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  • By Contented 30 Sep 2016 22:35
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Not long after we married the idea of her having another male to give my wife extra thrills came into my mind. This was before the internet and I used to buy magazines that had letters, stories and of course photos about the subject. Often we used to read them together and then have sex. But it always remained a fantasy for me as she would never consider it. We had a truly excellent sex life as she loved it and seldom was not up for it.

Roll o…

  • By Legs apart 30 Sep 2016 17:00
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I woke up the next morning and lay in bed thinking about the events of the previous day and wondering about what might happen on Friday night at Oistens. I have fucked lots of guys over the years and have been very active in bed but I have never been involved in a group sex situation. It has always just been one on one...excuse the pun!! The more I thought about yesterday, particularly young Joshua, the 16 year old, the hornier I felt and could… Read more...

  • By grrr 30 Sep 2016 15:38
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Part 2
Firstly I have jo's permission to print this...
Jo and I had met at mine a few times since parting work for brief fumbles and stolen kisses but nothing like what was to follow.
She txt saying she was off to a friends place for the evening but wasn't sure whether to stay or not... I txt back you could always stay here..
Not long after she had let herself in and was stood in front of me, then beside me on the sofa kissing and cuddling my… Read more...

  • By Sarah 30 Sep 2016 13:16
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I don't often go into Richard, my husband, home office, particularly when he's working. It's to small for two people. But a few weeks ago, he was called by his mother and rushed out to solve some problem with a burst pipe flooding her bungalow. While he was gone I went in his office looking for dirty cups to put in the dishwasher. Leaning over to reach an empty cup, I knocked the mouse, waking the PC. In his rush he'd forgotten to shut it down wh… Read more...

  • By North London Les 30 Sep 2016 09:51
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We were back in Birmingham last weekend for another one of our ‘sharing Sessions.’ Once again she’d picked a bloke from a website and had organised the usual for the Friday evening; she’d go out to meet him, have a few drinks and bring him back to the hotel and fuck him while I watched.

She dressed in a smart business suit consisting of a nice tight, dark blue pencil skirt and matching jacket. She wore it with a white fitted shirt we… Read more...

  • By Tom 30 Sep 2016 06:32
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I had all the visions in my mind of what I wanted and played the fantasy many times over again. I had talked to my wife Kelly a lot about her having other men. She played along a bit but mostly said I was sick. She would get into it if I played a stranger who picked her up but if I mentioned watching her she turned off.
Then one day she came from a work meeting a little bit drunk and said she had met a very nice man and nearly went to his ho… Read more...

  • By Travelbird 29 Sep 2016 20:39
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Now the day started off quite normally. I was due to have and MRI scan at our regional hospital, a skiing accident some years ago. As it was some distance away we decided to make a day of, so I chose a nice dress, pretty undies and black patent heels.
The appointment was at 1-30 pm, so we had a quick lunch and then went to the MRI dept.
That was where things started to go awry, the proper scanners were being refurbished, so two temporary artic… Read more...

  • By Redbullx 29 Sep 2016 16:40
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A long read: informative and Horney fun!

For many years me and hubby have had sexual Fantasy play. I have wrote a few stories which have been true... holiday romance; but nothing so close to home. It's something I couldn't (a) build the courage and (b) I questioned: did I really want this? Accessible??? We're not talking a holiday fling, this was something I could access by a text... or a phone call!!
One evening I sat clicking away on the m… Read more...

  • By Legs apart 29 Sep 2016 14:21
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The next morning I woke up feeling quite satisfied with the events of the previous day and was surprised to find that I was really looking forward to seeing Edmundo again later in the day. Bit curious still about his three sons though. I had a lazy morning at the pool then did some shopping in St Lawrence Gap where I was staying. After lunch I got myself ready for the afternoons adventure. I had a long shower and shaved my pussy again so that it … Read more...

  • By bill 29 Sep 2016 10:15
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We know these exploits are coming quickly but they have been over many weeks and we thought best while fresh in our minds. The phone call came for a pint at the pub, he said he had an idea for our next meeting. I was about to leave the house when my wife said she was coming, we got to the pub and he was already there, his eyes lit up when he saw my wife was with me.
I thought he probably thought he was in for some viewing or at best a wank,he po… Read more...

