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  • By ROB 25 Nov 2015 07:28
  • Fact

I had slumped back into the chair after cumming all over the glass top table. Chrissie who was staring at the blobs of cum suddenly stood up pulled a tissue from her pocket and started mopping it up. Ruth said 'leave it I will clean up later'. Chrissie looked at the sodden tissue, dripping with my cum and after some thought put it back in her pocket. 'I must go' she said and with a glance at each of us disappeared through the garden gate. I packe… Read more...

How i released my sexual desires


A little about myself I am 23 and work as an accountant in a small firm along with 9 others. I was brought up by strong church going family and when I went to university I was a virgin and had never even kissed a boy. I only wore white cotton bras 32C white cotton full briefs. I only wore Black or navy trousers and jumpers or skirt below the knee and jumpers.
As I started university I had a very quiet and lonely freshers week as I st… Read more...

Looking for a stranger


We tried to arrange a meet but was a last minute thing. So we went out looking for a srager. We were having a good time dancing and drinking. Sian loves dancing gets her in the mood. So after an hour or so she needed to go to ladies I told her to lose her knickers. She came back putting them in my pocket I knew this was the signal I needed. After another few dances I left her to go to the toilet. I knew she was horny and would go for it if offere… Read more...

Derek Again

  • By over the bar 24 Nov 2015 21:26
  • Fact

I enjoyed my recollection of the escapade to the capital to see Rocky Horror. I was surprised at the clarity and amount I remembered especially as I have a lousy memory for names and events these days. the past comes to life in far greater detail as I write. Having even enjoyed rereading it myself, I felt a twitch in my trollies as I recalled Derek in heaven as he fucked my wife, Di.

Derek looms large again in this recollection of dust stre… Read more...

The Bitch - Off the leash


The Bitch – Off the leash

It's been a bit busy as you will discover so I'm a bit behind, sorry. This follows straight after the episode published 15th November. . . .

“OK,” I said as she knelt before me, worked my trousers and boxers down then took my growing cock into her mouth, “how many cocks did you get? Let's start with fucked and if you sucked them as well tell me. Then how many full blow-jobs swallowed. Can do?”

She thou…

Something in the water

  • By Ablemale 24 Nov 2015 13:26
  • Fact

This is a true account of the company where I worked back in the early 90s. This was a manufacturing company based in West Yorkshire, with a large warehouse of mainly male employees a few female , and the offices mainly female in a variety of ages and sizes. Myself (27at the time )I was in the production department and had the opportunity to work closely with all areas( shop floor, sales, purchasing, administration and accounts)

The reference …

sex at the cinema

  • By ael 24 Nov 2015 01:04
  • Fact

Being separated from my wife, has given me the freedom to indulge in many of the away breaks and to visit places that she would never dream of venturing into.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Huddersfield, staying in a lovely B&B.

A must for me was to visit the cinema. It was Monday evening as I entered the darkened main cinema and noticed that there were a number of guys, some sitting some standing, all apparently waiting for somet… Read more...

Which one?

  • By Craig 24 Nov 2015 00:49
  • Fact

Bi- sexual as a young man, I remained straight until divorced ( wife shagging babysitter) since when, now 46, I 've been mainly gay. But now, I'm in a quandry, and here's why- I'm going out with 2 men, and probably need to decide between them-I can't manage 2 on the go.

First on the scene, I'll call him Barry, I met at the gym, and I remember him from way back. We always went at roughly the same time, 8-10, me most nights and him twice a week … Read more...

Crossing Boundaries with Liquid Gold

  • By TrannyToBe.... 23 Nov 2015 23:25
  • Gay

Saturday, November 7th, this year was a pinnacle point in my sex life. I finally raised enough courage to live out a slutty fantasy I've nurtured since I was a child. For the last 26 years I'd fantasized about this, and although I'd had some timid gay encounters in cottages and public toilets over the years, I've never had the nerve to go that last step and feel someone's big hot hard bareback cock inside me. I was determined this time I would go… Read more...

Husbands Mistake

  • By Junes Husband 23 Nov 2015 10:47
  • Fact

So I have to say from the outset of this story, that I dont consider myself weird, or any kind of fetish merchant, what happened was certainly a mistake on my part, a major one, and maybe hinged on a weakness of mine, that I didnt know existed.
Normal day, mid morning, June my wife down in the town at aerobics. I was late up and had just showered: June had been washing, so I put some stuff away, including some of her underwear, just the usual da… Read more...

