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  • By Ian 11 Feb 2016 13:01
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Five years ago I went on holiday with my girlfriend Donna to Devon we stayed at a hotel on the west coast and her brother and his wife lived outside of Newton Abbot out in the country. We had both talked about having sex outdoors for weeks before we left for our holiday and I was perhaps keener than her as she felt scared of being seen. It was decided that if an opportunity arose while we were on holiday we would take it. On this particular day w… Read more...

  • By Luckylucy 10 Feb 2016 20:07
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After Bob and i had invited his pal Derek into our bed we had a lot of great fucks having two men fuck is just awesome. We talked about maybe inviting someone else but were a bit unsure who to approach this was before we found SH. So we just invited Derek and Derek appeared at our house a few times when he knew Bob was not at home with some excuse or other but he could not keep his hands of me and at first I said no only when Bob was there bu… Read more...

I was first in the bathroom/shower in the morning and was washing my hair, wife came in and said Ann needed a pee, I said OK with me if OK with her! The shower had curved clear glass doors but I was facing the wall with shampoo streaming down my face so did not see a thing, only heard! Over breakfast Ann commented that I had a nice bum, a good start for what turned into an interesting day! Men's bums sometimes get women going!

We were in a sma…

  • By Anonymoustim 9 Feb 2016 19:46
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Please read my first post that was published Earlier today, about Maidenhead dogging to get the references.

Not living in Maidenhead anymore, i moved a few miles to somewhere near Bourne end, I had just bought dinner for me and the mrs, and was just going over to see her.
I was going down the dual carriageway on my way to Maidenhead (where she lives) and I overtake a pickup truck that had a very similar look and license plate to the pickup I… Read more...

  • By Paul 9 Feb 2016 17:59
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There is a lot of give and take in marriage I had reached a point where I was about to do some giving, thing had got stale with Linda and me it been that way for some time our sex life had dwindled to almost nothing that was in part down to me I am fifteen years older than Linda she was just forty, the age gap hadn't made any difference before but I have lost my get up go as some men do,
I felt sorry for Linda she was still at her sexyuakl… Read more...

  • By extratime 9 Feb 2016 13:15
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my name is Jim I am 76 and I posted a story of Alison (50) my neighbour a while back, here's what happened next, I was talking to Alison outside saying that I enjoyed the other week and would like to do it again sometime,..... she said if you invite me in for a coffee after her husband goes out we will see, 2 minuets later her hubby came out and said he's just nipping to BQ, as he drove of i said would you like a coffee and she smiled and walked… Read more...

  • By Anonymoustim 9 Feb 2016 09:14
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I moved to Maidenhead, near a dogging spot (or 3!) and read about such things in forums like this and on other sites. I decided I would go and see what it was all about, if it really happened, if it really was all it was cracked up to be.

I'm sitting in a car park at 9:45pm roughly and I see some other cars in the car park and looks as if men are going off in the bushes, that's not what I came for so I wait patiently, nothing happens really s… Read more...

  • By Anonymoustim 9 Feb 2016 06:57
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I moved to Maidenhead, near a dogging spot (or 3!) and read about such things in forums like this and on other sites. I decided I would go and see what it was all about, if it really happened, if it really was all it was cracked up to be.
I'm sitting in a car park at 9:45pm roughly and I see some other cars in the car park and looks as if men are going off in the bushes, that's not what I came for so I wait patiently, nothing happens really so … Read more...

  • By Tony 9 Feb 2016 05:41
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My wife Terri is an artist, very good in fact. She has her own studio which is set aside from the house. She sells her paintings through a local gallery.
We have been together over 20 years. She is now 45. I am 62. We got together I was the envy of many of my male friends having a girlfriend or wife nearly half my age.
Yes I was a bit of a fuck machine and had been able to fuck 3 of my friends’ wives before I met my dream girl. My friends n… Read more...

  • By Mala1234 8 Feb 2016 23:41
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So I wrote my first story about Marc wanting me to get fucked whilst I was away as I posted the story a day or two back, I just wanted to share what's happened in the past couple of hours. Last night I went out for a drink with a male friend that Marc knows, he knew I was going out with him and kept texting me telling me to fuck this guy he knew what I was like after a few drinks. I get so horny and I'll do whatever Marc told me to do or should I… Read more...

