• By Davey 23 Apr 2018, 22:41
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I rose to stand before him, me naked save for the boxers; him shirt slightly unbuttoned, trousers round his ankles. I stood while he pulled his shoes and socks off, then his trousers. The smell of poppers filled the air and he produced the bottle. I took a good waft from it and my head swam.. He pulled me in by the neck and kissed me roughly on the mouth. His tongue searching while a hand gripped one of my buttocks and the other tightened roun… Read more...

  • By luckyman 23 Apr 2018, 20:23
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All this happened some years ago when I was 25 and living in a house share with another guy, Rob 29 and two girls, Grace 23 and Emma 31. Emma was a little plain and kept her self to herself but grace on the other hand, was gorgeous, slim leggy and great boobs. Although she had a regular boyfriend she was very flirty with both rob and me, but never gave any hint that she had any intention of cheating on her boyfriend. I think she like the bante… Read more...

We had met Anna on our week away in Playa del ingles and following our night of sex with Anna and Karl we saw Anna the following day.

Anna was an attractive 44 year-old divorcee, she told us she comes to the hotel at least twice a year since she was divorced three years ago. She enjoys meeting couples and singles and invariably she has some great sex with them. Karl the other guy we had met last night with Anna had moved on as he was only sta… Read more...

  • By bluebear 23 Apr 2018, 12:29
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we soon arrived back at my flat, I showed Jane & Michelle in took their coats and got us some drinks.

As we sat down I asked what their plan was as they had been very quiet in the taxi back ?
Its simple said M, We are both intrigued as to how you get away with what you have been doing, and why that video is doing the rounds with some of the parents at school.
i said i had no idea that the video was doing the rounds as all pics n videos were… Read more...


I called into the setback layby where I had a great meet a few weeks ago. There was one other car there so I pulled up a discreet distance behind and just sat and waited, my cock starting to grow hard in anticipation of what might be to come.
Sure enough, after a few minutes there was the flicker of brake lights then the driver’s door opened and a youngish guy in a smart suit got out. He glanced in my direction and when I flicked my sidelights… Read more...

  • By Fender 22 Apr 2018, 15:48
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Chris gathered speed his thrusts became faster rose was moaning " dont stop .dont stop im cumming " and then she came again just as chris ' s arse cheeks clenched and he pumped into her she went rigid her wrists and ankles were jerking on the ropes as she spasmed on his cock chris pulled out of her and mark went straight in all the way again rose was saying " please .please let me come down but mark started pumplng straight away fucking her with… Read more...

  • By Luckyguy 22 Apr 2018, 06:55
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Well I've always fancy and fantasied about my mate's wife since I'd first met her. He's Caucasian and she is Singaporean Asian. Not a petite but voluptuous, firm and full bodied lady about 165cm in height and 58-60kgs. I remember spending time with them at beaches and pools on many occasions and she would be in this tight and sexy bikini. In my private time I would masterbate with those images in my mind.

With an unbelievable turn of events, …

  • By Fender 21 Apr 2018, 16:38
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I was stroking my clit with one hand and wanking paul with the other .,paul asked me to slow down he didnt want to cum yet ,so i wanked him really slow the guys were stroking rose with the feathers mark on her tits and nipples and dave and chris all around her pussy but never touching her clit roses bum was going up and down as she tried to get them to touch her clit she was moaning for england after around what seemed like ages her moans became… Read more...

  • By D Woolley 21 Apr 2018, 14:33
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One lazy Sunday, that always seemed the time for play with Jane, we were laid on the bed when Jane looked over at the dressing table and said. “You know what? That tin is shaped just like an oversized cock.” It was a brand that was around at the time, a blue tin about nine to ten inches long and about three inches thick, with a round blue top that was moulded in near the bottom of it, so as to look like a bell end. It had to have been deliber… Read more...

At the end of his first posting on here (My wife wants to be a Hotwife posted 13 March), my husband, Geoff, said he would post a further story of the 2nd and 3rd times I met my black lover, Josh. In the event, I managed to persuade Geoff to let me write the tale, partly because Geoff is currently very busy at work, not to mention his quest to find my next lover, but also because Geoff was not actually there the 3rd time, so he has to rely on my a… Read more...

