Written by Felix

29 Jun 2018

It started with my now ex wife Lucy confessing that she was attracted to other women. Like most forces couples we married young) 21) and hadn't explored fully our sexualities.. The confession sort of slipped from my memory and when my wife said she was going to visit her friend Amy in London I thought nothing more of it.

On her return, however, things changed between us. Sex between us just dried up. Whenever I approached the subject it was met with a blank, no explanation or rationale. What I did suspect though, she was masturbating a lot more. At first I just thought my collection of porn mags had been disturbed by me. Then I noticed they were all out of order and looking more worn than previously. It was then I began to put two and two together and realised that something happened when she was away in London.

It was then I found the letter.. It was from Amy.

In the letter it spoke how she enjoyed their time together and how that night made her feel and how she is becoming more attracted to women and couldn't wait to be finger Lucy's pussy again. There was a few more intimate details. However, what I noticed was the last line. Can't wait to see you in July and meet your Hubby..

When confronted Lucy, she broke down and confessed all.. She told me how they had been to a club, danced and flirted with other guys. She said when she got back to the flat she was so horny, however she was sharing the bed with Amy, as it was a small 1 bed flat, that was cold. Lucy said, we just stripped and got into bed and as it was freezing we cuddled. My wife said the minute she pressed her body against Amy's she became instantly wet and pressed further into Amy's naked form, rubbing her wet pussy against her friends pert bum whilst squishing her breasts against her back. Needles to say, Lucy was so turned on she couldn't sleep and it was sort of inevitable that her hands began to explore. At first she said it was just an innocent touch of her Amy 's nipple. After a while though confident that she was asleep, became braver cupping her breasts, kissing her shoulder and neck. Eventually though her hand drifted downwards until she was touching her naked pussy.. It was wet and it was then Lucy realised Amy might not be asleep as she thought., but maybe enjoying the illicit touching, not wanting to break the spell either. Soon however it was clear Amy knew what was happening as she rolled onto her back, encouraging and allowing greater access.. The pretence went out of the the window when my plunged 1and the 2 fingers into her friend. It was then Amy moaned, pulling Lucy s hand in to her. My wife leaned over and kissed her friend, before suckling on her nipples, whilst finger fucking her friends soaked pussy.. Amy soon came, Lucy said she could feel her friends pussy contract around her fingers..

When Amy came down from her orgasm., she rolled on top of Lucy pinning her to the bed mashing their breasts together whilst Amy grinded her cunt into Lucy's. Amy was close to cumming again.. She stopped however and edged herself down my wife's body until her mouth was on her pussy. My wife almost came when Amy's tongue touched her clit. She said she pulled her legs back giving her friend full access... Telling her to fuck her... Amy most certainly did. First one then two and then three fingers jammed in to her pussy, curling them to reach her g spot, whilst her tongue danced over her clit.. My wife said she lasted about a minute before she literally exploded over her friends hand.. Lucy said it was the strongest orgasm she'd ever had. After that she said her and Lucy talked about what happened and agreed that they what happened in London would be a one off. That night how ever Lucy and Amy continued their exploration of each other, making each other countless times..

Back in Germany Lucy confided that the reason she had gone off sex was a combination of guilt and that sex with Amy was so amazing and that sex with me would never compare. Lucy said i was meant to find the letter as it was her only way of confessing what had happened.. She asked me if I was angry.. I said I wasn't angry just very turned on.. Me too!!!

Needless to say, we Fucked most of the night... Ah the joys of being 21.

In between the sex, we talked about Amy's imminent visit.. However that's another story...