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The Meet in Perth

"I finally get used"

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I am Bi as readers of my stories will know. For years my main gay fantasy has been to be used by a group of fit guys with big cocks, This probably links back to an event in a Clacton cottage about 35 years ago when, during a business trip, I was checking out the cottage, a victorian style brick built loo with 6 stand up urinals and 2 cubicles (equipped with glory holes) and reading the stories on the wall and doors, I had a huge hard-on and had my cock out and stroking at a gentle rhythm when I realised `I was being watched through the hole in the door. I froze and looked at the guy watching me. I turned around then went to open the door to leave. As I opened the door there was a group of about 10-15 guys aged between 18 and 35 and a fit looking guy who appeared to be the leader standing in front wanking a big cock, which looked to be about 10 inches long and really thick. He smiled at me and said nice cock, I looked down and couldn't help being drawn to look at his great cock. I noted he had a steel cock ring on - the first I had seen and was oozing pre-cum. I'm afraid instead of reaching out I chickened out and stepped back into the cubicle locking the door. Never mind said the old guy, we're down on the beach in the huts when you want to come and play! I stopped in the cottage for a few minutes reading and wanking but then drove off once I had seen the gang depart - Oh what a missed opportunity. I have had many a wank over this scenario and my walking across the road down to the beach and into one of the huts where the gang welcome me, removed my clothing and proceeded to lick suck and fuck me, under their control, they grab, wank and stroke me forcing me to kneel and suck their cocks til I take all their seed.

So here we are, I still fantasise but am preparing for a meet with John in Perth. I started this morning showering and. shaving my cock, balls and arse as instructed by John. I fit my three-piece silicon cock ring and am instantly erect, I wank for a few minutes, whipping myself with my wife's belts until my are is glowing red and throbbing, I rub my pre-cum around my cock head and dress in jeans and shirt and set-off for Perth. I park up in the outdoor sports shop on the edge of the ring road and go into the shop. I wander around looking at the outdoor gear and the bikes before going upstairs to look at the rucksacks and back packs as directed by John. I look around wondering if you had turned up, looking to see if one of the guys is John. Suddenly I see you, looking like your picture on SH, you look fit and as I look you catch my eye. I smile nervously and walk toward you. Hi I say nervously, are you John, I'm Steve. I reach out and we shake hands, pleased to meet you you say. Now you do as you are instructed you say. Yes I nervously stammer..Yes what you say, Yes Sir I reply, good that better, now follow me, `you can leave your car here until we are finished with you, is that understood, Yes sir I stammer. Good come on then people are waiting. My cock is pumping against the cockering and bulging for release from my jeans.

We walk to the car park and you unlock your car. Get in the back you say; I open the back door, on the seat is a black blind fold and pair of handcuffs. `get in and put on the blind fold you order. Yes sir I reply crouching down as I do so. Sit up you bark, show everyone what a subservient slave you are ready and willing to serve your master. I sit up slightly, yes sir I say. Better, you reply, hands out. You grab my hands and I feel the cold steel of the hand cuffs locking on my wrists, that's good you say. Thank you sir `I reply, complacent as you clip the handcuffs to the seat in front of me.You start the car and we set off with me completely unaware of where we are. After about 10 minutes we slow down and appear to enter a drive as I can hear gravel under the car. You say nothing and I then hear you dialling on your phone. Hi Its me, yes I have him, he's doing as instructed, looks ``ok and nice bulge in his trousers. Whats that? No I'll ask him..Are you ready `Steve, have you shaved your cock as instructed - Yes sir I reply, `I can hear the other man on the phone laughing and as you hold the phone against my ear he says, good `Steve, you better be prepared as we are all waiting for you and are ready to use you. Are you ready to be used and abused for our pleasure?. I feel completely turned on and my cock is physically aching, yes I say, I can't hear you he says, I shout Yes! Yes What he says, Yes Sir! I shout. You take the phone back and talk to the man on the phone - yes he's ready for punishment he needs to learn his place, we'll warm him up when we get there. See you in 10. I then realise we were not at the destination but had just stopped to call. `I hear you get out of the car, you open the back door and roughly lift up my sweat shirt and I feel cold steel as you apply two nipple clamps, the pain is sharp and intense. `I wince and you tell me not to be so pathetic, these are just to warm up and to teach you a lesson for not being subservient to me or your Alpha Bull. My Alpha Bull? Yes your master who has just been talking to you. `I realise my mistakes and accepted my punishment, This is just the beginning `Steve, you say. There is plenty more to come before you can slink off back to your wife, you say. Yes sir! Thank you Sir! I say. Right are you ready and willing to go `Steve, `yes `sir! I say. We set off......

