Written by Arlington_49

18 May 2015

It was a Saturday evening late in April when I attended an RE association party…one where my firm was tacitly involved since three of the participants were our clients. I knew Matthew was still involved with Judi. No way her young lover would ever be out of the sexual picture…at least not until we move back to The US. I understood! Matt, now in his late 30’s, still epitome of a well-endowed young lover. I’m at 7 plus at full prep. Matt must be easily 9 inch, BUT a girth few of us could ever dream to match! Matt is a veritable tree-trunk made to satisfy a woman’s needs!

Matt also introduced Judi to numerous gang events at real estate conference functions. Always keeping a privacy lid so as the same participants would engage, Judi became further accustomed to group fucking. She’d usually be ‘prepared’ ahead of time…I know well how that’s accomplished…and subsequently she’d be the sub wife whore to which some of my closest friends describe Judi. NO different that April Saturday evening other than fact Matt invited me to watch! He’s known I’ve audienced Judi during some of her gang bangs. He made this invite acceptable by having another guest wife accompany me as we watched Judi’s “display.”

Charlene is about 50 or so, quite appealing. Mother to two grown children, she’s become bored of her husband’s appeal, and while she’d never contemplate ending her marriage, she plays with Matt and several of his friends…to lessen her sexual boredom. I would be one of those “friends” that evening!

By the time Char and I settled down to view Judi’s performance, my wife had already been prepared. She had no clue I was sitting just aside the bedroom, along with 4 or 5 other couples. Judi was led into the room by one of Matt’s colleagues. BUT, what a manner in which she was led! Judi was down to jewelry, a garter support belt with NO hose to support, black gladiator platform pumps, and most astounding, she was being led by a faux gold chain attached to her clit lips!! To guest smiles and occasional cat calls, Judi was led to the bed BUT the lad guided (pulled) her around the bed three times so that we all would admire my wife’s body! Judi seemed dulled by whatever…she obligingly followed before the young man guided her to lay back on the bed. In quick order, Judi’s legs were spread and secured to the bed posts…a little S&M obvious to us all…! Matt then made his appearance, totally naked, stroking his enormous cock. With little delay, he missionary positioned. Judi appeared oblivious to his presence. That would change very quickly…!

With no drama, Matt plunged his hard tool into Judi’s cunny eliciting a gasp and physical reaction on my wife’s part. BUT, she couldn’t move all that much. Matt had already locked his hands over her outspread arms…his cock didn’t require any manual guidance. With not so much a pause, he pounded deep and remained in place for seconds before pulling up…pausing…and plunging again. The pace would repeat itself as he gradually picked up the pump cadence. Never a hesitation, looking at her face, Judi’s only reaction was physical…gasping, panting, moaning. My wife on display entertained all of us. Judi was being taken in Matt’s manner. What’s amazing, Matt’s ability to pace and continue his fuck play almost indefinitely. His skill to maintain fuck pattern without giving up a climax, even at Judi’s repeated orgasms, is astounding!

Almost half hour went by before Matt announced he would fill his woman. It was his manner to alert other guests…if they wanted to participate, get ready! Char and I sat aside and watched three of the other men in the room leave the companion of their partner or wife, and ready themselves to fuck my wife!! Minutes passed, Matt stepped off the bed, as the another took his missionary position. Judi would be banged again…and again…as the other two followed in quick succession as each gentleman had their way and left their cream deep in Judi’s cunny!!

One of the wives came over, and asked me if I would also fuck my wife. I demurred, indicating I had the Char’s companionship that night. My role was to voyeur Judi’s performance and display. The lady then said…in a not so admiring manner…”You are the cuckold Matt and his friends suggest…” as she smiled OR smirked. Char took grip of my arm as the lady continued…”That’s good…my husband wants to fuck your wife tonight…he’ll have my permission. And, you know what…many others here will be doing the same tonight… Enjoy your lady friend…we’ll take care of your wife…!”

Minutes later, Matt stopped by and we chatted a bit. No need to disclose all the details here. Matt said he would “take care” of Judi for the night. She’d be staying at his place following the party. I knew what that meant. Char knew what that meant. I knew Judi would be home by Sunday afternoon in customary post-party fashion, little to say and less to engage as husband and wife. I chose to party Charlene…we took a guest room and fucked well into the night and morning! I would say I had NO idea why her hubby would not satisfy his wife…she was fucking good in bed! If I openly shared, others would suggest in reply…”Why do you allow Matt to fuck and display your wife.” They’d have good cause…