Written by The sandman

7 May 2010

We have just got back from our friend's apartment in the Costa del Sol.We have spent a week catching some sun. Dave , our friend told us about a good beach at Cabopino so we went there on our first day. He told us about the section were it was mainly naturists. Janet, my wife 50, still with a good figure with firm well shaped 42d tits and a smooth shaven pussy. We ended up at the back of the beach near the dunes. Carol went topless but would not take her thong off. I stripped and it felt great laying naked in the sun. I went for a swim a couple of times in the sea. I have an average size prick, about 4 inches and gets to 6-7 inches went fully hard. The sea was a bit chilly and Janet commented on how my prick was even smaller when I came out of the sea. Around us were quite a few other naked couples and the odd single bloke. We had one bloke lay on his towel about 4 foot from us and looked at Janet every time she turned her body over in the sun, especially when she turned on her front with her two large tits hanging down.

On day two we went back to the same place. During the late afternoon I told Janet I was going for a walk. The far end of the beach was mainly for gay men, so I headed to the back of the dunes. I felt quite liberated walking about naked. I noticed a couple of blokes walking in front of me. They were behind a bloke and woman , who were both fully dressed. The couple then turned and walked into a large shrub. The two blokes in front of me followed them. I went thru the shrub and came into a small hidden clearing. The bloke and woman were kissing and the two blokes were standing to the side both wanking their pricks. One had an enormous prick, which went from about 6 inches to 9 inches with a large bulbous end. The couple both aged about 45 were now stripping each other. When they were both naked, she fell to her knees and took his semi hard prick into her mouth and sucked him. I moved to one side and joined the others in wanking my now hard prick.

The bloke beckoned the male with the large prick over, who got behind the woman and put his right hand down under her bim, making her spread hers legs abit further apart. He then proceeded to finger her pussy. He did this for about 5 minutes, when he moved behind her and got on his knees. The woman stopped sucking her bloke , he moved back slightly and she got on all fours. The male then moved in and eased his prick into her pussy and proceeded to fuck her. She started to moan and give out little yelps as he rammed her with his prick. I and the other bloke moved to each side to get a better view of her being fucked. Her man then moved to one side, laid next to her and played with her tits as they hung down and swayed about as she was fucked. I was wanking my prick watching this sex show. After about 5 minutes the male fucking the woman looked at her bloke, they nodded to each other. The male then withdrew his prick from her pussy. He spat in his hand and then rubbed his hand on her arse hole. He then eased his large prick into her arse. He was fucking her with slow small strokes, making her groan everytime he pushed into her. Her man had now positioned him self laying in front of her and she lowered her head and sucked his prick. The male fucking her arse withdrew and went around to her head and her bloke stood up. The male then laid next to her with his prick by her head, she turned over and laid her head on his groin.She took hold of his shaft and licked it up and down its full length and then sucked it, giving him a mouth fuck. She was laying there with hers legs wide aprt. Her bloke beckoned the other male over. He went over and got in between her legs and entered her pussy. While he was fucking her, she raised her legs up and crossed them over his back. The first male started to groan, she released him from her mouth, just as he came over her face. The second bloke pulled out of her and stood over her and wanked his prick. He came , squirting his come over her tits. It was to much for me. I went over to her and shot my load over her tits and belly. Her bloke then put his prick into her mouth and fucked her. He came with a loud groan in her mouth. She swallowed the lot. We all thanked them and left.

I told Janet about what had happened. It was now getting late, so we went back to the apartment. Janet was really interested in what I had seen and we had a great fuck that night on the patio outside the apartment. A first for Janet, to be so bold and naked, fucking outside, where anyone could see us, if they walked back from the bar area.

I will continue later with what happened a couple of days later before we left with Janet coming for a walk in the dunes.