Written by Much2Fun2missIt

5 Aug 2007

I was in college in Minnesota at the U of M. I was dating a woman who was a fun girl to mess around with. She was a fashion merchandising major. One day, I went to her room and it was filled with about 4 girls. They had been sitting around drinking and were drunk. I laughed. Then Cindy (girlfriend) got up and started undressing saying she was going to get comfortable. Another girl stood up and started to undress when someone said, Hey... there is a guy in the room. Cindy said "its just JOhn" . Next thing I know, I had four women in all stages of dress walk in the room.

One of the girls said, so, show us your dick. I laughed and then one grabbed my arm and put it behind my back and two others grabbed and held my other arm. I couldn't move. Then Becky pulled my pants down including my underwear. Out was my dick. The 6 inch pecker started to rise. They had my pants completely off and I didn't see where they hid them. There were three nude girls and one with her panties on (period).

The girls had me lay down to give me a massage. My dick was so hard. They told me to let it go away. Cindy and Becky kept touching it and stroking it. Then they asked me questions. THey asked, So... How often do you jack off? Daily I said. How many times? Two to three if I feel like it. How old were you when you first did it? I said 11. They all said then knew every guy jacked off but non had ever seen a guy do it. They were all older than me and non virgins. I was surprised.

Then Cindy said, "John, Jack off for us." My dick was aching. I just went for it. I asked one girl to get me a towel. I stroked it and the girls stood over me. Becky had a bald pussy, Cindy had a trimmed pussy, Melody had a huge amount of fuz. and Desire had thick blonde hair which stuck out the side of her panties.

I stroked away and I told them I needed each of them to stroke it for a minute (for my dignity). When Desire grabbed it she knew what she was doing. It felt so good. Then I grabbed hold and finished off. I blew a huge load with some landing behind my head. About 15 minutes later I told them I had to do it again. They all watched again and Cindy let me cum in her mouth. It was so hot.

I still jack off daily. Now to do it while watching my wife eat pussy......