Written by David

6 Mar 2018

That night, she still was sore and still orgasming, yet he still was hard.

There was an unexpected knock on the door. He wanted to get it, but she insisted to get it herself. When she returned in the room, it was her best friend., also Korean, a bit petite, but extremely hot.

She smile and kindly told him, that it is time for his surprise. She told about her experience to her best friend, who in return also wanted to try. But she had other idea, watching her boyfriend load 9 inches into her best friend. Wait was not long, before she undress her friend kissing her body, and throwing over the bed to suck her boyfriend's stiff cock.

After making that cock, the friend was pleasing, both of them, bended over in between.

Those 15 minutes was incredible and in the memories forever.