Pregnant at doctors

My wife and I decided to try for a baby.
She is in her 30's brunette average boobs, child bearing hips and tight wet fanny.
She made an appointment at the local surgery to have her contraceptive implant removed from her arm.
The date came and she sat down in the doctors surgery.
The female doctor called her through and explained the procedure would involve a local anaesthetic in her arm, remove the implant then have an examination to make sur… Read more...


I was on business in Manchester, and had decided to stay in the hotel attached to the Old Trafford cricket ground. I had a balcony facing onto the pitch and was able to watch the match. I had arranged meetings to take place on the balcony during the day, so business could be combined with pleasure. I was wearing my suit, with a blue shirt and yellow tie. Not an unusual combo for me, but important for the story.
Whilst on the balcony waiting for …

I Wish


Fantasy time.
I was relaxing whilst reading here on SH, reclined on my sofa gently rubbing my pussy through my panties.
I must have drifted off to sleep, because what I'm about to tell is a fantasy played out in role play during our date nights.

I was on a bed. Tied by my hands above my head to the headboard, in just hold up stockings, black heels blindfolded.
My husband gently tickling my body with something soft.
Every now and again I would…

Wives will fuck

  • By Peter 23 Nov 2015 03:07
  • Fact

My wife is now getting used to being gangbanged, but as I said she didn't really enjoy being gangbanged by strangers at a party we attended. Did enjoy being gangbanged by Cliff, Phil, Dave, Ivor and Clem.
We hadn't had a threesome for awhile but I asked her if she wanted fucking again. Although having experienced threesomes and gangbanged she still came across as a very demure and quiet female. Our sex life had improved immensely, she was less … Read more...


  • By James Gonas 22 Nov 2015 23:27
  • Fact

I was young, 18 and I had my first Passionate Affair. I had had a little bit of sexual experience before all of which was a bit lacking. This was different. This was that big Romance. We stayed up all night sharing things we had never shared with anyone before. We had this new experience. We felt so close, it was a Romance, we fucked, we talked, we experimented with our bodies, we learnt things together. There was like this immense honesty wh… Read more...

The Husband The Wife & Her Lover !


Having spoken to Paul a few times and few cancelled meets, finally we get to arrange a meet. We met and had a good chat and banter. Entertaining evening, with a spice of surprises ☺ . Sue went upstairs to get ready first.

Few moments later, I walked up the stairs quite excited following the husband. Noticing the atmosphere relaxed with candle lights all the way up. We entered the room and to my delight I noticed a wonderful figure on t… Read more...

the follow up

  • By trainer 22 Nov 2015 11:53
  • Fact

Oh now where am I now, I told you last week How my step-sons gf had caught me wanking into her dirty knicks and how she’d got me to lick her to satisfaction. All week I’ve been expecting something to be said by someone, but as the week has gone on so I’ve relaxed a bit.
So last night, my and I were watching tv, Gill was working and son had gone to the pub with his mates. Around 9:30 my wife went to bed, I helped her then returned to watch … Read more...

Just a message to the Admin !

  • By Jocksock 22 Nov 2015 10:29
  • Fact

Just so you know Guys ! There is now a glitch/bug on the stories where when you ope a story it takes you to the end of the story instead of the start of the tale !!! Just in case no one else tells you !!! Cracking stories though so keep up the great work!!!
Jocksock…

Divorced Mum Needs Sex

  • By Divorced Mum 22 Nov 2015 07:30
  • Fact

I'm a 40-year old divorced working mum and it's been months since I had a date and even longer since I've had an orgasm while being laid. Lately, I've been relieving myself to the image of son John's well built 19-year old best mate who subtly eyes me whenever he's here, and about whom I've been guiltily fantasizing. It's Saturday afternoon right after lunch and I've just finished drying the dishes when I hear a knock on the kitchen door and see … Read more...

Two cocks

  • By Steve 22 Nov 2015 00:29
  • Fact

About 6 months ago I decided to try, at last, another man and met Bob via a local contact mag. Bob's divorced, 62, actively bisexual though without a current partner, and lives alone about 5 miles away- convenient, and after chatting a few times, me putting it off probably, I was nervous now, I went round to his house after work one evening unsure to say the least. I turned round half a dozen times but eventually took the plunge and rang the bel… Read more...

