well there i was a strapping mid 20s guy having my bi-monthly session with my Pro Domme mistress.
she was quite old about 50 but very experienced and understood my needs, but sometimes she would take me further.
Anyhow there i was in a rubber hood, vest, long gloves and open crotch cycle shorts,
i had been moved from her strap horse and made to lie down on her leg spreading bench, as i was starpped in place mistress would allow her rubber clad… Read more...

  • Written by Lesanelnar 17 Jun 2018, 14:01
  • Fact

I'm in my early 40s now and have spent years exploring myself, especially my boipussy. Now it's even more exciting and pleasurable for me to fuck my ass than it is to masturbate with my cock.

But that's not really something you can tell anyone, so I'd buy sex toys when I went out of town for work, had wonderful fun in the hotel room by myself, then hide or throw away my stuff when I got home so my wife wouldn't find out.

A few years ago I…

  • Written by Michael 17 Jun 2018, 06:03
  • Swinging

We have been married for forty years and apart from a drunken wife-swap party many years ago we have been boringly faithful. As would be expected after all these years, sex has become infrequent although my wife has indicated that she would be prepared to try anything that might invigorate our sex life. We have discussed online swinging sites but have never got round to it.

Just recently I was in the town and whilst using the public toilet I… Read more...

  • Written by Marty 16 Jun 2018, 12:17
  • Gay

I run, to keep fit and also to give me a reason to be hanging around scheluded car parks. I’ve seen men alone in cars anxiously watching to see if I’m up for it. I’ve always resisted and got cod feet. But one night, I arrived at the meet up point for our running club, no one there, cancelled due to the weather. I sensed that tonight might be my night for other experience to take place. I ran to the car park where the guys meet. Empty. Dam… Read more...

  • Written by Nick & Eva 16 Jun 2018, 11:42
  • Fact

When Eva came home from work after I had watched her two latest ‘events’ on her sun lounger, she was a bit subdued. She had actually invited Clive, our next door neighbour, down to join her, although she had denied him the ultimate. As I say, she was subdued but, when she realised I wasn’t going to hit the roof, she became more confident.

We talked about it …… we made love, very passionately I might add …… and we talked some more… Read more...

  • Written by Lucky John 16 Jun 2018, 09:19
  • Fact

This happened about 8 years ago when we were in our late 20s, we were friends with an old school friend of mine and his newish wife (3 years married to our 8) and decided we'd all go on holiday together to Crete.

To cut to the action we were having a great holiday and my friends wife, Karen started to go topless on the beach, there was no way I could ignore her stunning nipples, they were enormous, she had big nipples, far bigger than my wife… Read more...

  • Written by Baron 15 Jun 2018, 23:55
  • Fact

I contacted Gordon on another site .we chatted and exchanged photos .
Arrived at his house as arranged at 8pm .by 8.05 was naked with Gordon 's cock in n my arse for the next 2 hrs he pounder me with his bareback cock. My arse in the air my head buried in the bed .
He used long slow strokes till he finally cum in me… Read more...


"Its now or never" i think as i watch my girl get stuck in to our new friend.
We met a chick, got on fine and before we knew what was happening, youre in each others arms, feasting off of each others lust. The lights are low, for mood. The curtains are drawn and im sat in my chair, sat watching the unfolding paradise in front of me. You take her top off and reveale a large pair of smooth looking breasts. You take each one into your hand, then yo… Read more...

  • Written by Jane 15 Jun 2018, 14:01
  • Fact

Sorry about having to run off ,but one of the consequences of my new life is that I wear a butt plug . I didn’t have it in whilst I was writing and I sneezed!
I was led up to the table and I spread my coat on it ,then bent over it ,with my head clear on the other side . I was aware of more arriving as zips were pulled down and pricks appeared in front of me . Another group were busy behind me and I felt fingers exploring my holes .
A prick …

  • Written by Charlie 15 Jun 2018, 14:00
  • Swinging

Just an update on Janet’s holiday with Dave, Donna, Jason and Sally. I could not go due to a prearranged course that I needed to go on. They arrived and settled into their hotel. Janet was booked in with Dave and Donna but was going to spend some nights with Jason and Sally. So on the first night after a few drinks Janet spent the night with Dave and Donna in their room. She had her pussy licked and sucked by Donna and then fucked by Dave. The… Read more...

