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Claire a blond haired young girl works as a barmaid in a local pub plain but tidy, nice figure and one of those faces! You just know is going be a dirty bitch once you get her knickers off.
So how do you get this young ladies attention? Ever fancied a threesome Claire? In your dreams she replied. You've no chance there mate she knows all about you lot her work mate informed me. Cant blame me for trying I laughed. Roll forward 48 hours there I… Read more...

  • By Tony 21 Aug 2017 15:19
  • Fact

My wife and I both hit 50 a couple of years ago and as the kids left home we had some long discussions about rekindling our sex life which had gone a little stale. We agreed we'd experiment with swinging and although it took us a while to get going due to our natural shyness we have started to enjoy regular trips to a local club where we both enjoy pleasure with others. We have made a few swinger friends and have met up with couples for weekend… Read more...

  • By Badboibuilder 21 Aug 2017 13:58
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We were on the road down to do a job in Waterlooville and on the way we stopped in a lay by so she could have cigarette but before she did I said we had to check in the back of the truck to make sure nothing had fallen down so we both got out headed into the back of the truck I closed the door behind us. I pulled her close and I started to kiss her on her kneck and along her clavicle where she melted deeper into my arms and gripped tighter on to … Read more...

  • By annie68 21 Aug 2017 13:10
  • Fact

A few years ago my Hubby Derek was helping a older friend ( Ron who is in his mid to late 50,s and divorced ) of his out by working for him when he could between his own job , as Ron was a one man band who used to do Welding and some Structural Steel work , so if Hubby had a day off or was free at the weekend he might give Ron a call to see if he wanted a hand.
Well sometimes it meant me dropping Hubby off at Ron's hou… Read more...

  • By Sue 21 Aug 2017 12:39
  • Fact

I'm amazed by the reactions to my recent story, some readers already wanting an update. I'm reminded of an event which happened three years ago when I was 56.
I have a close girl friend, Karen - purely platonic nothing sexual but we are close and we each act as sounding boards for each other. Karen would cover for me if I was busy elsewhere. She is in her late 40's, slim hour glass figure and blonde shoulder length hair and wears lots of make… Read more...

  • By richard 21 Aug 2017 01:13
  • Gay

I had been to a local sauna in Hove Twice now and it had been a few months but I still thought about my previous visits ,how I was new how i didn't know the ropes and couldn't read the signs .it had been preying on my mind over the months how I was fucked upstairs I think was expecting that but not when door opened another guy entered the room as well as entering me I was innocent then.
my third visit I did feel a little better paying at the co… Read more...

  • By Friendly Luke 21 Aug 2017 00:31
  • Fact

Mine is not super sexy tale but my wife Brenda and I have been married for 20 years. We are in our 50’s. It’s a second marriage for both of us. Brenda had 2 kids to her first husband Dave when they split up. He was never home and chased money so they weren’t very happy.

A few years after they split he settled down and missed the kids. He realised his mistake and came and lived nearby. By this time Brenda had another man move in wit… Read more...

  • By Sue 20 Aug 2017 23:50
  • Fact

I am now 59 years old, supposedly mature woman, and have to admit I have often read these stories and although some appear to be within the realms of fantasy and fiction, some do turn me on. I enjoy reading them and realise just as I can get excited , there must be many other people who react and are stimulated by what is written; so here is my story.
My first marriage was punctuated by a number of extra-marital relationships. Some were long l… Read more...

  • By Deano 20 Aug 2017 17:27
  • Fact

This is my second piece I have posted on here. The first was about me fucking my neighbour which I am still doing every chance I get, I make her see me minus her panties so I can play games with her when we are alone in the room showing me her wet pussy! However this is also a true story and has had me excited leading up to it and since.
I have a long term FB that lives alone with the exception of her son visiting occasionally. When we can, we s… Read more...

  • By Ben's wife 20 Aug 2017 15:01
  • Fact

Fairly tame but related to me by my wife after one of her nights out with friends.

