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I phoned Sharon to tell her about our weekend. 

"It was huge." I told her.

"How big?" She asked.

"Twice as big as I had ever seen."

"Really, but was he any good?"

"He hit my spot, but he was a bit quick and I never got seconds."

"But you had a good time?"

"We are going back."

"So you did have a good time."

"Yes and they had a swing in our bedroom. They had me and Rob on it."


"The husband we stayed with."

"He was in the swing?"

"Who had Rob?"

"Paul had him, Holly and I sucked him as Paul had him."

"Is that all you did?"

"O no, we had lots of fun." 

"Talking of fun, are you coming to ours?"


"Why not?"

"Can you pick up pizza?"

"I'm sure we can. See you tonight."

Since their son left home we have been able to visit them.

"Do you think we could hotbed Phillip's room?" Sharon enquired.

"I'm sure you could." I answered. 

"Perhaps we would have a big black cock stay."

"What's this about black cock?" Bob asked.

"Mo got fucked by one." Paul informed Bob.

"It was big." I continued, as I rubbed his leg.

"I'm big." Bob informed us.

"Then it's bedtime." Sharon decided. 

"So you fancy a black cock?" Bob enquired.

"Possibly, but you two will do for now." Sharon retorted.

"Cheeky bitch. Do whatever you want to her, Paul."

"You can bet on it." Paul responded. 

Bob pushed me back on the bed and pulled my knickers off.

"Let's see if my cock is still worth considering." He dropped pants and forced his cock into me.

Paul suddenly showed concern,  I put my hand out to stop him. Paul looked for a few moments as I felt a moment of pain as the cock stabbed me. When he was sure it was the pleasure of a hard cock he turned to Sharon. 

Bob hammered my pussy like never before.

Paul was himself bringing Sharon to a slow pleasurable conclusion.

"Well bitch, do you still want my cock in you." Bob asked.

"Mind your language or I may not let your lovely cock in me."

"So you still like it?"

"O, yes I like your cock."

In the morning we dressed from the small supply of clothes we leave at theirs and went to work. 

Written by Mo

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