21 Sep 2016

Hi, Gill again. Jack and I have just returned from yet another trip to the South of France. We went to a new site, to us, and a new beach arriving late in the afternoon after two long days of driving and towing. After settling in we went for an explore, to the beach.

It was perfect! Only a couple of hundred yards from the site. Soft sand and much warmer sea than earlier in the year. We quickly got to the section where we could disrobe and I peeled my short light dress off with one swift motion. Jack's shorts were off just as quickly.

The sun was just going down behind the distant hills as we held hands and walked along the beach up to our calfs in the warm sea. We hadn't gone many yards when we came up to a group of men standing in a circle. We passed close and through the huddle of naked bodies we could see a girl bending down over a guys hips and sucking his cock! My greedy cunt flooded instantly. I looked around the guys in the group and realised that to a man they were stroking their cocks. Lucky girl I thought as we continued our walk.

We walked on for about ten minutes. As the light grew dimmer we could just make out more small groups dotted over the large beach area and speculated on what was actually taking place at the centre of each group. All the time my mind was focused on the scene I had just witnessed and group of guys hoping to get a blow job of their own.

We passed the first group again on our way back. The girl was now kneeling, sucking a different cock and fiercely wanking another. Still the other guys stroked their cocks hoping to be next in line. Jack suggested that I might like to give her a hand and although my knees trembled with excitement I wasn't sure I was quite ready to go that far so quickly.

We fucked like rabbits again that night. The holiday lusts had returned with a vengeance! You will remember that we had hooked up with another couple on our previous trip. We had a glorious four days with them. They had given me their phone number if we were interested in meeting up once we were home. As yet we haven't, not through lack of interest but, well, it's a bit like local wine, it doesn't taste quite the same when you are back home.

Now we were back on holiday and as I said the lust quickly returned.

In the morning we went back to the beach. It was totally different! Couples, families as well as gay couples. Everything was very relaxed. We found a place near to the waters edge, stripped off and went for a long, lingering dip. We walked the length of the beach with water up to our waists just people watching and fish spotting. A wonderful, relaxing experience. After topping up our tans for a couple of hours we went home for lunch. We shopped a bit and explored the new village not having been there before. A few glasses of wine and bed, neither of us mentioned going to the beach that evening. In hindsight we realised that we were both waiting for the other's lead.

We fucked good and hard again that night. Our unruly lust had well and truly kicked in. The following day was pretty much as the previous, lazy, walking in the sea and people watching. It's amazing how difficult it is to recognise somebody with clothes on when you have only seen them naked. Quite a few people on the site gave us a friendly smile and we had no idea who they were or why they smiled but we always smiled back with a friendly 'Bonjour'.

After dinner that evening Jack started to organise the beach bag, that is put in the beach rug, some water bottles and a towel. After that and with no attempt at subtlety he tore the cellophane wrapper off a new ten pack of Skyns and added that to the bag. "C'mon' he said, let's go to the beach". I was up like a shot! "What shall I wear?" "A short dress and beach sandals" came the instant reply.

The sun was low as we reached the beach. My dress and Jack's shorts were off and in the bag as soon as we reached the sign. We walked up the shoreline. The girl was sucking cock again so we stopped and watched until the guy shot his first load into her mouth then she wanked him hard covering his hairy belly with spunk. As soon as he was done she found another to play with. She looked straight at me, smiled and swallowed a new cock. My cunt was soaking!

"You want to give her a hand?" Suggested my husband. I told him no but I did want him to fuck me urgently and led him up the beach away from the shoreline. By then it was quite dark so after going a little way there was only a faint hint of the group we had just left visible. I laid out our rug, knelt in the centre and pulled Jack's cock towards my mouth. He was already firm and a few additional strokes and loving sucks on the head and he was fit to fuck. I got onto all fours, my favourite position when I just need a damn good fucking, and told him to fuck me hard and fast.

He moved the beach bag until it was by our knees then positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt. He took a firm grip of my hips and jerked me back as he thrust his cock forwards. It hammered in, right up to the hilt. Hard and fast I had demanded and hard and fast I got! I didn't have an orgasm as such. I exploded with the first urgent thrust and it just kept rolling along after that.

I had a feeling that others were close by but really couldn't care less. For all I cared at that moment I could have been on the centre spot at Wembly with a full house watching me being fucked. Cock was in my cunt and I was getting pounded.

I was vaguely aware that Jack was fiddling about in the bag and assumed he was looking for some water. A few minutes later he eased his cock out and kissed my bum tenderly. " Don't move" he instructed. I stayed motionless. I felt something between my knees, heard a shuffle then a cock head nudged my cunt lips. I relaxed with a contented sigh as the cock eased itself into me wet cunt. It started slow and gentle but I wanted it harder and faster. I started to push back onto the rampant cock inside me, fucking it mercilessly. The body shuddered, the cock jerked, rested and withdrew. I'd cum but needed more.

"OK?" Asked a voice. I nodded and felt somebody else between my legs. The cock was in me, hard, sudden! Heavenly. This cock was not gentle in any way it fucked my cunt with no regard for the rest of the body. It pounded. It rammed and it shot it's load quickly. I still came in fact I was still cummin from the joys of Jack fucking me.

"OK?" I nodded again and again and again until I could take no more. Then I took one more cock and demanded it bareback! That load of spunk pushed me so far over the top that I collapsed in a heap on the rug. There was a faint sound of applause as I laid in an exhausted state.

"You OK?" I nodded weakly.

The morning dawned bright and sunny, not that I was awake to see it from the beginning. Jack and I had taken a deep paddle after my mini gang-bang then returned to the caravan for a fuck, cuddle and a very satisfied sleep. When Jack went for his shower in the morning I took a peek in the beach bag. The pack of ten contained only three but my last had been bare-back. Did he have one and take it off or wasn't he given one? Seven or eight? I pondered whether to ask Jack when he returned as I removed the towel to hang on the line. Beneath it was a one of the little bags we use for rubbish. Inside I found seven empty packets and seven spunk filled rubbers with the ends neatly tied together. I searched the bag and checked the towel but was no trace of any other rubbers or wrappers. Eight cocks, only the third night of our holiday and it had been so ridiculously easy!

Each day we went to the beach and set up camp in roughly the same place, both in the morning and the late afternoon when it was a bit cooler but we didn't go to the beach every single night, quite.

No prizes for guessing where we are going on holiday next year!

Love and kisses

Gill xxx