Written by Jacques Jill

19 Apr 2016

I slouched in my office wing chair looking at my schedule of patients for the afternoon. It was filled every fifteen minutes with names like Mr. Ed. Boredom. Mr. Henry Boredom, Ms. Eunice Boredom. You get my drift. Hey, I might be a doctor, a healer and all that but did all 20 or so patients have to have “routine tediousness” written all across their chart? Nope! Not one of these dolts were interesting case. Four hours of blah, blah blah. It is not that I didn’t actually help them. I did my best to heal them, cure them, mend their soul and body. I am not an insensitive bitch, don’t you know?

There was one new patient on the roster. A Selena Solaris, 34 years old. God, I hoped she was not a traumatized housewife, being invariably suicidal, wanting to transcend the conventional meanings of ‘life’ and ‘matrimony’, or something like that, with hints as to her disturbed upbringing and emotional difficulties. So what is the problem? Just go, have an affair, get fucked and save your marriage. But of course, I wouldn’t be telling her this.

Hell, that formula didn’t save my marriage. Ray was a nice guy, built like a god, with the looks of a god, and a dick the size of a god’s. The first I saw his erection I gasped! This cock will rip me apart.

“I tore my vagina! I am bleeding!” I screamed at the intern, my legs in stirrups, my ass, my pussy lips torn and dripping with blood put on display.

“How did that happen Dr. Terrere? What the fuck happened to your pussy?” Asked the poor intern, shaking like a leaf, gasping at the blood seeping out of my slit, terrified that the Dragon Lady, Moi, his clinical supervisor, the terror interns and residents, exposed her pussy to him.

Of course, that did not happen the first time Ray fucked me. Not that there was no bleeding, au contraire! But he had popped my cherry, hence the blood.

At first, fucking was exciting. We were in love. But then we settled into a routine. You know; Hockey Saturday evening, then service my man, or service the old lady, not that I am old; just turned 37. O.K. closer to 40. But I keep in good shape! I work out with Ray. He has to. He is a cop.

I started realizing that Ray was the only man who fucked me. I hadn’t tried any other cock. Sure in university, I had a couple of girls sharing my bed and my body with them. And yeah! Sex with a woman was exciting because it was not for straight girls…like me! O.K. I fantasized while Ray finger-fucked me that it was Laura or some other girl. Can’t remember her name. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Ray. But it was not exciting anymore. (We went from calling sex 'making love' to 'let's fuck, it's Saturday night') The stars, the moon, the fireworks slowly disappeared as we settled in the secure routine of married couples.

One day after another Saturday of, regular, ordinary, usual, familiar fucking to which I had become accustomed I told him I wanted a divorce. I was prepared for a painful scene. I thought I would go with “It’s not you, it’s me” routine.

Monday we came out of the lawyer’s office. Now that it was over I regretted that stupid impulse. I realized how much I was in love with Ray, not just I loved Ray. He wanted to go to move into his new apartment that same night. I cried. He took me home, technically what was our home, now mine. And we had the most incredible, unfuckingbelievable, unimaginable mind-numbing sex, more sex, and more sex, and sex …Yeah! Four times that night.

After Ray had moved into his own apartment, about a month after the divorce and thirty days of incredible sex, he would come periodically to fuck me, (I called him.) We explored and pushed the limits as we never had. He knew when I wanted sex rough, he fucked my ass, and I fucked his ass, we used toys, tongues. WOW!!! I swallowed his come. He slurped my wetness.

Well, I told him I was in love with him. He told me he was also in love with me. I knew he was fucking another woman, a kind of girlfriend. No, not jealous, I was not jealous. Well, maybe a bit. A lot! Whatever. Just I didn’t like the idea that he was fucking someone else than me, and I couldn’t find someone else to fuck me. Maybe I was not all that interested and I wasn’t encouraging. Who knows. Here I was in love with my ex, he fucked me, we both loved it, and we got along great. But I knew I had lost him to that other woman. And it was all my own damn fault.

“Honey,” I said once after we had finished tumbling in bed. “Have you ever fantasized about a ‘Menage a trois’? I mean…not like the time we went to that swingers’ club and you watched while this stranger guy fucked me. I mean two girls and you.”

Ray looked at me with wildfires raging in his eyes.

“Oh yeah sweets. That was hot watching this guy taking you every which way… up your ass, your pussy, your tits, and the come shot in your waiting mouth…Hell.”

His eyes went glassy as he mentally watched a rerun of that incredible fucking session with the stranger. O.K. It did end with a mind numbing D.P. Is that what you wanted to know?

“If we can find a girl I am in.”

