Written by Big D

14 May 2007

When my wife discovered my porn movie collection I thought she be disgusted or annoyed that I liked watching other women shagging, but it was quite the reverse. It got us talking about our fantasy's and sexual day dreams. My wife Dianne has always loved sex and has always been a great lover. From early in our relationship she's swallowed my spunk and been up for most things I've suggested. I never pushed things to far however or as I found out not far enough for her. As we sat one night watching a hard core movie and mutually wanking each other, We chatted about our fantasy's. It was really no surprise that she liked the idea of two cocks but it did surprise me when she indicated the screen and said that looks like fun. On the screen two men were shooting their spunk over a pretty sluts face. Although she'd swallowed me in the past and I'd shot over her belly, tits and arse, I'd never had the nerve to cum in her face. "Would you really like that" I asked and she said "Oh yeah". I know an invitation when I hear one and so I stood over her wanking as she fingered herself. It didn't take long before I shot my spunk over her pretty face. She looked such a dirty slut lying beneath me ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt with my sticky cum covering her face.

After we'd recovered I asked if she was serious about more that one cock. First she asked how it would make me feel to see her with other men. I told her it had always been one of my fantasy's to see her with other guys. She then told me that she loved me but that she did want more cock. It was a real turn on to hear my prim and proper wife talking like a dirty whore. We were going on holiday a couple of weeks later and we decided that we would try and make something happen there so we were unlikely to be discovered. We spent the first couple of days getting to know the other guests at the hotel and Dianne topping up her tan, topless by the pool. Gareth one of the reps paid her loads of attention. Always chatting her up as she lay with her tits out. The night before we were due to leave we invited Gareth to come out for a drink with us. I'd already sounded Dianne out and she'd admitted that she thought he was very fuckable. She also loved the attention he gave her and said she loved catching him looking at her naked tits. We had a good night with him and he paid Dianne a lot of attention. Dancing with her and casually stroking her arse at every chance he got. We invited him back to out room and opened up some vodka. Dianne went to get changed and I sat chatting to Gareth. I asked him if he shagged a lot of the girls who came over on holiday and he admitted he did, so I asked him if Dianne had been on her own would you have tried to shag her. He told me that he thought she was very sexy and that he would love to have had her. "Well I know she fancies you" I said " So if you want to you can". He looked shocked and asked me to repeat what I'd said "I said you can fuck my wife if you want to" I said slowly.

At that moment Dianne re-entered the room wearing just a silky gown. She sat at the side of him and kissed him passionately on the lips. He was on her right away opening up her gown and sucking her tits while his fingers found her gaping slit. I was stripping my cloths off as she realised his cock and within seconds we were all naked. As he entered my wife's cunt and started shagging her in earnest I dangled my balls over her face and she licked and sucked on them as he screwed her. He was quite a cocksman and gave her a real good fucking. It was so erotic watching this mans cock pounding into my wife's cunt. After he'd made my wife cum she told him that she wanted his spunk over her face. I joined him wanking at her face as she licked her lips and looked from cock to cock. I spunked over her first, my first spurt leaving a line of spunk over her cheek quickly followed by more over her lips and chin. Gareth had much more spunk than I did. Dianne giggled as he covered her face in his hot sticky sperm until it was dripping off her chin. She looked every bit a dirty whore. Gareth left after taking a picture of my spunk covered wife with his mobile and I was left to shower with her and wash our combined juice off her. I couldn't get the image of Dianne, my love and my wife lying beneath two horny dicks begging to be covered in our spunk.

We talked about if it was a one off as I lay stroking her naked body and decided we liked it to much and that we would have to be careful but it was just to exciting not to do again. That was the start of my wife's cum splattered adventures.