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"Not enough room at the inn, but plenty in us"

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When my wife was alive we did play a bit. We were both bi and enjoyed life but separately. The one time we were on a long haul flight and for some reason when we arrived at the mid distance airport, our plane was taken out of service. The airline said they would find hotel rooms and give us dinner etc. When we got to the desk, there were not enough rooms for everyone, but they did have a suite of two bedrooms if we were willing to share. There were two service guys behind us, both tall and well built, who said we'll share, and we also said yes.

When we got to our rooms we relaxed a bit and had room service dinner and a few bottles of wine. This made my wife a little tipsy and she became very forward to the two. John and Dwayne. John was white and Dwayne black. She wanted to know if it was true about black guys, so Dwayne just stood up dropped his trousers and said yes it is. She looked at his glorious cock and went over put it in her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth. John got up behind her, lifted her dress, pulled her panties aside and entered her. He had no trouble in doing so, so I reckon she was pretty wet. John didn't last long and emptied himself in her. Dwayne did not want to miss out, and went around and also went straight in. This time hers eyes opened very wide, as did her mouth, and from then on she could only utter, "fuck me, cum in me, ooh fuck me"

In the meantime I had got undressed and was wanking away. When Dwayne had unloaded into her, she looked at me and said come on, you know what to do. So I went down on her and licked their combined loads out of her sweet pussy.

John wanted another go, but she said she was a bit sore after Dwayne, but you can fuck Paul if you like. He looked at me as I was on all fours still licking out cum, and started pushing his cock into my ass. It was a little difficult so she sucked it a bit and he tried again. This time he went in slowly. Finally he was balls deep and started fucking me, at first slowly and then when he was close to cumming he pounded me faster, finally ending in him unloading in me, and slumping off.

Dwayne said, can he take my size? My wife said, he's well lubricated, so have a go. He was big and slowly he got in me and again went balls deep. He must have fucked me for about 30 minutes, eventually unloading his black cum in my ass. My first.

We were all a bit tired then and went to bed. It was sometime in the middle of the night I noticed my wife was not in our bed, and there was noise coming from the other bedroom. I went in and the two of them had her in a DP. Her first time. She was almost screaming. When they finished they told me to clean her up, and then told me they were going to spitroast me. How can I refuse.

Our flight out was due and we got ready and left. We found out they are on an army base not far from us, and come to visit us from time to time. They have also introduced us to other members, including a couple of ladies.

Written by Bihubby2024

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