30 May 2017

Part 1 of my story was a factual meet with Mr D. Now we have arranged to meet at the sauna, part 2 is fiction and based on what could or maybe what I'd like to happen when I meet Mr D for the second time....

I was in Sainsbury's when my phone bleeped for an email. Maybe Mr D has read my story detailing our meet. He has! 'Loved your story, and I need to fuck you soon. We'll meet at Pleasuredrome waterlooo east and we can hire a private room there'. After so much talk and build up I was finally going to be fucked for the first time. I suddenly felt conscious that I had a big smirk in the busy aisle I was pacing. I quickly finished my shopping so I could get home and wank my little cock over my upcoming conversion from bi curious to fully bi.

The next couple of weeks till Mr D day seemed to drag a little. I was masturbating constantly and in preparation I was shaving my arse daily and while in the shower fingering my hole till the point I could fit my thumb in without too much discomfort. I looked at their website and Pleasuredrome had deluxe pods you could hire, and I thought I might as well pay the extra money for the first time I experience a cock up my bum. Mr D seemed equally excited as our meet drew near, and we confirmed rules we've discussed before. No rimming and condoms for anal. Mr D had also said that if i find any guys we like the look of they could join us in the pod. He didn't mind as long as he was the first one to fuck my virgin arse.

The day finally arrived and I met Mr D at Waterloo station. We must have both been equally excited judging by the pace we walked to Pleasuredrome. Once inside I couldn't believe how busy it was. Loads of fit guys. Me and Mr D shared a locker and we made our way through to the showers. Mr D asked me to soap up his body, which for a man 30 years my senior was in fantastic shape. I washed his cock which was now semi hard and I wondered how I would ever fit it inside me. Mr D then gave me a good clean including my hole.

We had a drink in the bar and watched some gay porn on the big screens. My cock had remained rock hard since the showers. I'd seen so many fit studs walking about and was hoping one would join us in our pod.

We paid for one of the deluxe pods and had a two hour slot. I laid on the bed and Mr D gave me one of his great massages. On the widescreen TV he'd put on some porn where a young guy was being spit roasted. Mr D said to wait here while he popped to the loo. About 15 minutes passed before he returned and leaving the door opened two guys followed locking the door before them. I glanced at Mr D but before I could refuse they had dropped their towels to reveal two of the biggest, meaty cocks I'd seen in the flesh. One of the guys was 40ish, big build, slight tummy and very hairy. The other was a black guy, maybe 50s with a muscular build. It struck me that Mr D went out to find the biggest two cocks in the sauna. I'm not sure if that was because he wanted to watch me with them or if that's what he thought I wanted. Either way I did what came natural when faced with the situation. I took one in my hand and put the black cock in my mouth. He tasted salty and had some cum around his dick which I think was old cum rather than the pre-cum I was now getting. Mr D raised my knees so that I was now on all fours. He splashed a load of his oil all over my arse. I felt so exposed as he spread my cheeks wider. Mr D worked a finger into my hole and was working my p-spot like he'd done on our first meet. Both the guys looked like they couldn't believe their luck having a young stud sucking their large cocks.

I could feel Mr D start to use his tongue on my hole. One of our rules was no rimming, but it felt so good I had no objection. Even if I did my mouth was so full at that point. Mr D pushed my back towards the bed and with hands on my hips he positioned himself ready to fuck me. His cock pushed inside and was a little painful to start but he'd warmed me up well so it wasn't long before he was fucking me with all his cock. My first orgasm quickly arrived my body shaking with pleasure and cum oozing out of my cock. Mr D knew where to hit the spot and I came many times before Mr D filled my bum with his cum.

Mr D said to the guys you have an hour left to use this slut. I'm the only one who fucks him bareback so condoms please. Mr D went and sat in the corner looking completely spent.

For the next hour the two guys fucked me in all sorts of positions while Mr D watched. I enjoyed it so much I didn't feel used in any way.

Now sat back at home this evening reflecting on earlier events, and waiting for Mr D to arrange the next meeting.