  • By Randy Man 8 Feb 2016 10:31
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I wrote a few weeks ago about my lovely new neighbour near to me in Cornwall, as I said her body language was enough for any man to understand that she wanted more, I also said each time I clean my car she always makes a point to come and chat and told me she works at The Hospital as a Physiotherapist and if I fancied a relaxing massage she would come over and treat me.

Well last Thursday the wife was going into Truro for the day with a friend… Read more...

  • By Mala1234 8 Feb 2016 08:59
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Ive never been into the whole sharing thing until I found out how much it excites this bloke Marc that I'm fucking. We were at home one night and having a few drinks told me to invite a friend called Dave over, so I agreed and sent him a text to see if he was free. While I was waiting for a reply from Dave. Marc told me he was going to go upstairs and that he want me to suck Daves cock at first I couldnt believe what he was asking me then he pro… Read more...

  • By Scott 8 Feb 2016 03:48
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My wife and I have been married for 3 years although we lived together for 4 years beforehand.Weare fairly open but up until now been faithful to each other. For about the last 6 months the idea of swinging has been broached,we decided to visit a local Spa a few times to build our confidence, Although it is naturist we never stripped fully Ellen did go topless but that was no big deal as she does that on holiday,But yesterday we moved on to an… Read more...

  • By Blondie babe and slave 7 Feb 2016 22:44
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Well I went for a drive after reading about Dovers Hill more like doggers Hill, I pulled in switch my lights off and all begin at 10 dead Saturday night a car pulls In then another and the first car driver gets out as I give him a glimps as he opens the door he just starts walking over and said hello so I did the usual hey and unwind the window he or talking and I got more comfortable as he doesn't notice I'm holding my husbands dick in my hand a… Read more...

  • By sevensevens 7 Feb 2016 19:36
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Id been chatting to this bird for a few weeks on an online chat site.
It was a few years ago now and she was the best looking in that particular room, though thats not saying to much.
It had a private function and we used to cyber sex most nights, she had a bit of a reputation and it was a race to see who could fuck her first.
I was second lol.

I arranged to meet her for coffee and she turned up looking sexy as fuck, she was a skinny littl… Read more...

  • By DirtySlut 7 Feb 2016 19:10
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From the 1st time I met Papa Bear I felt my heart race and a flutter in my stomach. Chats and cuddles turned to messages and photos and then meetings in the back of my car. It was a wild ride that brought out my inner dirty slut, something that had never emerged with my hubby whom I've been with for 25 years.
I love his hard cock in my mouth and the taste of his cum running down my throat. His fingers pounding into me until I call out his name… Read more...

After 25 years plus marriage to my wife our sex life had become very mundane, very predictable, and most of all, very infrequent. When we did have sex my wife very rarely had an orgasm. This was neither on my cock nor during oral sex. As a result we now use a pencil clit vibrator post our sex sessions to bring her to an orgasm. If we introduce my wife’s large purple vibrator into our love making session we could always bring her to a full on … Read more...

  • By Little lad 7 Feb 2016 16:57
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My wife has been dressing up for her lover. I am providing the transport to her meet at a pub in York, where they are going to have a quiet drink and take in some entertainment like a married couple which they are, but not to each other. His wife has no idea the pair have been meeting for almost seven years now and they are happy together. We have this understanding where we are discreet yet in a way quite open about the relationship. For my… Read more...

  • By Peter 7 Feb 2016 16:56
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It seems that my story of how I deflowered a virgin went down well. I screwed on more occasions before she went home at the end of the summer to uni.
At the Hotel and Country Club there were lots of opportunities have sex with different women being staff or visitors. It was dependent on who the cabaret was that week as to how busy we were. We had lots of hen parties who would visit the casino and some were more than up for it. The tuxedo and bo… Read more...

  • By Virginia 7 Feb 2016 04:53
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John and I are in our early 50s, married for 31 years, and both of us are tall and still slim. We were each other's first and only lovers, but we quickly learned together in those early days how to use our bodies to pleasure each other. It happily turned out that I love sex and his hefty penis still drives me wild during our frequent love making. I thought I had it all until Jan, my childhood friend, moved back after her divorce a few years ago a… Read more...

