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  • By Andt T 28 Jul 2016 17:43
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Just another update for those of you who follow my stories. The last time I wrote I told you that I have high hopes for my new client. Unfortunately I tried my best but all I got was an occasional flash of her tiny tits. Like I said, it doesn’t always work out and sometimes I go for weeks without a new fuck. I do however have my regulars.
My wife and I divorced several years ago, she remarried to a bit of a dick head and sometimes whilst … Read more...

  • By Lucky man 28 Jul 2016 16:06
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This tale goes back to the late 1980s, when I was 21 years old. My mum had a friend who was 12 or 13 years older than me. She was single with 3 kids and had been married a couple of times. Not bad looking, blondish hair, decent figure and I guess all along I had my eye on her. There were often the odd lines exchanged if she phoned up or called in to see my Mum but nothing you could class as serious.

One evening, my mum went out with this f… Read more...

  • By Jane 28 Jul 2016 15:50
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I'd met with my old man a couple of times and as I said before he found it difficult to get hard so he was going to get some Viagra. Anyway after a couple of weeks he texted me and told me that he had some and when was I free. We arranged a date and I got dressed in some sexy clothes and turned up at his about 8 in the evening. I had told my husband I was meeting some friends in town but wouldn't be long.
He opened the door and we kissed and I n… Read more...

  • By Sandy 28 Jul 2016 08:10
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Ian and I have been hovering on the edges of the scene for over a year now. Last weekend I took a first step for us both.

Ian has had this cuckold fantasy going for age. We talk about it. I tell him what I would let men do to me f I had chance. I suppose the next step is to tell him what a man actually did to me when he he got chance.

We’d gone to this house party. People from his rock climbing club. I didn’t know many of the guest. Jus… Read more...

  • By Lucky 27 Jul 2016 22:22
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We have a true hot marriage. My wife is a slut, she knows that, says that about herself and is proud of it. I love having a slut for a wife. The benefits far out way any normal dull marriage. Sometimes that means a MFM threesome, sometimes that means she fucks other guys while I watch, and sometimes she plays alone. We're both deeply in love with each other and we mutually enjoy our (or her) activities.

Recently Sue, my wife had arranged an i…

Another long one I'm afraid. I hope you enjoy.

A big thank you to those who made the favourable comments on the second part of my adventure into sex with strangers published on 22nd July 2016. We did enjoy reading them. The story so far in a tiny nutshell. I 'pulled' a stranger on the beach, he fucked me doggy then we went to his for some more before returning to the beach to be 'discovered' by my husband. It's now later that night, I'm in bed… Read more...

  • By John's Slut 27 Jul 2016 18:01
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I love fishing. Went with my Dad when I was little and was soon hooked. Joined the club and became a 'Sprat'. There were seven of us, Me, John, Brian, Kevin, Steve, Michael and Neil. We were all mad keen on fishing. We did everything. Rivers, sea, fly, lakes and night fishing, I loved night fishing. I went with my Dad to start with then as I got older, with other members of the club and sometimes alone.

John suggested a Sprat re-union. I was …

  • By Lucky guy 27 Jul 2016 16:53
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I have been together with my fiancée for nearly ten years. We first got together when she was married to a guy that hated to let her out of his sight which basically drove her away.
Not long after we started seeing each other we went through the stages of talking about fantasies and what we each would like to try. Like most young guys I said I would love to experience two women having watched them enjoying each other first. This took less than… Read more...

  • By Billy 27 Jul 2016 15:24
  • Gay

Last week with all the hot sunshine I decided to take the day off the wife was away for a couple of days so I was free to get the motor bike out and head towards the beach. I have heard about the beach near Studland so decided that would be my destination .
Hour and a half later I was parking the bike at the side of the road putting a chain through arms of my jacket and securing my crash helmet to the wheel of the bike I found the track that le… Read more...

  • By jackie 27 Jul 2016 15:11
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I lost my virginity 40 years ago to a mate of my Dads it was unexpected after all he was a lot older but I was ready to have it taken and to be honest thought it would be to my then boy friend.
It was a sunny Sunday morning I was woken to my Mother saying they were of to my grandmothers and Dad had left a file on the kitchen table and Jim from his work was calling in to pick it up. I lay there going over what had happened last night, i went to… Read more...