Derek with Di

  • By over the bar 21 Nov 2015 22:10
  • Fact

Thankyou for the lovely feedback, I tried to make things as accurate as possible but as you might have guessed we were talking about the early eighties when the amazing occurrence which culminated in our very first threesome happened. Its impact was incredible. Di began to become far more prepared to engage in scenarios where sex was on the cards. She was now regularly having some fun with Derek, a fellow footballer from the team I represented.… Read more...

first cock 1986

  • By susiecd 21 Nov 2015 16:50
  • TV

going back quite a long time, before internet and mobile phones,we had contact mags
kept in touch with an old guy in his 60s married, rang him at his local pub
after a good year we met in oct 1980, his name was brian. i was then a young slim tranny, size 10 dress and long long slim legs, real tight ass
brian was in a layby near cannock chase, i walked to his car nervously and got in, he was as he said a large built guy with glasses, he stroked… Read more...

Wifes first meeting with extra cock.

  • By Rampant cock 21 Nov 2015 11:45
  • Fact

This is what is happening Today, as I type this my 50 year old wife is on her way to meet a Guy for what could be an afternoon of sex.
Bit of background to how this came about.
We are a happily married couple in our early 50 kids left home all the usual stuff, sex life is good , we watch porn togerther talk about our fantasy,s, me having her be fucked by some other guy and having the pleasure of cleaning up her well fucked pussy afterwards, Her… Read more...

My wife and Derek

  • By over the bar 21 Nov 2015 00:29
  • Fact

I was married to Diane and we were very happy together, I was working and had a flat in town, met Diane and fell hopelessly in love with everything, beautiful face, great sense of humour and she loved being with my mates. As she had met me one day whilst on a trip to our city, she was a once in a lifetime meeting. We married within six months and were ecstatic. Sex every day and twice or even three times if we could. We discussed everything s… Read more...

First ( but not last ) time

  • By Tim 21 Nov 2015 00:26
  • Gay

I'd always reckoned I was slightly bi, liked looking at the guys in the showers etc but, married, and happily, never did anything about it - i'm now 49.

But, now , briefly, working away at times, I have access to a flat - and decided to make a move. I put an ad in the personal column of a local advertising paper - along with a load of similar. " First-timer looking for gay or bi man, inexperienced, tel: ......". Got a txt almost immediately - … Read more...

From flashing to dressing like a slut

  • By Zerodog 20 Nov 2015 18:57
  • Fact

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about my wife flashing at a Halloween party. This is the latest thing she has done. (his might be tame, but still a turn on for me).T
A few days after Halloween we decided to go out for a nice meal. I was in the shower whilst she was getting ready to go out. When I walked into the bedroom, I got an instant hard-on. She was stood there dressed in her knee high, 4 inch heeled boots, Black leather, mid thigh l… Read more...

kitchen billabong

  • By biged 20 Nov 2015 18:30
  • Fact

This happened a couple of weeks back im married but like a lot of guys i like to suck cock ive got a friend who likes the same he often calls around if my wifes out shopping and he either sucks me or me him, he called in the other day but wife was home and had a friend round well as they both smoke they went just outside the back door sitting under the kitchen window looking down the garden, just for a laugh i looked at him an said give me a qjic… Read more...

My wife's photographs

  • By Maverick diver 20 Nov 2015 15:11
  • Fact

I can't say that this is the wildest thing that you will read, and it's not the wildest thing I've ever done, but it's true and it makes me horny when I remember it.

I've always liked my wife, let's call her Carol, to dress in skimpy outfits, risking revealing too much and she's happy to oblige so long as there's nobody around that she's likely to ever see again. On this occasion we were on holiday in and around Las Vegas, using Vegas as our b… Read more...

Babysitting fuck

  • By indiangirl07 20 Nov 2015 11:18
  • Fact

I'm laying in bed all naked , just having cum with my vibrator and addicted to reading all the stories on this newly discovered site. Having just relocated with my parents, both docs, to Hertfordshire, due to their new jobs at the local hospital . I'm 24 years in between jobs , Indian, 5ft 4, short brunette hair and desperately needing of regular cock .
At uni , back in Manchester and at work , I have numerous bf's , and my last few been eit… Read more...

Fucking the wife's Bestie

  • By Jocksock 20 Nov 2015 10:02
  • Fact

A nice evening out at our local bar with my wife, her best friend and her best friends boyfriend ! The drinks flowed and we had a few dances me with T the wife's friend and the wife with her boyfriend who happened to be a young coloured lad, which surprised the wife and I , as T had never gone black before !!! Anyway as the night progressed, we ended up back at our house and continued to drink and dance ! With the conversation getting round to wh… Read more...