  • By Billy and Jess 29 Sep 2016 09:10
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Mark arrived and Jess let him in greeting him with a big hug and kiss.
We walked to the taxi rank, Jess had a nice summer dress on, no bra as her boobs are still very firm, both Mark and I with jeans and shirts on.
We went to our favourite sea food restaurant and as usual the food was excellent and then on to a bar.
The drinks mainly mojito's were flowing well and the talk started to turn a bit suggestive it was Mark who first mentioned our s… Read more...

  • By Just married 28 Sep 2016 21:01
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So after the garage encounter we started going out as a2 couple s and Jan got really flirty , rubbing her foot up my leg across the table and flirty comments. I could see she had suspender bumps under her dress and she kept playing with them and making them twang to turn me on. This happened every month or so , then they went on hols and gave us the key to look after the house.

I know it's bad , I went in and checked the house was ok and on t… Read more...

  • By Legs apart 28 Sep 2016 16:20
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My name is Stacey and I have just come back from the holiday of a lifetime in beautiful Barbados. My boyfriend and I were both due to go but at the last moment he had an accident and broke his leg. I wasn't going to go but he insisted I went as we hadn't taken out any holiday insurance we would have lost all our money. After a bit of an argument I saw the sense in this and decided that I would go. After all as we were staying in an all inclusive… Read more...

  • By songlasses 28 Sep 2016 15:20
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Ok, following my recollections of my holiday in Sardinia, I lost my nervousness at contacting Carol again when I saw the travel agents window advertising that magical isle. All the memories flashed through my mind and I sort of automatically reached for carol's phone number. I had to leave a message, but she called later that day and sounded just as lovely as the last time I saw her. Anyone wanting to recap or catch up, it was Holiday Twist, 23… Read more...

  • By Jim 28 Sep 2016 14:47
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What started with Sue my wife having a fling and that almost causing us to split up but it has developed into something completely different, finding out at the time came as complete shock and at first was a problem for me but we managed to get over it
It was afterwards when I found more out about what went on and what caused it my lack of interest in bed had played a big part in that

It was when we talked and Sue told me what happened I sta… Read more...

By Anna.
I saw a TV doc about swinger clubs in Copenhagen
I told hubby when he came home and asked if he knew the rules and if you had to do something, or could you just have a look, he suggested we find their website and check it out! we were very surprised to see how many members they have, we read the rules and joined the club on line, the dress code was underwear or naked!
Friday came around and hubby c…

  • By Hotwife34 28 Sep 2016 13:46
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I'm a happily married early-50s woman who regularly fucks men other than my husband. The 'me' of 10 years ago would be shocked, but I have a much more satisfying and fulfilling sexual life than just about anyone I know, certainly much better than in my early 40s.

There is a fair amount of literature that suggests that women and men are wired differently when it comes to sex. Many women in long-term relationships have a drop off in libido and l… Read more...

  • By bill 28 Sep 2016 10:36
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Hi back again after our last adventure,if you read our last two posts you'll know we are meeting for a visit to the cinema. I got a phone call from our new friend could we meet for a pint, yes we met and spoke about our last meeting and how I watched him finger my wife while I watched and we both came.
He told me that if you remember they had nights in watching porno I had found a site that showed couples in cinemas touching each other He ha… Read more...

  • By Billy and Jess 28 Sep 2016 08:31
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Following on from part one Jess is watching over my shoulder as I write this in her words to make sure I get the facts correct.
We laid on the beach for a while nothing was said until Jess suggested a cooling dip in the sea, Mark said he would continue to soak up the sun so Jess and I made our way into the water, were in up to our chests when I put my arm around Jess she said you know don't you I put my hand on her pussy and said I do now.
Jess…

  • By Generous Jim 28 Sep 2016 06:26
  • Fact

Currently on holiday with latest gf in the Canaries. Sat by the pool when entertainment team asked for people to play water polo. Got in the pool and we were all around 50 years old. Anyway one woman said you are on my team. She was with her friend both from up north and quite vocal. Her friend on the other team.. the game commenced and was great fun. When her friend jumped up one of her breasts fell out from her bikini to shrieks of laughter. As… Read more...

