of each other’s fingers and you kiss me and smile and the guys are grateful for me letting them eat me and try something new . Everyone now feels very horny and look at u with desire . I know they enjoyed me and the moment but their cocks want you , you are what turns them on . I tell them ....he's all yours , but be gentle . Their eyes bright with desire for you they quickly lay either side of u touching and make their way down to your hard wet cock and kissing all over they tell u how beautiful your cock is- taking it in Turns to lick and suck you . I'm laying close smiling at u holding your hand . Your a bit unsure because of it being two guys but u are very turned on and I can see it so , I reassure you and tell you ...it's ok relax ...and I kiss u , you moan as they suck you together. My Pussy very wet as I watch .I tell them that you want to try sucking cock and they look very turned on by this .. one guy gives you his stiff cock to suck , he’s very big . I guide your face towards him so u can suck and lick him a bit , you are hesitant at first but it doesn’t take long before you are really enjoying how he feels and tastes in your mouth , you use your hands to hold him and touch his balls as you suck deeper and lick the end with your tongue . The other guy touches him self watching , and gently touching you . I nearly cum watching you enjoy another mans cock . They take in turns letting you suck them - they are very turned on telling you that you suck really good and it feels amazing as they moan close to orgasm , but they don't want to cum yet so make you stop , your legs are lifted as one guy licks your arse fucking you with his tongue and the other gently sucks your cock kisses to the tip , tasting your wetness. fully aroused he puts a finger inside you slowly and you feel it there and it feels very good . You moan close to orgasm i kiss your face and lips and neck , the guy still gently kissing and sucking the tip of your cock waiting to eat your cum that will shoot in his face - the other guy fingering your arse very carefully bringing you to shout out that ...you are going to cum ! and you explode-your hot cum squirts over the guys mouth and past him all over your chest some of it hits us as we kiss and I orgasm like that .The guys kiss each other and kiss you - they then kiss and hold each other and fuck in front of us as we hold each other and watch - really turned on by the evening enjoyed together they cum fast and loud. ?