  • Written by Jane 15 Jun 2018, 11:46
  • Fact

Hi , I am on this site to have fun . I am late thirties ,medium height and told good looking , no tummy and nice legs . I must look a goer , because men are always coming on to me , but although tempted I use to be 100% faithful , as I thought that is what marriage is all about . I enjoy sex and I thought I gave Brian a good time. . I refused anal , but everything else was fine . This was not enough for him though and he was always pushing b… Read more...

  • Written by Anon 14 Jun 2018, 21:58
  • Fact

I don’t want to go into too much detail as there are men on here it concerns, but really this is about my wife. She went out with her friend one night and everything changed. We had talked about her going with someone new, a stranger for meaningless sex. Well we both decided it’s now or never. At our age we aren’t too old, I hope, but not too young. In our 40s and still looking great. Sex for us is great too but, why not try something new. … Read more...

  • Written by Jill 14 Jun 2018, 20:16
  • Fact

My husband left his iPad when he had to rush off to an emergency and I grabbed it to see what took his interest so much . I was not very surprised to find that he was reading stories on this site . It occurred to me that I could use it to let him into a secret I had kept from him for some years .
He was the adventurous one in all aspects of life especially sex and when he had got used to me going along with his dress plans for me , he became ob… Read more...

I'm squatting in the middle of his cold cement basement floor, just over the drain in his laundry room, sitting back on my high heels. The 4" spike heels he insists I wear now around the house, wobble in them and get whipped for it, walking or squatting. He says a 'lady-like' little bitch should know how to wear high heel shoes.

Leather, padded restraints that buckle at the outsides of my ankles hold a two foot wide spreader bar between them,… Read more...

Rob, Deb and Sue – Playtime
You may want to read our previous post on the preparations for our summer cruise and our first swinging encounter for this all to make sense. To summarise we met Rob and Deb whilst out shopping and ended up having a great evening of sex with them.

We kept in contact with Rob and Deb after our encounter and respective cruise holidays, we spoke about meeting up around Christmas for a weekend in the country however … Read more...

Recommendations are usually the best way forward and this was no exception.

I had been thinking a massage was needed when I was given the details of a young European masseuse, a quick text to enquire about services offered and how much was followed by the response I was interested in.

A massage and hand relief for a very agreeable amount, I then enquired as to whether it was a naked massage to which the immediate response was yes for an ex… Read more...

  • Written by Nick & Eva 14 Jun 2018, 11:06
  • Fact

In my first posting, I told you about how my wife, Eva, had begun masturbating while she was sunbathing in the garden, watched by Clive, our next door neighbour, from their back bedroom window. Eva had agreed to being filmed while she masturbated, and I had built up quite a library of occasions from the camera concealed on our spare bedroom window ledge. Clive, and his wife, Celia, are a lot older than us, probably late sixties, so it seemed an u… Read more...

Many years ago I worked in Bosnia....... after some time of leading a very quiet life, things took off!! I was at a party and started talking to a young local girl J (who happened to work in my office...) and we ended up having a very steamy affair for a number of years before I had to leave.... But the point to this story.......

We enjoyed a very hot sex life..... fucking everywhere around my apartment - and lots of secret touching in public.… Read more...

  • Written by Lesanelnar 14 Jun 2018, 00:31
  • Gay

"What have you learned, boy?" He's sitting on my couch. I'm naked and lubricated, can feel the K-Y jelly slippery and wet up between my cheeks. It's just two days since he visited me last. My toenails are glossy pink and I'm wearing the pink heels I got to please him. I'm shaved and moisturized baby soft top to bottom.

"That I keep myself ready to play, keep my toes painted for you." I look to the floor.

He stands and starts to undress. Tak…

  • Written by POLYDAX 13 Jun 2018, 23:52
  • Fact

This is the continuing correspondence between myself and my submissive, which has been ongoing for about 18 months
Please see the previous posts under listed POLYDAX
There now follows my letter replying to L, my submissive and her letter in part 3, and her reply to me.

May 2017

My Submissive,
Thank you for your reply, I was surprised that you wrote back so quickly, and you have surprised me with your account of … Read more...

