Written by cum-slut

15 Jan 2009

Our first time dogging was not to be the last. We arrived at the site and waited in the car for a while,

as time passed lone guys started to park up,we made our move,my husband undone my top to expose my tits,as the other guys gathered around the car I spread my legs to reveal I was not wearing panties,pushing his fingers in and out my wet pussy my husband ask me to open the window so I could ablige the gathering ground,better than that I opened the door.

The first guy to take over the fingering was about 40yrs,an old hand at the dogging scene,he pulled out his cock and rubbed it over my thigh before pushing it in I was in heaven, being fucked by a stranger and watched by many others.

As the evening grow a little darker the 40yr old who fucked me first said we should go to the wooded area.

The guys let me and hubby walk on and some followed,I was leaning against a tree hands first with my skirt up to my waist, a young guy Jimmy about 22yrs got on his knees so he could lick my pussy,his friend Dan was rubbing my clit.I was so horney I just let them take me,

Two others Ken and Owen also had fun taking turns to ram me as hard as they could.

The cum was squirting out of me but I still wanted more,of course my darling husband had to have his bit of fun,the guys left and we fucked some more.

"Hiya" we heard a voice say, a truly good looking tall black man with the most sexy smile.

As you probably guessed I just wanted him to fuck my brains out,he obliged pushing his thick cock all the way stretching me even after 6 other had been there,he pumped for a good long time I was now showing signs of being well fucked,he shot his load and left.

We are now old hands at this dogging and love,