OK. He was in it. I didn’t know he was into menage a trois with women. Shit, and all that wasted time I thought we could have had some fun.

What I really wanted was to get his girlfriend in bed with us. Like, I would not feel as jealous if we shared him. Because right now I felt left out and frustrated to know, to think, to imagine him and her and me…nothing but a taste of ash in my mouth. What killed me was waking up at night alone and wondering, “is he fucking her right now?” I could have killed her that instant if I could. O.K. you’ll think I am a villainess, blood thirsty, jealousy stricken, maleficent villainess.

“Well, Ray? Anyone in mind?”

“No… no one comes to mind.”

“What about her?”

“Who her?”

“I mean your slut, the one you are fucking these days. How about her? Do you think she would go for a threesome? But I want her to fuck me too, or the other way around, well you know what I mean, not just you having fun taking turn fucking each of us.”

"Wouldn't have it any other way. That's every man's wet dream, watching his wife fucking a woman, then both taking turns with me."

Hot damn! That mental picture was hot! I felt my nipples harden and my pussy getting soaked...again. I was ready for a second round, and so it seems was Ray also.

“So you’ll ask her, right?”

“Maybe…” he answered noncommittally.

“Heck, forget it Ray,” I said, “if that’s going to cause trouble.”

Selena Solaris, the new patient walked in. I was speechless, voiceless tongue-tied. She was drop-dead gorgeous. All I could think was how it would feel to press my breasts against hers, grinding my thigh against her pussy, devour her pussy, press mine against hers.

'Shit! I should get myself under control. What the hell was happening to me?' I thought.

She spoke to me. I couldn’t understand a word. But her voice was so melodious. I could listen to here from here to eternity. She was sitting across from me with her copper red hair cascading down her bare shoulders. What would happen if I got up and ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her? She locked her scintillating green eyes on mine. Did she know what I was thinking, feeling, experiencing right now?

“What can I do for you Ms. Solaris.”

“As I told you, doctor, a minute ago I am here for my annual Pap test. I see you are busy. It won’t take too long.” Then she uncrossed her legs and crossed them again. And gave me an eye full. I needed to breathe!

Did I see her pussy? Did I have a tiny glimpse of the most perfect and delightful shaved pussy?

I gasped for air, she smiled.

“Well I thought I was coming for a Pap test, so I didn’t wear any panties. I hope this is O.K.”

“O.K.? Hell yes! I would love to get in the exam room and help you lift over your head that tight fitting dress that comes up to your mid-thighs and down to just above your tits.” Yelled my inner gnome.

But of course I didn’t relay the message.

“I’ll send my nurse to help you get ready,” I said hardly able to croak the words audibly.

“That is not necessary, Dr. Terrer. She is busy.”

I followed her into the examination room more like a robot than a human. I shut the door. I wanted to put a big sign: “DO NOT DISTURB UNTIL TOMORROW, OR NEXT WEEK; BETTER, NEXT MONTH!”

All hell broke loose inside my guts and my pussy when she lifted her dress over her head and stood naked as the day she was born. Fires were raging in my core traveling up to my nipples and down to my drenched cleft between my thighs… MERCY!

“Is everything alright Dr. Terrer?” She was standing, her ass against my examining table, one knee slightly bent.

“What… yes.. why would anything be wrong? It’s not like this is the first time I see a naked woman! I see naked women all the time!” (‘But you are… amazing’, said the little gnome inside my head.)

She smiled with a heavy dose of guile in that smile then she hoped on the table laid down and spread her thighs on the stirrups.

"I am ready when your doc."

I had to lean against the wall behind me. when I saw that perfectly shaved pussy, glistening with what I was hoping to be arousal juices.

“I…I will get you a sheet to cover yourself.”

I looked in the drawers for a gown. Of course, there were none that I could find even though the drawer was stocked. I knew exactly where there was a stash of drapes too! I was paralyzed. I could have called Millie my nurse to my rescue. But I didn’t.

I had to move. I had to do something other than to stare at her nudity from every angle; to get between her thighs and do my work.

I figured I wouldn’t survive having her pussy, only a couple of inches from my hungry lips, touching her cleavage, putting two fingers in her pussy with my one hand and the finger of my other hand up her anus…part of the examination you understand...Basically the classic finger fucking of her pussy and her ass, for medicinal purposes you understand; even if I was wearing surgeon's gloves. Oh the sensation was totally worth it.

How I survived, I don’t know. I was hoping there was enough juice in the vibrator’s batteries at home after the incredible go Ray and I had Tuesday. I should stop and get new ones, just in case.

I made an appointment for her to see me the following week for the results. Millie’s eyebrows went up.