  • Written by Baldygit 13 Jun 2018, 23:05
  • Fact

So here we are again 9pm on our way to Whitley bay, this time she is wearing a dress that buttons up the front no bra and skimpy knickers. We are between Blyth and Seaton Sluice she says let's have a walk in the dunes, I tell her to loosen another button so her ample tits are nearly spilling out.
After about 10 mins a guy starts walking our way, Stops and asks us the time, she tells him time, then as say how do you like her tits she has flash… Read more...

  • Written by Lesanelnar 13 Jun 2018, 22:45
  • Gay

The only sounds in the room are his loud grunts and heavy breathing. That, and the springs of my bed, my bed board hitting the wall. My soft whimpers, soft crying and moaning are drown out by all of this. My eyes closed, I keep my face buried in the pillow in front of me.

"Uhg, Uhg...fuck, ooooh, Uhg...", he slaps against me from behind forcefully and very fast. I can feel his hairy and muscular legs against my outer thighs. He pins my legs to… Read more...


I awoke from a heavy sleep. Sun streaming through the window. Birds chirping from the tree outside. I look down at my phone to see the time and notice the date. It's Valentine's Day. Sudden excitement hits me as I grab my phone and straight away start to text you. I tell you all about my sexy dream I had last night. The rough sex, the deep loving kisses and the plans I have for this evening. I feel a stirring between my legs just from describing … Read more...

  • Written by Tina 13 Jun 2018, 18:40
  • Fact

Hi my name's Tina and i'm 52, i'm 4' 10" and have long dark hair, i'm a 14 and have fairly large boobs 38D, and although i'm a little on the large size I like to keep my self in fit I go to the gym 3 times a week.
I have not been with a man since my husband Roger passed away 4 years ago.
I have a daughter Jessica she has been divorced from Kelvin for about a year, and it is him that's the subject of my story.
Kelvin is black 32 years…

  • Written by cuckhold Dave 13 Jun 2018, 16:31
  • Fact

My wife is 35, attractive and has a great body, she looks a lot like Olivia Newton John did in her prime, so how come she is obsessed with fucking older men and women ?
We agreed a while ago that our marriage needed to be spiced up and eventually we swapped with a couple our age and that was great but the wife admitted that she wanted to try someone older. I was thinking 45 or so but she has gone much older than that.
If you met her you would …

  • Written by peterh 13 Jun 2018, 14:46
  • BDSM

I'll start this by telling you a bit about myself. At the time of this all beginning i was 35yrs old, divorced, living back with my Mother in Oxfordshire. I know how that sounds but it wasn't that bad as it is a big house with just the two of us.
I had my own space and it was financially good for all concerned. My marriage ended because we drifted apart, she was very career minded to the point that that was all that mattered. Our sex life was g… Read more...

  • Written by nick 13 Jun 2018, 14:45
  • Fact

hi its nick here just back from tenerife ,nicola as you might know has a thing about barmen,well this is what happened in las americas last thursday,she took a fancy to a guy richard in a local irish bar the highland paddy, on wednesday she asked if she could flirt with him,of course i said ok, so she sat at the bar and chatted to him while i sat outside checking the horse racing, about an hour later she came out and said richard had paid her a l… Read more...

  • Written by nick 13 Jun 2018, 14:35
  • Fact

hi its nick here just back from tenerife ,nicola as you might know has a thing about barmen,well this is what happened in las americas last thursday,she took a fancy to a guy richard in a local irish bar the highland paddy, on wednesday she asked if she could flirt with him,of course i said ok, so she sat at the bar and chatted to him while i sat outside checking the horse racing, about an hour later she came out and said richard had paid her a l… Read more...

  • Written by S 13 Jun 2018, 14:34
  • Fact

So this evening we have broken more boundries than i thought possible! It all started with me texting C while she was out, telling what was going to happen later.
And it did. In our humble abode we have one place to tie a lady up, the bannister! So i did. Handcuffed to the bannister, C stood there in a see through black, slinky number that always gets my attention. I started by caressing her breasts with a medium size vibrator, moving down to he… Read more...

  • Written by Daftrucker 13 Jun 2018, 13:31
  • Fact

Ann and I were having a long weekend with family in Scotland and as it was such a beautiful hot sunny day Ann was wearing a lovely summer dress, as we left east anglia, I was driving and Ann in passenger seat, I complimented her on what leg I could see and asked if she would like to tease some truckers as we drove.. soon enough the naughty wee minx had removed her pants and Bra, she had deliberately left one or two buttons undone so although her … Read more...