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  • By The Runner 23 Aug 2016 06:19
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I'm a commercial artist in my 30s and like to stay in shape by running almost daily on a path by the water near where I live, and then return to continue work in my home studio. There are some nice spots for caravans and tents along the way. I leave the tourists alone unless they want to chat. On one occasion last year there was an older couple with a small caravan. He was a friendly guy, maybe late 60's. His wife was late 50's or early 60's, abo… Read more...

  • By pete125 22 Aug 2016 18:10
  • Fact

My wife has really gotten into wanking in bed while we watch porn. See my previous post. I watch straight, bi, gay and lesbian. She says she only likes straight. I'm not so sure! She knows I like watching gay and bi as well as lesbian. I found one that showed MMF with strap on dildo. She carried on wanking all the way through and had a climax. If she had just been watching and not wanking she would have said she didn't like it. The video showed b… Read more...

  • By cockoo 22 Aug 2016 11:13
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This is a true storey of how I got with my friends mum . In 1983 I was 20 and went on holiday to teneriffe with my friend John and his parents Jan and kev.

Jan was a typical of 45 year old mother of 4, average looking really but still fantasy material for a lad,never did I think beyond that,until one day at the pool.I was on a sunbed when Jan and kev arrived one morning.
As they settled down I watched Jan lean forward and un knowingly give me… Read more...

  • By Bigboobs Carol 21 Aug 2016 21:30
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I hope I don't get so turned on telling my experiences that my spelling goes to pot,like I did telling you about my female boss seducing me yesterday. Anyway as I said I now get fucked by my female boss about twice a week. I think she has made me bi -sexual. When a new girl joined the firm the first I noticed was her big boobs,mine are 38EE but this red head had a narrow back and was easily 38G. She had lovely big brown eyes a narrow waist and wa… Read more...

  • By cd dreamer 21 Aug 2016 21:01
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Thankyou for your interest in my life,as a 70 yr old male cd its nice to share interests,I use charity shops a lot but I buy my underwear in supermarkets like Tesco or primark and I buy my makeup when I do my normal shopping,cashiers just put it through with the normal shop.I think my best buy must be a full length fur coat I bought in a Exeter charity shop,it cost me 15pounds and I actually tried it on in the shop.It had a huge collar and cuffs … Read more...

  • By jo 21 Aug 2016 10:39
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just writing to this story to let you know about something that happened 3 months ago ,
my name is joanne , I am 39 with a decent size 10 body ,and mousey blonde shoulder length hair , this happened when I went on holiday with my daughter in law Kerry who is 23 ,she has black hair with a great body as well . we were in marmaris
in turkey , we had been there 4 days ,after a lot of sunbathing ,we used to go out in local bars , always getting … Read more...

  • By Jazz 21 Aug 2016 09:28
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This happened out of the blue one day last March. I had turned up to work which is looking after people shall we say not as lucky as most of us, My supervisor who is a 60 year old woman who is a pain in the backside straight away told me the area manager wanted to have a word with me, Now this woman is about 36 and is fit for a woman of four kids and I have always got on well with her.
All morning I was thinking god what have I done wrong, A… Read more...

  • By cd dreamer 20 Aug 2016 22:43
  • Fiction

I love visiting charity shops,I am a male pensioner aged 70,love dressing up in womens clothes.My real love is high heels,
especially with platform soles.I find it so exciting looking for my size amongst the shoes and boots that are always available
in the various shops and love to browse the racks of skirts and blouses.I think most of the charity shops realise I am buying the clothes for myself,and they are always so helpful.I normally try on … Read more...

  • By James St Clair 20 Aug 2016 22:37
  • Fact

There are some days when my mind replays the scene I had witnessed many times of my wife fucking her young lover. The image of her with her mouth wrapped around his cock, then her looking at me as she bobs up and down bringing him to the edge of making him cum.

Then picturing her spreading her legs willingly and eagerly. Listening to her moan, groan, sigh and squeal as she feels his young hard rigid cock stretch her pussy. I can see just how … Read more...

  • By Jim 20 Aug 2016 20:18
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As you get older and after being married sometime you start to relise this partner for life may mean that but not on all fronts, in our case yes we do need each other financially and our commitments and stability of home life
Sue my wife is forty one I am almost ten years older, we have always been compatible up ti the last few years and then I have to admit my drive did slow down a but were Sue's didn't my problem came with not always maintaini… Read more...

