Written by Jim

2 Mar 2019

When we retired we bought a holiday home is Spain and let the family use it as often as they want as its best occupied rather than left empty and someone can clean the pool. To make sure everything is fine I bought a very discrete CCTV system which hooks into my iPhone to allow me to check up on the house from the UK. The camera is set up over the pool area and one at the back of the house.

My sister in law and her husband, Margaret and Richard asked if they could take a couple of friends out this year as their daughter didn't want to got, as we knew their friends it was fine by us, Sue and Chris are nice people.

Anyhow after a day or so I decided to give them a call to see if all way well at the house and as I got no answer decided to check the camera and I got a bit of a shock.

Both couples and lying by the pool, both girls topless showing their tits off, Sue has a great pair of tits and those big round nipples that taste so good after a good sucking, and as I had never seen my sister in laws tits it gave me quite a stiffy. Her tits were a mirror of my wife's so overtime I suck my wife's its I can imagine Margaret's. So I watched for a bit longer and nothing seemed to happen so made a mental note to check on them bit later.

That evening I gave them a call and again no answer so popped the camera on and the 4 of them are skinny dipping in the pool playing volley ball, thank God the girls are in the shallow end as I get a great view of their tits bouncing up and down.

This continues for 10 mins and then they all get out of the pool and dry off.

So I give it a rest and as I can replay the video decided to have a good slow was over the images.

A bit later on I clicked the camera in to watch again and what a shock I got, my sister in law is spread eagled on the big double sun bed taking Chris's cock in her fanny whilst Richard is sloppy his cock around her mouth, and Sue is rubbing Margaret's tits and playing with her fanny. Both girls have nice harry fannies, something I didn't expect as all.

The only problem is the CCTV doesn't have a zoom facility so I only get the general over view and cant enjoy seeing her beef flaps being given a pummelling. Its obvious Margaret is about to come as there is a lot of arm movement, Chris whips his dick out and shoots a load over the girls, what a great sight.

He is then goes down on her giving the flaps a good licking, this continues for a minute of so until Richard decides its his turn,

Margaret gets flipped over and I think she is going to get it doggy style but from what I can make out she is going to have it up the bum as he is giving her arse a good rubbing with his thumb. So after a bit of fumbling he has his dick in her butt and she is loving it. Chris then positions himself so that she can take his cock in her mouth and so its one up the bum and one in the mouth, Sue in the meantime is still rubbing herself and I wonder has she already had her session or is there more to come?

So this is too much for me and I have to have a wank whilst this is happening.

Richard leaves his spunk up Margaret and at the same time Chris lets fly all over Margaret's face, I hope the dirty buggers give the pool area and sun beds a good clean.

Then its all quiet for a minute or so as they must be getting their breath back, then Sue is on the sun bed and Margaret is down on her, its like one of those swingers movies you can see, nothing ceases to amaze me! After 5 mins or so the boys are hard again and Richard has his dick around her mouth slapping it around Sue's face, he must be his fetish and Chris is having a slow wank as he watches.

Eventually Chris is on the job with Sue on all 4's with Margaret under neath her at 90 degrees kissing her tits as they bounce around and rubbing her fanny. Richard has now got his dick in Sue's mouth, a proper spit roasting. My dick is getting some hammer by this stage! Chris pulls out and shoots his load over her arse cheeks and Richard is around like a flash to rub the spunk around her bum hole. Margaret is their as well spooning it over his dick, and then its up Sue's butt. Both girls seem to love a bit of bum fun.

Richard is fucking Sues's bum, Chris is out of it now as he has come 3 times and Margaret is giving good encouragement grabbing half of Richard's nut sack and rubbing Sue's large tits. A great site.

So after they have finished the dirty buggers jump into he pool for a way off, that's not on as far as I am concerned as it means I will have to put more chlorine that normal in to keep it clean.

They are there for a week so I cant wait for the next show

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