Written by happy hubby

7 May 2014

We had previously had a couple of fmm and fmm adventures and this always turns us on in bed. Tara is a beautiful brunette with size 36gg boobs. As you can imagine she gets plenty of male admirers. We had taken a long weekend break in Barcelona and after having spent the evening getting merrily drunk and visiting some local sex shops we were both very horny. Upon returning to the hotel we decided to have a drink at the bar. Tara was wearing a low cut top and getting lots of male eye attention. We sat at a table and I noticed a couple of guys at the next table staring. They struck up a conversation with us and the drink was flowing they were Italian and I noticed they couldn't keep there eyes of Tara's tits. She was starting to flirt quite openly and it was then I suggested as the bar was closing we carry on drinking in our room. I thought she would say she was too drunk but she agreed and encouraged the guys to join us.

Once in the room there was a lot of sexual banter and one of the guys asked to watch some porn to which I agreed. On screen a woman with big boobs was wanking off a guy and they commented on how big her tits were to which Tara said they are not as big as hers, to which one of the guys said and his cock isn't as big as mine . With that they were goading her to give them a flash. Tara said only if he shows his cock. With that they agreed and Tara lifted her blouse and there faces when they saw her boobs bulging out of her sexy black bra. The guy dropped his trousers and left his pants on he had quite a big bulge. Tara said that's unfair I can't see your cock and he said well your tits are covered. She then stood back and pulled her tits out one by one and my cock went rock hard. The guys hands went out for a feel and she laughed and moved back and said cock to see please. In no time they guy had his cock out and I must say it was about 9 inches long, Tara said nice cock and you , to the other guy, he dropped his pants and he was also quite a size. Tara said to me hows your cock and came towards me kissing me and unzipping me. She had my cock out and was wanking me. The guys were rubbing their cocks, Tara said do you mind to me and I saw that glint in her eye and she smiled very sexily. I said enjoy and she moved towards the two guys. Their hands went straight for her tits rubbing and tweaking her nipples she was moaning as they both sucked on them. She was wanking both cocks and I went behind her and pulled her skirt down and rubbed my cock on her thonged arse.

We moved her to the bed and pushed her on her back both guys moved their cocks to either side of her face and she proceeded to suck and wank them. I waa between her legs licking and fingering her very wet pussy. I looked up and the guy with the big cock was straddling her and having a tit wank whilst the other guy and I swapped places. He couldn't wait and started to fuck her. I moved up to her face and she was sucking my cock then the one between her tits, licking and nipping at him.

We moved away and watched as the guy fucked her he was really banging into her and her tits were being sucked by him and then she said she wanted to have the other guys big cock in her, he quickly laid down next to her and she straddled him she let out a loud moan as his cock went all the way in and she was bouncing up and down like crazy , me and the other guy were sucking on her tits and then we stood up and started to take turns with our cocks in her mouth, holding her head and fucking that sexy mouth.

I moved down to her tits and was sucking on one whilst the guy underneath sucked the other with that she cum very loudly and slumped on the guy kissing him and moaning for more cock. I decided to finger her arse and then moved by cock around there but she said know not there try and put it in my pussy with his cock. After a couple of seconds of tumbling around we were both inside her and getting into a good rhythm, the other guy was being sucked. Me and him swapped places and I watched as these two guys both had their cocks in her pussy and fucked her hard. She then told us to stop and she moved away and knelt on the floor, she ordered us to come and wank over her face and tits. All 3 of us quickly moved around her and were wanking for all we were worth,her tongue was out darting at the tips of our cocks and she was feeling our balls. It was like a chain reaction I cum spurting into her face and with that the guy with the big cock shot loads at her tits and neck followed by the other guy. Tara let out a laugh as we all moaned and wanked and rubbed our spunk covered cocks over her face and tits, she was licking each one and wanking every last drop.

to be continued.