  • By Bigboobs Carol 20 Aug 2016 15:37
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I work as a PA for a female solicitor,and normally wear clothing suitable got a solicitor's office. A tailored suit,comprising of a jacket over tight blouses showing off my 38EE bust. Above the knee tight skirts showings off my 36 inch bum and long legs in black seamed stockings and high heels. My boss has always wore more manly clothing,giving the impression she is butch although married. I have caught her looking at my cleavage and legs given t… Read more...

  • By Need to try 20 Aug 2016 15:04
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Just back from a holiday in Turkey and had to share what happened. My wife is pretty straight laced and unadventurous and whilst she has a nice size 10 figure she isn't that confident to flirt unless she has had a good drink and in the right circumstances she sometimes gets a bit horny. We have been together now for just over 20 years and our sex life consists of the odd night out, we get drunk, go home to bed, talk dirty and search the web for a… Read more...

  • By strapped4cash 20 Aug 2016 10:55
  • BDSM

My wife Elizabeth and I have lived very happily in a Perthshire village for over 20 years, during which time our sex life has deteriorated to the stage where sexual contact is now very rare indeed. Like many other older men, I find myself just as horny now as I was as a teenager, but my very loving wife seems to find the whole thing rather tedious, as if her sex drive has simply evaporated. So now I have to content myself with wanking over Inter… Read more...

  • By GettingToLikebeingACuck 20 Aug 2016 08:59
  • Fact

It has finally happened. The thing I’ve obsessed about for so many years, the thing we have both discussed so often.

Her with a man. My sweet Becky fucked senseless by a stranger!

Here’s how.

Our local pub. Big Carvery, not the kind of pub where everyone knows everyone else. It was my Birthday. Just the two of us. Beef and Yorkshire pud for me. Becky, salad with prawns, I think. Does it matter? No you couldn’t give a fuck, could yo… Read more...

  • By Swbubbs 20 Aug 2016 00:39
  • Fact

This is a re-post, and a re-write, as our original story seems to have disappeared from the site. This is a true account of events that took place around 30 years ago, a couple of years after Bubbs and I met. My preference is to read stories all in one go, so apologies if you find this too long.

We had been together for a couple of years, so at the time this story took place I would have been 19 and Bubbs 18. We had a very physical relationshi… Read more...

  • By George 19 Aug 2016 14:22
  • Fact

Some journeys are just wonderful...Sunday morning at 04:30, driving to see you especially so.

A little anxious, but overriding sensation was one of excitement. Many months of waiting and patience. The nervousness of it being maybe too good to be true, the expectation that with all our meetings hitherto it would surpass all expectation.

A reassuring email...a tap on the door. Nervous seconds followed. ...Then the door was opening and she… Read more...

  • By Zerodog 19 Aug 2016 12:40
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we have a great sex life and try most things if the time is right.
My wife is very sexy lady and can be quite sluty when she wants to be.
Her latest thing whilst we are fucking is to spank me whilst she is telling me to fuck her harder, it turns us both on immensely. It's the first time I've had the pleasure of being spanked, and I think I would like to take it a step further… Read more...

  • By Got you babe 19 Aug 2016 09:37
  • Fact

Two weeks ago I found a short video on my wife’s phone. The clip is 30 seconds of a guy finishing himself off into my wife’s open, smiling mouth. It’s probably a couple of months old, and whoever texted it to her is in her contacts list as a first name only.
Most men would view this as grounds for an emotional divorce. My first reaction was, “Wait. She missed a drop.”
We have a completely open policy with each other’s phones and c… Read more...

  • By Lucky boy 18 Aug 2016 16:36
  • Fact

I was out running the other day but just wasn't feeling it at all so I stopped at started going back home. I got near my house when I saw a lady roughly in her 50s struggling with her shopping so I asked if she wanted some help, she said yes please so I grabbed a couple of bags. We were just talking as we were getting to her house when she offered me a drink when I got in, I said yes. She was attractive for an older lady in quite good shape, I st… Read more...

  • By andreacdxxxx 18 Aug 2016 13:46
  • TV

6months ago I was down south, I'd finished a seminar and was heading home up the M5, after half hour into the journey my mind started thinking of sexy things, so I made the decision that to help the journey go quicker I would pull off at next junction and find a Layby and have a change, it was about 8.45 so dusk to dark.
The next one was the Bridgewater junction, I pulled off and turned right and after about a mile there was a big Layby on my l… Read more...