We park up and you open the car door, unlock the handcuffs from the back seat and pull me from the car. Strip you order, I move slowly and say what here? not inside. `strip you order again and `I will not say it again, if you wish to continue strip now or I'll take you back to your car and you won't hear from us again. `no, `no `I stammer `I'll strip sir and start to remove my sweatshirt and trousers until I am standing in front of you in just my boxers. Everything you shout and `I bend down to remove my shoes and socks and finally my boxer shorts. Stand up you say and there is a sharp pain as you pull on both nipple clamps. I raise my handcuffed hands automatically and you grab the cuffs and pull me forward. `I step forward blindly and feel a gentle stroking across my nipples and down my torso til finally stroking back and forth across my painfully erect cock and balls. As the stroking moves around my body I realise its a whip and don't appreciate that until I hear the swish through the air followed by the sharp crack as the whip makes contact with my naked buttocks. You laugh as you strike my arse again and again until you shout ten. Now bend over and stick your arse out. My painfully throbbing arse is hot and feels like it has been marked ready. You count out loud as you strike me, come on you say they won't count unless you count. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, Thank you `sir, `I wimped. `at 30 you stop whipping. That's enough `John, for now says the voice that I recognise from the phone call as Alpha Bull. Thank you sir I say, Good he says, looks like you found a good one `John, `I think we'll enjoy this one and his cocks not bad, now get him dressed and ready, at least he's shaved his cock and balls eh? Are you ready to serve us as we wish `slut he asks in my ear, yes sir I stammer, standing upright and feeling my cock bouncing against my cock ring. Good says the master give me that John, he says. `I hear the swish and then feel the pain as I receive a firm strike from the whip across my cock and balls. I fall to me knees at the sudden pain. `good says the Master, `I think we are going to have fun with you aren't we Steve, yes sir `I stammer.