They were in a pub, all had a few to drink but not drunk. There was a stag do on, about a dozen lads, the usual antics. Every time one of the girls went to the bar they would be chatted up, asked for a kiss or innuendos made.
The average age of the girls was around 40, whereas the lads probably early in mid 20
After a while, having been bought several drinks…

  • By Satisfied hubby 20 Aug 2017 06:01
  • Fact

Me and the The wife Michelle bad been down town all day today watching football and getting pissed
We ended up in a club in town and dirty slut pants had ended up dancing with a lad 30 hears her junior and we left the club with us both linking her until we got to the bus station where the taxi rank was and all 3 of is got in a black taxi
Michelle and Tom got in the back seat and I pulled down a seat and began to watch them.
I told the drive…

  • By Cuminchelle 20 Aug 2017 01:27
  • Fact

Here we are in Turkey me on business and Michelle getting filled with Turkish cock.
I had to close a deal tonight and Michelle was with me as I met Ahmir and Erkan. We met in the bar and Michelle had been part of these deals before and knew what she bad to do to make sure we sea he'd an agreement
We sat on our bar stools before the guys turned JP and I looked at Michelle in her short denim skirt tank top with no bra and as j swivelled on my ch… Read more...

  • By Mr C 20 Aug 2017 01:19
  • Fact

As a 18 year old, I was living the normal life, doing normal things. Except Saturday mornings. Every week, I cleaned my neighbours windows, Mrs Phillips. I was used to doing this for 3 years now as a favour for being the best teacher at school. Mrs Phillips was a single mum with one child. He was a 10 year old who stayed at his dads every weekend, so I'd clean her windows then. She'd work in the morning from 12am to 8am, as a admin for an office.… Read more...

One late night walking down the long corridor, I spied a tall dark handsome man. His eyes were like pools of water. He looked very mysterious that alone was pulling me in. He went passed the door to the lift I was going so I thought my chances had gone. I got into the lift and with a sigh I pressed the up bottom as I did so a strong deep voice said please wait. As I looked up to my surprise it was the tall dark stranger. I thought maybe I'd get a… Read more...


I don’t really know what started it! Well I suppose I do to be honest, I was feeling really randy when we settled down for the night. I dropped a slight hint that it would be nice to see her in her little black number. This is a mini skirt that comes about two inches below her knickers and if she sits straight just covers her stocking tops. The top sweeps down to expose her cleavage, apart from that there’s not much more to it but it turns me… Read more...

  • By Ronmaureen 18 Aug 2017 18:41
  • Fact

A little about us. We are in our mid sixties, been married for over forty years. She is a good looking, mature lady, mother and grandmother. I would not describe Maureen as overweight, more curvy with breasts that are still fairly firm for her age. About ten years ago I started getting erectile dysfunction after an illness I had. Maureen has been fantastic and has never given me any indication that it has given her any issues, always been support… Read more...

  • By Ron 18 Aug 2017 16:42
  • Fact

We had been married quite a long time when things started to go wrong
It happened slowly over time we lost interest I think in each other we slowly moved apart sex dwindled to almost nothing we didn't do much together anymore okay as far as friends and family was concerned I guess we appeared the same but they didn't see our private life at home
I had moved into the spear bedroom Jill was in our main bedroom

We even talked about splittin…

  • By Naughty young lady 18 Aug 2017 13:06
  • Fact

Ok so part two thanks for most of the comments.
I left the house and walked to the bus stop I could feel the dampness in my pussy heels clicking the pavement and my nipples getting hard rubbing the silk body I was wearing. I got to work and my nipples were aching they were so hard I really didn't know why I was so horny I honestly thought nothing would happen. I got to work and by 12 I had to go to the bathroom pull my skirt up and touch my pus… Read more...

I was going for my usual walk on a saterday. And my partner was encouraging me to go naked, me been very wild Uber lady decided why not and jumped at the chance having just shorts on tight to my firm fit body and a electric blue top on. I walked up the pathway nr our local fields. It was So hot and my partner on the end of the phone getting Hornier more every moment I was sending pics of playing stood up in a corn field. As I got there passers by… Read more...