This happened to me six months ago and because I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought you might like the experience. I will change everyone’s names in this story.
A group of friends of mine were having a small party for a friend who had come back from spending 2 years in the States, there were 9 of us all together (4 boys, 5 girls), we were all at Uni together and have at one time or another had sex with each other (boys with girls I mean). On the… Read more...

  • By kingdavid1000 27 Sep 2016 20:19
  • BDSM

This is a continuation of the story from the 20th and 22nd Sept. Just a short episode tonight!

After a few minutes rest I start to wonder what Master, and even more so, Mistress have in store for me. What will round two be all about - certainly I'm going to taste cock again as Mistress said that I had better remember what each cock was like - or else!

I'm sitting on the ground, still with my mask on - so I can see nothing at all. But ma… Read more...

  • By Billy and Jess 27 Sep 2016 13:52
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Just back from our appatment just out side of Benidorm.
A little about Jess we have been married for 20 years she is 2 years younger than me and due to the gym and swimming she still has the body of a woman in her thirties, we have been involved with swinging with couples and single guys for about the last 5 years we are both bi and have an open marriage which we are both comfortable with.
One day while stolling along the beach front looking f… Read more...

  • By grrr 27 Sep 2016 13:44
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Secret love
It started while Jo and I worked together I'd been there for 4 months, I'd often watch her picking fruit in the garden , bent over in the strawberries looking at her perfectly shaped arse or in the kitchen where she worked we'd brush past each other and smile. .. we fell for each other fairly quickly and things became interesting. . She'd often come to my garden shed and sit on my lap and wriggle a little knowing she could feel my co… Read more...

  • By Scott 27 Sep 2016 13:14
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This happened five years ago when I was twenty and home from Uni for the summer. Mel and I had known each other since school and to be honest whilst she was nothing special to look at she was a great fuck. I shagged her the first time we went out and it was rare for her not to fancy sex so it was always worth hooking up with her when I was home. We usually fucked in my car, or outdoors if it was warm enough. On this occasion we were at her house.… Read more...

  • By Sam 26 Sep 2016 22:58
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There is a new club, well Sex Club opened in Portland. It’s become very popular. We have wanted to go but there is a list to get in so we had to wait.
Last week the invitation came through.
My wife specially dressed for the night. No bra (she doesn’t need one), no panties and the dress has a mesh window every few inches. When we got into the club, there was not much happening yet, but it being our first time at Privata, we got drinks and s… Read more...

  • By grrr 26 Sep 2016 21:56
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Secret love
It started while Jo and I worked together I'd been there for 4 months, I'd often watch her picking fruit in the garden , bent over in the strawberries looking at her perfectly shaped arse or in the kitchen where she worked we'd brush past each other and smile. .. we fell for each other fairly quickly and things became interesting. . She'd often come to my garden shed and sit on my lap and wriggle a little knowing she could feel my co… Read more...

  • By Lorainne 26 Sep 2016 21:48
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You may have read my husbands attempt at describing our "Initiation" into the party world, well this is what really happened to me andmy new friend Christine.

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Lorainne a 40 something who got into swinging through Fiesta wives and Fiesta striptease and wanting to try more, always the show off I got into stripping for money on stage and finally soft porn video's.

Any way we heard about these exclusive di…

  • By Annabel 26 Sep 2016 14:10
  • Fact

I first started reading the stories on here with my husband about six or seven years ago. We both found them a turn on, even if we doubted how true some of them actually were. The veracity mattered little, they served a useful purpose in spicing up our already quite active love life. If we read a story we liked we'd imagine we were doing it later in bed when we fucked. In some instances we went further, having sex outdoors in the summer. A handfu… Read more...

  • By Mrbodget 26 Sep 2016 09:53
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As you will know from part 1 on how we had rekindled our friendship which led to us being on the bed.
Sue had pushed me down on the bed and had taken my cock in to her mouth loving tender kisses up the side of my cock. I'm of average size so its nothing fantastic but Sue was kissing and murmuring with delight as she played with me. She stopped to take off her top and bra and then resumed paying attention to my cock. The way she knelt gave me j… Read more...