Written by Seb and Koko

10 Oct 2013

Koko is not a country girl. She works in the vaults of a museum but one of the things Julia spoke about to her was outdoor, public sex Since we had started to swing it seemed a natural thing to do. We've all seen people having sex in public, beaches, river banks, woods and commons We'd discovered that knowing people were watching added to the fun.

The four of us planned a picnic supper in some woods in Sussex. Champagne and sex.

Koko wore her tartan mini-kilt just covering her panties, a tight t-shirt (again. No bra (again). Country so boots, she must have thought. The long white leather 60's boots she'd bought from e-bay looked good but better for Friday night clubbing than the country. But they looked good! Hair was tied back in a pony tail. For me it was simple, jeans and polo shirt and a blue Japanese thong Koko had produced for me. "That means you held in place but can be quickly released", she'd said. I foresaw an awful lot of holding in place in expectation of the quick release. Thoughtfully she'd got the same, but red, for Alan with the same reasoning. Koko's planning a lot of quick releasing, I thought.

The 4x4 turned up. Koko had to hop into the front where Alan could eye up her thighs, possibly touch them up too. In the back sat Julia wearing nothing. That's what I first thought but actually she was wearing a yellow silk skirt but it had ridden so far up that I didn't notice it at first. A small triangle of red was peeping out from its hem. She had chosen pants to match Alan. Subtle.

Because of a stuff on the back seat I was jammed up tight against her and able to enjoy the view and let my imagination wander. Like her hand! It was exploring the swelling contours of my mound held considerately in place by Koko's shopping. Inwardly I groaned and slipped my hand between her thighs, up and up until it disappeared into her panties.

Koko told me later that Alan had generally kept his hands on the wheel but that she had excited him by brazenly pleasuring herself. He couldn't resist rubbing himself a bit and the occasional stroke of her thighs. I guess he could see his wife and me in the mirror which can't have helped his driving.

We'd agreed that though we'd swap around and see what turned up we end up cumming in our own wives.

We parked on the edge of a wooded common near Midhurst, picked up the food, drink and blankets and found a place on the edge of a copse not too near a public footpath. At 7.30pm one hot, sunny August day we were happy to be noticed but not to offend. Dogging and dogs don't go together.

After food and drink we settled down together and it wasn't long before Koko, head on Alan's tummy had his zip undone, hand sliding backwards and forwards over the bulging red thong she'd given him. He had pushed her top up and was fondling her breasts. Julia's skirt was still up. Mind you, at that length there wasn't much 'down' to come. My hand slid back into her pants, feeling her neatly trimmed bush exploring her wet clit with my fingers. I felt my zip being undone and my own mound being massaged skilfully. Close by Koko had Alan's cock out, hence the quick release thong, and her head was bobbing up and down as she gave him head. He was hungrily sucking her hard nipples. Then my cock was released. Oh freedom! Julia knelt over me 69ing me. I pushed her pants aside and slid, one, then two fingers inside her, playing with her clit and finger fucking her. She groaned with pleasure. Alan and Koko 69'd too but he was on top. Her knickers were off and I watched his tongue exploring her cunt as I had so often done. He was groaning.

The noise must have alerted a young couple who stood watching about twenty yards off. Meanwhile I was in a state of ecstasy. I wanted Julia to suck me off. I wanted to doggy her hard. I wanted Koko to toss me off over her tits. I wanted to watch Alan's spunk shoot out as he was wanked to desperation. I wanted too much. I glanced at the couple. He was leaning against a tree, trousers round his ankles. Her skirt was up, his hands were round her arse. Judging from their movements he was giving her a long, slow fucking. Julia had her head off my cock as was watching too. As we watched it became more frantic and we watched as her pulled her hard against himself emptying his seed into her. Nearby another man watched wanking. Seeing the boy cum was too much. His hands sped up and he worked to milk himself. Suddenly he came, spurts of cream spunk arcing onto the ground.

"Two cum. Two to go", said Alan. "No" said Koko looking further round. A couple of lads, spurred by the cock action had theirs out and were wanking each other. They only lasted a few minutes before they evidently came for they zipped up and ambled off together.

"Meanwhile..." said Alan as we re-adjusted more intimately together. This resulted in Alan being pleasured by four female hands whilst Julia, who seemed to have a particular fondness for me cock "So much more of a mouthful than Alan's", she said later to Koko and me with Koko agreeing. She was a skilful cock-mate who knew how to make a bloke feel appreciated. She knew all the tricks of sucking and blowing, and how to explore the tip and helmet with her tongue. I was worried I might cum but consoled myself that sometime in the future I'd let myself fill her mouth and watch it dribble down her chin. Julia's attention on me meant her hands had left Alan. Koko was giving him a wonderful hand job as I knew she could. Evidently too good for he shouted "Stop. Stop. Stop. Koko you're going to make me cum." She stopped and he grabbed himself hard to prevent cumming.

"We'd better go back home ", said Julia, releasing my cock from her lips and removing her panties crawled astride Alan. I watched and saw him slip inside. She rode him like a pro but as Koko had left him about to cum he only lasted a short time before he came. Not far off someone clapped and soon I swear I heard the patter od spunk onto the ground.

Koko wanted to be dogged. She knelt in front of me, cappuccino arse waving in the air. My desperate cock slipped in as I knelt behind her. Slowly at first I slipped my full 10inches in and out. I looked down. I loved the sight of it, and of course, the feeling. Alan and Julia watched too. Julia wishing it was her that my cock was fucking and Alan wishing it was his cock thrusting between cappuccino cheeks. Seeing the looking made me speed up until I was fucking Koko as furiously as I had ever done. "Go on. Go on. Fuck her hard. Fill her up", Julia whispered encouragingly. "Yes. Fuck her. Spunk her up", called another voice close by. Then a girl's voice said, "Oh fuck me hard too Pete." Judging by the grunting Pete was doing his best. A girls, "oh, Pete", was accompanied by "Aaagh". Pete had cum.

Almost simultaneously I felt my muscles contract, and the glorious release as I pumped successive loads of my love seed into her. It was fantastic.

"I like our picnics. They are fun.", said Koko. "So do other people." said Alan.