11 Jun 2018

I had a great dream last night, it was a no frills straight into the action kind of dream that I was gutted to wake up from. There were five of us, two girls and three lads including me. There was some kid of spin the bottle game going on with the girls upping the ante on what to do when the bottle landed on one of the guys, especially me.

I was starting to get nervous as, in all innocent fun, clothes were being removed and bodies were being touched, but still light hearted fun, a grab of the bum or rub of the thigh.

“Harry’s ex told me, one of the girls giggled, “That he likes his nipples pinched!” As only can happen in a dream I was instantly topless and the guys took a nipple in finger and thumb each and pinched on me. This carried on for a while as I squirmed, trying to hide my hard on, fully aware of these two guys man handling me with the girls’ giggles in the background. The bottle (or whatever it was) span again and I was then having my nipples bitten as my thighs were being grabbed. I writhed and squirmed in their grasps as I felt their body weight pressing on me. I was sure I felt their erections too, rubbing on me through their clothes.

“Oh he likes it,” cooed one of the girls and I felt a more delicate hand reach into my boxers and pull out my cock, “You boys have made him very hard!”

And at that point I woke up! Gutted, but I lay there in bed, covers discarded in the heat, my cock rock hard and I took in hand as I played out the rest of the scenario in my head:

The two lads stood up and the other girl stood between them. She was curvy and short (as they both were) and wearing bikinis. While her friend licked my cock tip, she held eyes with as she pulled their big dicks free and stroked them. “He looks hungry, don’t you think boys?” she said and with that they moved forward and I wanked them, rubbing their helmets together and making them moan.

I was being told I looked like an expert cocksucker as I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue around them, trying to lure their fat cocks in between my lips. I felt fingers between my thighs and my hole was rubbed with lube. I was pinned own with two cocks in and out of my mouth, nailed finger playing over my chest and nipples with a mouth on my cock and fingers pressing on y arsehole. I moaned out loud.

I felt weight on my legs and the guys moved back so I could see one of the girls sitting astride my legs. She pushed my cock down against my stomach as she rode her bikini front up and down it. To my left, the two guys were now being blown by the other girl, her lips stretching to let them in her mouth like I did. As I watched my nipples were pinched hard and I looked down in time to see her lift up and pull her gusset aside. Her lips were smooth and puffy and wet so they slid around my shaft easily. As she slid up the length to the tip she bent her back and lifted slightly and my throbbing cock slid into her. She was lovely and tight, but so wet with it. The two guys moved either side of her and leant in to kiss her as she slowly rode me. To my right, the other girls hands appeared from between his legs and she tugged on his cock, her little hands making it look even bigger. It glistened with each stroke and I realised she was spreading lube up and down him. He moved off but stayed on all fours her face by mine. The guy moved behind the girl riding me, and the other guy took position behind her on all fours. He pushed straight into her and she tensed and then let out a long sigh as she took his big length. The girl riding me joined her a few inches from my face and we three kissed. I figured she was bracing for the guy to take her, but once he was in position it was my legs he held and lifted high.

My hole ached for him as he lined up and rubbed his tip on it, he rocked in time with her on my cock and soon he was nudging into me then a final pop as he opened me up enough to get all in. I groaned long and hard into the girls’ mouths. She sat up and I saw her rub herself off as she sat on me, he pussy grabbing on my cock as she hit her orgasm. Now she was still I noticed how I was rocking to rhythm of the guy in side me and his pace quickened. Breathing hard she leaned back to me and whispered, “Mmmm, are you ready for his load now?” At hearing these words the girl taking it doggy started yelping and I saw she was rubbing herself as well. She came hard like her friend and she collapsed out of the way, her man moved up. He was wanking as he neared my face and I turned to him giving him a clear target of my face and open mouth. His come splattered all over to the delight of the girls and me. Pushed deep in my bum, the last guy ground in place and I gasped in time as she started to ride me again. I had softened, but with their efforts I was soon rock hard again and nearly shouting the arrival of my own release.

I felt my nipples being pinched and pulled as I shot my load up her in what felt like the biggest load ever. My body started to relax instantly, I shifted my body as much as I could slumped back on the sofa. As she hopped of me, the guy in me resumed fucking me and I moaned in an orgasmic daze. She moved up my body and sat on my face, my tongue firing into her and eagerly tasting my come inside her.

As I lay on my bed in the dark imagining this, I pictured the guy taking me, holding my legs up even and really getting into the feelings. I felt come run off my chest and neck and as I imagined him swelling up, his bare back cock starting to unload in me, I wanked furiously and shot off another load, one big squirt that hit my face and then some trickles across my hand.

When I went to bed the nigth before I had felt restless due to the heat, but after that great dream and closing fantasy, I was soon back off to sleep!