Many years ago I got a taxi back from Birmingham after a night of clubbing, the driver was a good looking Asian guy, I sat in the front seat, we chatted as he drove the 20 miles or so to my home, the subject of sex came up as it does when two guys chat, it turned out that he was married but his wife wouldn't give him head, I jokingly offered, he laughed & we continued the journey, chatting about general things, as we were getting to the end of t… Read more...

Working in a care home for the elderly can not only be extremely hard work but unbelievably frustrating at times too.

After meeting our new resident Bill the previous week, i was particularly frustrated because every shift i had been on since, he had not been put on my list of duties.
(For those of you who don't know what i'm referring to, see 1st edition)

Anyway, this particular day i had been asked by the matron to do the allocations … Read more...

  • By bluebear 20 Apr 2018, 14:26
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so her goes as promised more from my life as schools caretaker.

having had several encounters with bored mums, wives and girlfriends. this is still one of my most favourite experiences i have had over the last decade or so at the school.

word had spread through the school that the caretaker would take care of anything for you ( how or indeed who started this i have no idea) but several staff would always make some sort of reference to th… Read more...

  • By Surt 20 Apr 2018, 12:08
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Hi all thought i would let you all know what has happened since i decorated the wife's Aunts flat and proceeded on fucking her behind the wife's back.

I have recently visited Ann after arranging to go see her and take her out for a bite to eat whilst the wife was away on a spa weekend. We arranged to go to a local pub chain near to her and it wouldn't be suspicious if anyone saw us out as we are sort of family related with her being my wife's … Read more...

In our quest for bigger and better instant thrills I am sure most of us on here underestimate the intimacy and erotic thrill to be experienced from kissing.
Most couples have long abandoned the thought that kissing is erotic,too busy trying to have sex in their time constrained love life's.
As a married man in a long stale relationship now moving on starting afresh I was determined to savour all erotic aspects of the flesh.
Chatting on here …

  • By BillUK 19 Apr 2018, 16:23
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My Second Time

(Follows on from My First Time........)

So after last night's escapades in the lay-by with my dominant lorry driver, the very next day I went into town to the cycle shop, bought some Lycra padded shorts to show how serious I was about cycling, really to add weight to my shaving my lower regions, cock/balls and legs as I'd been told to. There was no way I was not doing as he'd told me, last nights experience in his lorry w… Read more...

After a few minutes Maria turned her head towards me, and with a tired smile waved me over and whispered "sorry for fighting with you, fuck me please" I pulled Bob to one side, positioned myself behind her and slid into her cum filled pussy. Every time I'd withdraw, more of Bobs cum would drip out of her, but made it so nice and slippery pushing back in. It was so erotic and I was so turned on, that within a few minutes I couldn't hold back an… Read more...

  • By Peter 19 Apr 2018, 13:33
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Last year, my wife Marion went with her, mostly all female, colleagues to their company's national annual awards ceremony at a top hotel. In such circumstances the gender imbalance meant that the after dinner dancing had a shortage of males. The few that were mainly from head office were reluctant to join in. So this left all the girls to entertain themselves, which to be fair, with free drink and good music wasn't hard for them to do.
However,…

Team building

I had worked my cock in and out of Anne-too's cunt while teasing and playing with her anus, with my fingers. As with everything when fucking Anne-too there is no real rush, slow and steady are the watchwords. With her anus responding nicely I started to use the KY Jelly, first around the outside then by steady degrees deeper into her bum. Once one finger reached full penetration I started to introduce a second. As always I was co… Read more...

  • By BigM 18 Apr 2018, 16:09
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It’s been over a week now since I posted part one of my amazing experience with Kerry my girlfriends niece who is half my age.
I hadn’t heard from her since and thought I wasn’t going to get another go at her.
Last Friday I got a cheeky text from her saying that she wouldn’t mind be coming and doing some more DIY. I sent her a wee smiley back. Later that day my girlfriend Sarah called me and asked if I could call to see Kerry after … Read more...