  • By chris 6 Feb 2016 23:39
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For some reason I can, t join the site...? Anyway after last fantasy we would like to share this actual story. A few years ago myself and ann were out with friends. After a few drinks we invited them back to our house. After a few drinks spin the bottle was suggested. After a bit of trepidation we all got into the sw ing of things. I watched as ann was the first to remove her top and bra. I could see from her hard nipples she was up for It. Her f… Read more...

  • By Veronica 6 Feb 2016 22:08
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Hi guys,
thought I would tell you all about our second time at a glory hole in the gents toilet on the west coast of Scotland where we were living at the time. This was before we moved down to Cardiff for Bill's work.
As is normal for me you'd better put the kettle on or open a big bottle of wine because it is long very long, slow to start with but I think it's worth the reading. This story goes back about 30 years ago back when almost e… Read more...

  • By mandy's girl 6 Feb 2016 17:28
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Hi all
Wow , I'm luving you guys with your comments and play ...

Wot an amazing mindblowing Friday I had . With Albert back , I resorted to sexting Mandy and sending pics of me playing , naked and exposing my shaven pussy for her . In return she described what she would do to me this Friday . I saw a video of her cuming on her vibrator . Made me cum even nicer with all 3 fingers inside me ..
Yesterday evening , dressed in a mini dress , with… Read more...

  • By Cock licking mature Guy. 6 Feb 2016 16:21
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This is true story that happened last night.
Im 55 years old been married 31 years to a great sexy wife and have never strayed , we have a great sex life and have dabbled with swinging, not actually got to have sex with another couple yet but are on the way towards it.
We have been looking on hhere and other sites for suitable people and have had lots of offers including 1 from an older couple they both being 65, they have a great profile and l… Read more...

  • By Peter 6 Feb 2016 02:00
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I may have written about this experience sometime ago but I can't recall doing so. If I have then I'm sorry.
It took place back in the sixties when worked as a croupier in an Hotel and Country Club in the outskirts of a seaside resort. During the summer, our busiest time, the club took on students from various places. They worked as waitresses and bar staff in the large cabaret room. The girls were mostly eighteen year olds in the first year or… Read more...

  • By Karen 5 Feb 2016 20:08
  • TV

As age, freedom restrictions and other commitments eat more and more into my other life the opportunities to experience what only a passionate bi- sex TV can understand are becoming less and less frequent. My memories are many in number, some really memorable, there have also been plenty of disasters along the way, but the memories both good and bad will soon become misty as time takes its toll.

My TV life has been disjointed, my lifestyle cho… Read more...

  • By Mrs H 5 Feb 2016 15:47
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This happened around a year ago. Mr Hangback's friend Phil was over from Australia and was home for a few weeks to see friends and family. They had known each other from university and although not a bad looking guy, Phil was unassuming and shy, and hadn't had a girlfriend since I was introduced to him some 3 years before this happened. We’d been out for something to eat and a few drinks. Mr H had been plying me with sparkling wine, no doubt kn… Read more...

  • By Gerry 5 Feb 2016 14:45
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This is dull compared to many of the tales on here but nevertheless it's true.

I'm 70, a widow for nearly ten years, and apart from the occasional bit of fun on organised weekends (saga etc) my life is pretty sexless. My late wife was not really into sex but saw it more of a duty to keep me satisfied.

Anyway over the last couple of years, I've started using a gym most mornings. No weightlifting but the treadmill is easy on my knees so I sti… Read more...

We were on holiday abroad and after an afternoon spent wandering round markets, a little sunbathing and a walk along the beach the heat had made us hot and bothered so we went back to the hotel room. It's thirsty work holidays so we ordered drinks from room service and as they were quite busy would be 15-20 minutes. Time for a quick shower and change. I had stripped off and was cooling down in the shower when Ann came into the bathroom totally na… Read more...

  • By Would love this 5 Feb 2016 10:00
  • Fiction

She carried her sexiness with her confidence. The sparkle in her eye, The seductive smile.Her very demeanour had put me at ease straight away. The conversation had flowed and it wasn't anything too overtly sexual. The mood was set with the lights down low and sitting next to her on the couch I had been happily watching her cleavage. Her husband had gone to fetch the drinks when her hand first rested on my thigh. She looked directly in my eyes as… Read more...