  • By Klopperoo 27 Jul 2016 14:48
  • Gay

I was sat in the sauna with about 4 other guys, my cock semi hard with the thrill of being naked amongst so many other people. A new guy opens the door and enters the sauna, he sees a space next to me, walks over and sits down.
He leant back against the sauna wall, i noticed him looking at my cock. We made eye contact and gave a half smile to each other. He then touched himself a little before asking if he could touch me. I told him "sure" an… Read more...

  • By juicemonkey 27 Jul 2016 13:12
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Hi this is another spin off from Keighley market toilets . I was a van driver delivering to certain places in the Liverpool / Manchester area , travelling back along the M62 on day the sign for the services came into view , as it was only 3pm i thought i would try it out to see if there was any cock action going , as i entered the urinals were on the right , turning left there was a row of 5 or 6 cubicles on my left and 1 cubicle and what i thoug… Read more...

  • By Ryan 27 Jul 2016 08:10
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Yep, it’s official. Another new dick has been in my wife and I love it!
Been together 4 years and married 3. I knew what she was like from when we met. We hooked up at a party and she fucked me and some other guy that night. She liked me and my dick and we fucked lots more and moved in together. But she always had other dicks when she wanted.

I have been with her but we both like her to do it without me and then come to me.
All I can thi…

  • By timmy 26 Jul 2016 16:25
  • Gay

After months of being a toy to John pete and don and variours other men all in there 60s and 70s , I decided it was time to try and get back with my girlfriend as much as I enjoyed being groped , sucked and sexually abused by old men I did miss the feel of a nice pair of tits and the taste of a wet pussy , after a few phone calls and a couple of bunches of flowers Sarah moved back in with me and all was good , the sex was fantastic , one sunday m… Read more...

  • By Young soldier 26 Jul 2016 14:06
  • Gay

I was in the Army in the 1970's, fit and (i thought) straight.

During my training as a mechanic, I would drive from Bordon in Hampshire to my parents home in Bristol along the M4.

I was driving home one Friday evening when I felt the need to pee, although I was only about 11 miles from home, I could not wait, so I left the motorway at J18. At the roundabout I saw a sign for public toilets so I headed for them. There were several cars in th… Read more...

  • By huggym 25 Jul 2016 20:30
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It might seem odd to go to an adult cinema at lunchtime on a warm sunny say but previous experience has shown that this was a very good time to go. Wearing just shorts, no underwear, and a shirt that opens easily I arrived at the nearby station and with my cock growing in anticipation I walked down the hill and under a bridge and slipped in to the cinema. After the bright sunlight my eyes took a while to adjust and then I could see that I was not… Read more...

So to continue from where I left off yesterday,the state of play is C down to her fantastic matching underware,lacy hold ups and heels,me now down to just my boxers and socks (they'll have to go!) and D down to his boxers and now laying on the bed.
He pats the bed next to him and calls C over to join him,C holds on to my hand and leads the way.Wait hold it right there orders D would you please help my wife remove what remains of her clothing,gla… Read more...

  • By Peter T 25 Jul 2016 15:21
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Hello All. I’m Peter, I’m 35 and my wife Angela is 32. We holiday regularly in Spain where we have a villa. We have a great sex life and if you saw my wife you would understand. We met when I was travelling to the states and she was part of the cabin crew in first class. I asked her for a drink whilst we were both in New York. We had two drinks and spent the whole evening in my hotel room fucking.
She is stunning with long ginger hair, a…

  • By Mark 25 Jul 2016 12:20
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A Wife’s Revenge Day 14 in Jamaica (part 1)
I was pleased as I woke up knowing this was our last day here before flying home tomorrow, I just couldn’t wait to get on that plane, if they said we could go today I would have gone at once.
Sally woke not long after I did, she turned to me saying ‘morning Mark’, acting like nothing happen last night, ‘you were a right dirty slut last night’ I told her, she giggled replying ‘I know, but… Read more...

  • By Happy husband 25 Jul 2016 11:39
  • Fact

One of Donna's best "adventures" wasn't planned.

We went to her cousin's wedding and really weren't expecting anything to happen. Then we met Toby. he was 18 and the brother of the groom. He was just what Donna likes; young and fit.

At the reception she told me she was wet just looking at Toby but she knew she would never have him.

When we went to our room that night she insisted I fuck her hard and she would call me Toby. I went down o… Read more...