  • By Martin . 18 Aug 2016 12:00
  • Fact

Sunday morning I decided to clean our family car , I'd filled a bucket of hot soapy water , moved the hover round so I could hover the car out before getting everywhere wet , I opened the boot and noticed sports bag of my wife's , Morrisons bags , shoe's and just about every thing else , as I took everything out , I noticed a bag hidden under everything , so I grabbed it and was about to shove it into a black bin bag when a black high heels sh… Read more...

  • By Cuckold_88 18 Aug 2016 10:12
  • Fact

This is my first story post and will explain how i've become a cuckold to my now confident and dominant gorgoues wife.

I'll start this story with a little background details on how this situation arose, and how I ended up last night, lying in the spare room listening to my wife being fucked harder than I could ever imagine.

We are both married, youngish and been together pretty much from school, but for as long as I can remember I have had … Read more...

  • By jackie 17 Aug 2016 16:51
  • Fact

When I was 21 I met my husband and fell in love or should I say in lust. Looking back over the years it really was lust because once we got together we fucked at every occasion.

I first met Tommy when my college was puting on a its a knockout for a local charity. Tommy was a lecturer at the college and one of the organisers after it was all over like all good students we went to the pub. I have to admit Tommy was more sexy than attractive j… Read more...

  • By R_smith 17 Aug 2016 15:54
  • Fact

I told my wife what had happened,she went mad and didn't speak to me for two days,I went to work but decided to stay home and take her for lunch to say sorry .I went upstairs ,I couldn't believe my eyes as I went into the bed room ,she was fingering herself and moaning ,she saw me and stopped .we got talking she told me after the shock of what I told her ,she felt really turned on at what had happed. Our friend turn up as arranged ,my wife apolog… Read more...

  • By spunkymark321 17 Aug 2016 12:25
  • Fact

Now this is not gonna be the most exciting story but more of a help request and hopefully the start to a good story!

I took my wife to eureka's in kent for the first time last year with the proviso we only go for the "exprience" and we definatly aint swapping are we?
No just for the experience i say!
So we turn up and she is nervous really nervous i can sense this isnt gonna go well!
we sign in and get shown to a table and we start drinkin… Read more...

  • By The Pensioners 17 Aug 2016 01:51
  • Fact

My wife and l are both in our late sixties and never thought we would be the subject of one of these stories.

We were married in the 1970's, had two children very early then l had the snip. Sex was always a big part of our relationship and we experimented and had fantasies together from the early days, eventually joining the swinging scene in the early 1980's with a group of friends. This went on for about ten years but since it split up our… Read more...

  • By Happy Husband 17 Aug 2016 00:17
  • Fact

About a year ago, my 44 year old wife, who works in the airline industry, was sent out of town for two nights. We had long fantasized about her playing with another man, but she was always unsure she could do it because she was worried about the effect on our marriage. We discussed her upcoming travel and that seemed like a good opportunity to see if she could go through with it. I asked her to just go down to the hotel bar that first night and s… Read more...

  • By Nawty 16 Aug 2016 22:17
  • Fact

My GF and I have a really good Spanish SH friend that we been seeing for two years now and trust him completely.

This is the second year we have stayed at his apartment in Madrid. While we are there, he fucks my willing GF most days which was all agreed. He takes us out and about in the city and on occasions my GF is put on show for other guys which is all fine and agreed. She wears the clothes he chooses for her and willingly shows her 34B t… Read more...

  • By Mr k 16 Aug 2016 21:51
  • Fact

Over the last 6 months I've noticed that my girlfriend of many years has started to dress and act as little differently to normal.
Since joining Bannatynes gym I've noticed that shorter skirts , more revealing tops etc etc .
Any way I've seen a slight change in her attitude and have witnessed 3 separate incidents 2 of which she doesn't know if witnessed.
The first incident happened in tk max store in peterborough , whilst trying on a s… Read more...

  • By Andy T 16 Aug 2016 14:04
  • Fact

Its been a busy few weeks what with the weather and so on. Not seen much action except for my present client’s wife who insists on flirting and ‘accidently’ touching my arse one min and ‘accidently’ pressing her backside against my cock the next. But I have been thinking of the best zero possibilities of a shag the actually fucking I have experienced and it reminded me of a customer from a couple of years ago.
I can’t remember h…