On you feet slut you say as you pull on my nipple clamps. I rise to my feet, now for you to get dressed you say. Follow me. This is not easy as I stumble blindfolded behind you. As we get to the door of the house you remove my blindfold. `I am blinded by the light and see back up the drive that we are in the middle of a nice looking housing development and `I had been stripped and whipped on the front lawn almost visible to the path depending on exactly where I was whipped, from the marks on the grass `I believe `I would have been seen. I then realised that `I` could see the path from here which meant anyone on the path could see me. Get a move on `John said another voice from inside the house we have bulls waiting. `I shivered at that as it mean there must be at least three others as well as you `John, as there was the `master plus the voice that just told you to hurry and another. That meant at least 4 cocks waiting to use me! You pulled me into the house, then told me to enter the room on the right. `on entering the room `I saw it was a double bedroom with two doors, looking on the bed `I noted a dog collar. Now. get dressed I hear you say and leave these on. As you said this you pulled on the clamps - I look at you for the first time since we had left the carpark and I saw the wanting in your eyes, you look into my eyes and say are you ready for your wishes to come true, do you want cocks to take you hard and fill and cover you with spunkY Yes Sir I stammer, my cock bouncing in. front of me. Wow eager aren't we Steve, you say, `yes `John `I say, you pull on my nipple clamped - `sir your bark. ``sorry `sir `I say. That's better slut are you ready? Yes Sir Good now get dressed, you look at the bed and I realise you mean the dog collar. `I buckle the collar around my neck, you check it, doing it up one notch tighter. `turn round slut you say, kneel down. I kneel looking away from you. You then come around me and start videoing me, repeat after me slut, you say,I dip my head down and say yes sir! `get your head up you bellow, are you not proud of the Master and all our team, `I jerk my head up, yes `I am sir then raise your head and repeat after me, yes sir `I stammer. I repeat the following: I Steve do willingly give my cock, balls and body to be used by my Master and his team as he wishes, `I will perform any act the master wishes or instructs and will happily suck, lick, fuck, take spunk and swallow or lick and clean up any spunk my Master dictates. `the safe word is......... and if I say it all training or punishments will stop and I will leave never to return, your hands reach to my mouth and you force a ball gag into my mouth fixing it in place, get up!. `good, very good you say. `do these still pinch, yes sir I say, good you say pulling them. `now the safe word, we all use this safe word and we will stop at anytime but if you do, it's over so try to bear it if you can at least until we have used you as our cum dump or some will have come for nothing. `yes sir `I say feeling higher on sexual expectation than ever, good you say pulling on the clamps, you walk in front of me and leave the bedroom via the second door. As I go through the door my mask is replaced as I walk down the corridor. `I experience a room that suddenly goes quiet. My mask is removed so `I can see but all can see me also, In the room. are 10 men all sporting huge cocks that all appear to be dripping pre-cum. There is also one woman who appears to be passing drinks around the 10 males, She is wearing stocking and suspenders and stiletto heeled boots all in black. You note me looking at her, don't worry about her she is the members plaything and is just to supply drinks and to administer punishments ordered by the master or the members. `I realise that all are wearing masks and couldn't be recognised but all would recognise me. `slut come here says a masked man of around 60 who `I recognised as the `master by his voice. `yes `master `I say standing in front of him. `the master smiles and looks at me, `get on your knees now he orders. I drop to the floor looking up at the `master. Better he says, now that is your normal position to assume whenever `I call you is that clear. ~I nod quickly, yes `master I say. `I was now kneeling directly in line with one of the biggest cocks `I have ever seen. at least 10 inches long and very very thick. I can't help but look and lick my lips but managed to look into my new `masters eyes. Master reached down and pulled me up by the clamps as `I stood opposite my master he smiled as he twisted each clamp in turn then removed it. The pain was unbearable as the blood rushed back into my nipples. My Master reached out and pinched, rolled and pulled my nipples, I screamed as the tears rose to my eyes. You stepped forward and whispered in my ears `thank your `master!! Thank you sir, I said looking at the master.

Thats better now to your duty you pathetic slut, how dare you proposition one of my team for your sexual gratification he spits out at me. `I am confused. you don't even remember do you, you approached John in SH and suggested meeting so you could suck his cock. thats pathetic isn't it all, everyone laughed at me and my proposal to John. You are about to find our what its like to be my cockslut and cum dump and to be fucked by your `master now aren't you slave? Well what is it you want slut? I want to suck my `master's cock and balls and to give my arse for my Master to use as he wishes `I say. Why should I want you the master asks, because I am willing to do anything for you sir! Yes you will says the Master, before you leave we will all `fuck and use you and fill you with spunk starting with me, if you perform well I will allow the rest of the team. to use you, now come here slut and kneel before me. `I turn and willingly kneel before my `master whose cock appears to have grown thicker. The Master steps to the side and reveals a whipping horse, I start to shake with the sexual tension and see the girl I had watched earlier approach the Master. Get on the horse shouted my new master. I did as instructed, secure the buckles Yvonne said the Master. I saw the patent leather black boots move around the horse as Yvonne buckled me in. The Master turned to Yvonne and said you have earned 20 lashes of whichever whip you choose....Yvonne said Thank you `master and selected two and laid them in front of me, one was a mini cat and the other was a medium sized cane. Aha good choice said the Master, No I won't be doing the whipping says the Master, although you will wish it was me later once Yvonne finishes with you. At that I felt sharp pains across my buttocks as Yvonne brought the CAT down for its first whipping, followed by another and another, count you slut screamed Yvonne. I did as instructed starting again at One..Two...three... and so on until 10,,Thank you. This was quickly followed by sharp and firm use of the can, 10 red wheals raised across my buttocks and brought tears to my eyes. When Yvonne had finished the room applauded and the Master commented on a job well done. The master turned to you and said Well Done John, you made a good recommendation, lets see how his cock sucking and fucking skills compare to others. Thank you Master you say unbuckling me from the horse. `I rub my painful arse which is boiling and feels red raw, right slut kneel in front of the Master and prepare for your reward. I move around in front of the master, Open Wide he says, as instructed I open my mouth against the ball gag which Yvonne removes from my mouth. The Master moves towards me and. says open wider you slut. Now you will suck my cock but not make me cum yet that is for your arse this time under stood? Yes master I say eagerly licking my lips as I grab my new master's cock, starting at his balls I lick up the sides of his glorious cock covering this wonderful cock in saliva for later I lick higher and higher until I am dipping my tongue into the font of pre-cum sitting on the top of my masters cock head, I open wider as I just manage to get that fantastic purple head into my mouth. `I then start to bob up and down on that glorious cock encouraged by my masters moans, groans and heavy breathing. `that's it you slut says the Master suck it slut, as I move up and down that shaft I notice everyone has gathered closely around and are chanting suck it, suck it, suck it.... I move faster and faster until I judge the master is about to shoot when I stop, the Master slaps my arse cheeks all over and exclaims that was excellent you cock sucker but now time for you to be taken. `I suddenly realise why the Master doesn't want me to suck him off, he was saving his cock for my arse and intended to take me now. `I started to tremble and shake. The Master turned to you and said prepare him for my cock John, I intend to take him shortly and quickly then the rest of you can use him as you wish, starting with you, that's an order.