Getting to their barrack room, I noticed four single beds, a sofa, a TV and a projector. Bob sets up a film, while Kenny gets the drinks, and we all squeeze onto the sofa drinks in hand watching the action on the screen.
A smoke is passed around, and the room smells funny, the film shows a girl being gangbanged which has Maria fixated, and the drinks are flowing fast. I get up to top up my drink and the guys move in closer to Maria. She's so … Read more...

  • By Ian Watson 18 Apr 2018, 14:03
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My best mates wife is called Barbara .She is short just 5ft 2 tall ,slim with 36dd breasts. She has ;long hair which reaches down to her waist. She loves to wear low cut tops which display her ample breasts. My best mate often works away which leaves Barbara very much on her own. I had been drinking with my other mate Wayne, a well hung black guy, one evening when we saw Barbara in the street. She looked tearful and told us that she had rowed wi… Read more...

This story goes back a few years, but illustrates how a large age gap needn't be a barrier to two people enjoying one another when they simply want the same thing - sex!

I met Georgina (not her real name) via another website. She was 27, had been married and left her husband, but gone back to live and care for him after he'd had a bad motorbike accident. I was 49, so 22 years older.

Now he was recovered she had left again, moved to a new fl… Read more...

  • By Failed Pete 18 Apr 2018, 04:08
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We are a mid 30’s couple and been together for 10 years. Our sex is good, no it is better than that, and it’s great. My wife has always wanted lots of sex and had quite a lot of experience before we got together. We have fun and role play a lot. I also tease her about other men flirting with her which adds to the games.

I have told her she can have sex with other men if she wants and I encourage her. She knows I would like some three… Read more...

  • By wrinklies 17 Apr 2018, 23:28
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This is not the usual tale of body beautifuls that I read on here. Instead I am 74 and my wife of 46 years Pat is 68. We're retired and as Pat was a teacher we live pretty well. We have a foreign holiday each year which is where this story started.

When we met, we "courted." I knew Pat had a few miled on the clock when we met but it didnt bother me. Sex was something we saved until after we were married and looking back, the first night was a … Read more...

  • By MK50 17 Apr 2018, 22:04
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This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was at home watching TV, my 18 year old daughter was upstairs and shouts down 'Dad, l am getting in the bath' 'Ok no problem' l reply. A little while later l go to charge my phone but can't find the charger. I can hear my daughter still in the bathroom and decide to look for it in her bedroom, as she is always using it! Anyway, l open her bedroom door and am shocked to see her friend Lucy naked on the … Read more...

This story goes back to the 70s, when I was in the forces and stationed in Germany.
I was on a well earned 2 week leave after a grueling two month tour of duty, and my then wife Maria had come out from the UK to join me.
It was a hot summers day so we decided to go sunbathing in the local park. Maria was a club dancer when I met her, with a body to die for, just over 5 feet tall and stunningly beautiful.
She stripped down to the skimpie…

My wife Helen and I have been very happily married for over 25 years. We are now in our early 50s and try to keep as fit as possible. Helen is a typical size 12, quite curvy in the right places and doesn’t have a problem in getting male or female admiring looks.

For the past ten years we have visited Gran Canaria for our holidays, we try to visit at least once a year and we enjoy meeting other couples when we are on holiday and this usuall… Read more...

  • By Fender 16 Apr 2018, 23:33
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Dave shoved her foreward and pulled her zipdown at the back and the guys pulled her arms out so that the dress was round her waist he then undid her bra and the guys pulled that off .wow her tits were gorgeous with massive nipples they put her arms behing their back and dave held her tits while the other 2 sucked on her njpples and stroked her pussy over her pants i could see her nickers gettin wetter and wetter and she was moaning and whimpering… Read more...

  • By Fender 16 Apr 2018, 21:48
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The evening finally arrived i wore a short red dress with just a thong underneath we had booked a meal at a local resteraunt and were comming back to the villa after rose my sister and paul were meeting us there along with mark and chris .daves mates we got to the resterauant all about the same time rose was wearing a short black dress which showed her cleavage and i noticed all the guys kept topping her drinks up . She was definately getting ti… Read more...