The title says it all once people know what your into or read one or two of your stories they occasionally contact you and request strange or unusual scenarios. Brian had read some of our adventures and knew where to find us on a Saturday night so introduced himself and asked if I could bring a friend and pop round to his house the following Saturday evening. Gail his partner was a rather attractive girl in her late 30s always well dressed and po… Read more...

im 54 and the wife 52, size 12 and a 38g, and works as a sales rep, as i said in the last story we dont get much time alone as the gran kids stay, but the wife was thinking of a young and large cock again, well it happenend for us, we was on line on a site and got chatting to a guy he was 28 and single with a large cock , he was 80 miles away from us so we decided to book into a hotel and then go to his, on the saturday we got to the hotel on the… Read more...

im always nervous when planning a first meeting, then again im
nervous before every meeting. I think there would be something wrong if I
wasnt nervous in one way or another.

What if she didnt like me? or worse than that. What if I didnt like her? What what happen and what would we do?

Thankfully I didnt have to worry about me not liking Lola, Id seen
her pics and she was gorgeaus beyond belief and almost certainly the
sexiest woman who …

  • By Emily Baxter 17 Aug 2017 20:30
  • Romance

I am a 28 old married woman. I am fortunate enough to be in a relationship where my husband loves me to have sex with other guys. In fact it really spices up our own sex life. Last week I had a great experience. I was invited to a dinner party at a local restaurant bar for a friend�s nineteenth birthday party.

I went looking and feeling sexy. I had on a mini dress, hold up stockings, high healed knee length boots, a very sexy bra and a min… Read more...

  • By Ron&Maureen 17 Aug 2017 19:47
  • Fact

A little about us. We are in our mid sixties, been married for over forty years. She is a good looking, mature lady, mother and grandmother. I would not describe Maureen as overweight, more curvy with breasts that are still fairly firm for her age. About ten years ago I started getting erectile dysfunction after an illness I had. Maureen has been fantastic and has never given me any indication that it has given her any issues, always been support… Read more...

  • By Naughty young lady 17 Aug 2017 16:29
  • Fact

Hi everyone I am completely unsure if I should write this but here goes. The events of this sexy story happened in 1991 when I was just 18 at the time I was a size 10 auburn good time girl. I was at the time working in Bridgend South Wales as a trainee personal assistant and had to wear the appropriate clothing short skirt suits tights heels you know the look. This is exactly how it happened. I had been out on the town on the Thursday night and… Read more...

  • By Charli Sue 17 Aug 2017 15:06
  • Fact

Firstly thank you all for your words and advice , well i phone Cathy a few days just for a chat initially but i could tell she wanted to meet up , she said she was doing a work seminar in Manchester and she was booked in a hotel overnight , she teased me on the phone saying wear something sexy for me , i was you , i want to taste you .Just her words and the tone in her sexy voice made me wet .
She told me she was in her office in work and was to… Read more...

  • By Partyanimal 17 Aug 2017 14:42
  • Fact

Having let Rod view all my collection of pictures of Liz, I was in touch with him a couple of days later. I had suggested he met us at a country pub in the beer garden for a chat and possibly a quiet walk in a nearby park. We agreed and Liz was smiling happily when i mentioned Rod would be there. She said it might be too light for any naughty antics. I asked what she meant and she said 'I can read you like a book, you want Rod to fuck me don'… Read more...

  • By Jack 17 Aug 2017 10:22
  • Fact

My sister in law Jill's 34DD tits swung in my face as she impaled herself on my iron hard cock. She groaned as she settled down and our pelvic bones met. I moved up and took a nipple between my teetn and nibbled it . This caused her to have a mini orgasm. Recovering she slowly began to ride my cock. Her breathing became shallower and she shuddered with another orgasm. This seemed to drive her into a fury and she rode me hard. I could contain … Read more...

I've written a few stories of how Fiona and I have had some fun over the years and it seams to thankfully not showing any signs of slowing up, doesn't happen every week just when the situation presents itself and the right type of guy.

We've agreed it has to be safe and we have no intention of letting people know we are both in to it, Fiona laughs when we discuss this as she says it looks as if it is her having extra marital affairs.

Fiona…

  • By Refined Guy 16 Aug 2017 22:11
  • Fact

I arrived at my meeting in the City, I love the city. The buildings, the prestige and being in the insurance industry, its the home of Lloyds.

I went to the reception desk and signed in waiting for 'Katy'. I was nervous about my meeting with her, this was a to secure a massive deal I needed to make sure I was on the ball.

I had never seen Katy, I was expecting to meet your typical insurance person, in short boring. We had spoken on the ph… Read more...