“But Dr. Terrere, usually you call the results to the patient.”

“Who is the doctor here?” I asked testily. “And make Ms. Solaris appointment the last one of the day.”

The week was hell. I had to call Ray four times to come over and fuck me, which he obliged without asking any questions, which I would not have answered anyways. If he could fuck behind my back (no pun intended) I also could have secrets from him.

The next week Selena arrived wearing another high riding tight fitting short, short, short dress. She dropped her keys and bent down to pick them up.I fainted. I got a glimpse of her magnificent ass and her pussy from behind. Seeing the surprised look on me, she said,

“Oh, I didn’t put on any underwear, thinking perhaps you would need to repeat the test.”

Then she locked her beautiful green eyes on mine. And I drowned in them.

“You seem very tense doctor. Is something the matter with my results?”

“What? No. they are fine.” And regrettably I won’t have to disrobe you and play doctor again with your pussy. ('I wish I had the courage to tell her that'. my little gnome inside my head was screaming.)

Then out of the blue, she added, “ May I invite you for a drink to relax you a bit? My treat.”

Did I hear her right? Was that something like she was asking me on a date? My heart did somersault in the back of my throat.

Imagine my state of arousal, having a drink in a bar with Selena, naked under her skimpy dress. My eyes fluttered when she leaned forward and…Oh god, oh happiness, oh rapture! She kissed my lips, at first timidly then when I moaned in ecstasy she pressed her tongue against my lips and invaded my mouth. We devoured each other' mouth, lips, tongues with that kiss. Then I stop, sure we were scandalizing the other patrons of the watering hole.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “It’s a gay and lesbian bar.”

‘What? But I am straight, and I am not a Lesbian, and you took me to a gay bar?’ Protested the little gnome inside my head.

Oh what the hell. Her kiss felt so right.

We left like a tornado swirled us, tossed us, threw us around. Her front door was hardly shut when we tore each other’s clothes. Her glowing eyes narrowed as she checked my breasts, my ass, everything my naked body could reveal to her. Her nudity enraptured me. She grabbed my ass; I squeezed hers. We plundered wantonly each other’s flesh.

“ I have to go,” I said with a weak voice, regretting those words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

“Oh but you haven’t even heard what my evil intentions for you are,” she said with hunger in her eyes. Hell, she could be the barista where I get my coffee, but right now naked as she was, she was the most beautiful goddess I had ever laid eyes on.

Was this hottie really getting turned on by MOI?

We both waded into that sea of raging hormones. She pushed me on the kitchen table and spread my thighs. I moved back a bit. Her eyes, her mouth were at level with my dripping pussy. I shivered while her lips kissed my pussy’s lips, her tongue working its magic on my clit, her two fingers impaling, penetrating, teasing my delicate entrance. I moaned and groaned. The emotions were Oh, all so new! I wanted to experience them to the fullest. Was I in love or in lust with Selena? I decided the latter, pure emotional love. Damn it felt good.

I was in free fall when the mind numbing orgasm hit me. Ahhhh…

To make a long story shorter, Selena and I saw a lot of each other, of our bodies in bed and of course also on hot dates. I still called Ray two, three, four times a week. Who’s counting?

Yes, I was in love with her. And she with me. Yes, I was also in love with Ray. And he was in love with me. That’s why I would never let go of Ray, even if we are divorced.

The big question in my mind was whether I should tell Selena about Ray. I'll think about it. Not now, I wasn't going to tell her about Ray's amazing cock, not yet. She probably didn't swing both ways.

One day, or evening. Or night more precisely, Selena invited me to her apartment.

“Come in!” She yelled. I left the door is unlocked for you, 'cause we’re busy.”

We? Who is we?

Ray was fucking Selena hard, pounding her pussy from the back. They both smiled at me. They didn't stop.

“Oh I see you two are a couple,” I said, hurt disappointed, on the verge of tears.

“Not exactly,” replied Ray cupping Selena’s breasts before smacking her bare ass, as he continued fucking her.

“Not anymore,” added Selena, thoroughly pleasured by my ex-husband’s cock up her ass.

“I don’t understand…”

“Couple implies two in a relationship.”


Selena smiled this gorgeous smile.

“ Well sweetheart, we kinda found another girl who we really like; who we totally want to love and invite her to join us.”

“Won’t you join us?” They both offered.

"But...but... how ...?

"Selena went to your clinic to check you out. I didn't think it would take so long."

"I was enjoying fucking you doc...I was enjoying it having you to myself. Well we can have one on one sessions once in a while...if you get what I mean."

Wouahhh… I tore my clothes off. And the rest… well use your imagination.