  • By Funinthesun1111 24 Jul 2016 21:08
  • Fiction

My husband and I always look forward to the film nights we have with Jay. We both enjoy it if I dress a bit sexily to try to tempt his eyes to look at my cleavage in a plunging top or my peachy round bum in a tight pencil skirt but he is very honorable and manages, against the odds, to maintain eye contact the whole time we talk. He has been a good friend of my husband's since school and I have known him since we were 17 years old. He is a kind, … Read more...

After being on this site for sometime I had given up hope.That was until 3 weeks ago when I received a message out of the blue from a husband fairly local to me,he explained briefly that he and his wife C were looking for the ideal candidate for their first threesome and asked whether I had any experience,and if I had any ideas on how,where and when etc.
I answered his initial message saying honestly no I hadn't any experience,but would assure t… Read more...

So next Paul's lifted Julie's leather mini up and starts rubbing her soaking pussy,I'm in heaven watching my naughty girl having the time of her life, he turns her round and starts fucking her from behind,she's screaming harder while I start sucking on her nipples and kissing her , it's not long before Paul comes not before Julie instructs him she wants in her mouth so there's my lovely wife with his spunk dribbling done her chin ,saying ur tur… Read more...

  • By Plain Jane Veronica 24 Jul 2016 14:20
  • Fact

At last a chance to write a decent story for you guys, it's a bit long and slow to start with but bear with me it is worth it well I think it is, but i do hope that you enjoy it. At the time this happened I was 22 ish about 30 years ago Christ really. This happened before dogging was known as dogging.Christ knows what it would have been called back then. So to set the scene it was the early 1980's the west coast of Scotland. About a year before i… Read more...

  • By soulmate2 24 Jul 2016 12:27
  • Fact

Lowering myself down between Karen's opened thighs, paused for a moment with the head of my hard cock pressing gentle to open her warm moist pussy, no thoughts now of guilt, from the night before, taking advantage of her when she was drunk, thoughts only of pleasure, little did i know of what the future would bring with this young attractive sexy, willing 19yr old.
Looking down at this lovely young women, her long black hair spread across th… Read more...

  • By NeUk 24 Jul 2016 06:59
  • Fact

I'd chatted to Katy on line for few months now ,I was 34 single own place she 36 married looking for a friend we arranged a meet her husband would drop her at mine for whole night pick her up in morning .
the night came a silver bmw stopped at my gate I got my first look at her as she walked down the path ,best described as younger carol kirkwood the weather presenter for hair figure in thigh high black dress knee high boots as I opened the do… Read more...

  • By sexy sue 24 Jul 2016 06:00
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Eddie my BF had arranged for us to visit old friends last weekend - there's Billy now nearly sixty and Brenda about 56-
I have known them for years - Brenda was my first real girlfriend, an absolute joy with sex, we played in many places some times just for the scare factor of being caught, in the cold weather we used Brenda's transit van, with mattress and blankets it was a fun place to fuck _I use to let Billy have an occasional fuck - it wa… Read more...

  • By Cum up her 24 Jul 2016 03:39
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I have just watched my wife get fucked and have her pussy filled with cum.
Wearestaying at a friends house for a party and my wife is lying on the bed with her pussy, which was filled with come and I licked clean after me watching her get fucked by a guy called Mick.
Mick is a builder and he has a decent sized cock which he has just used to spurt large dollops of his spunk up my wife's pussy. She is now lying on the bed with her pussy licked cl… Read more...

  • By Creampie Surprise 24 Jul 2016 01:25
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We have just got back home after having a wonderful party afternoon and evening and Chellle is now upstairs fast asleep with her pusssy filled with four guys come with some more of mine to follow.
She was a proper slut bucket tonight and enjoyed four cocks up her pussy and one in her mouth at the party that I know of. I know she enjoyed fucking a guy called Dave earlier on as I was otherwise engaged with his wife Angela for some time in the ba… Read more...

  • By Steve 24 Jul 2016 00:03
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I met Ruby at work. I am 46 and she is 32. When we met we were both married, to other people. Her husband pretty much ignored her and my marriage had effectively been over for years. I think for Ruby it was the attention that she liked. I loved her well before she knew about it. She liked me but I think she liked the thought of being at the centre of someone's world even more. And that is how it was for me.

Ruby is a beautiful woman. S…