You said thank you Master and turned to me, get on the horse now, you say, its no good looking nervous what did you think was going to happen who did you think would be first to fuck you? I lay on the horse with members of the team kneeling at each corner ready to hold me in position. Meanwhile you instructed Yvonne to lubricate my arsehole ready to be stretched and taken by my master. You approached the master and said slave Steve is ready for you now sir. Good you say, you walk around the horse talking to the team, are you all ready to hold this slut down. yes they replied, you two the Master said selecting the two team members with the biggest cocks, kneel at his mouth, slut you will suck those two cocks while `I fuck you and you will ensure they come as I do and I want you to take all their spunk, understood. Yes Master I stammer preparing for the onslaught;aught I know will be coming. I feel my new master approach the horse, kneeling on it. OK Yvonne, I am ready the Master says, Yvonne approaches with lubricant which she adds to that in my arse and then covers the Master's cock in it and guides the Masters huge cock towards my arse. Thats it Yvonne, come on `Steve you slut, push back as I take you. ``I feel the weight of the master on me and start to feel the pressure on my arsehole from that enormous glorious cock. The pressure builds as the Master's cock burrows into me, it feels OK initially just an extra pressure in a not too painful way but then, ``ready Slut said the Master, here I come....``with that there was a tremendous pain as my Master pushed into my arse hole and started to stretch my arse, I thought he would start to withdraw but no he pushed in. further and faster starting to build a rhythm and push in deeper and deeper and so the pain built father and father but then he stopped and started to withdraw and I` started to push back against him, wanting my master to continue stretching me, then I got my wish as my master started to stretch me again and again faster and faster he took me, with now a pleasant mix of pain and pleasure,, Thats it I screamed , `oh glorious, the `master then started to roar, take that you slut fuck me harder and faster, push back you slut. ``we built up a fantastic rhythm fucking each other harder and harder, how is that slut screamed our Master, prepare to be my cum slut are you ready for my spunk bitch?. Yes sir please fuck me, give me your load, Here it comes slut beg for it, please sir let me have your spunk, please fill me with your seed. The Master grew in my arse, I felt his cock expand then squirt 6 or 7 loads of fresh spunk directly into my arse `I felt the masters hands around my hips pulling me onto him, here it comes you slut and he gave one final thrust, at this stage the two guys feeding their cocks unto my mouth wanked info my mouth saying open wide slut here comes your mouth full and both spunked into my mouth just as the master unloaded and pumped my arse full of spunk. The `master slowed down then his cock withdrew from my arse. At that Yvonne approached the master and licked his cock clean then proceeded to lick the masters spunk dribbling from my hole. Once the excess was cleaned up you approached me from behind John and started to rub your cock against my arsehole. `I've waited a long tome to give you this you say and pull me back onto you ramming your 9 inch cock straight into my arse,,,```what followed was a great 3 hours of solid fucking as 10 great cocks all took turns to fill my arse with spunk and `I loved it.

`However this story has already got too long so I` shall have to save the rest for another day if you want to.

Written by steve8

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