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  • By databoy 9 Dec 2016 12:47
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as per my posting on here regards persistence with wife on getting a 3 sum Debra requested another meet but she wanted to be in control and choose the guy. I was a little surprised by this as i thought it would take longer for her to realise that this was a good thing for our marriage and sex life and was in full agreement with her. We sat down and discussed what she would like to do and how to go about her choosing the partner that she wanted. S… Read more...

  • By Mrbodget 9 Dec 2016 11:25
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Sue and myself have become regular fuck buddies . After our last meeting when it was the wrong week for her we arranged another get together. I dropped my wife off at work and then made the short drive over to Sue's place. I didnt have to leave for work until 3 pm and it was only 9:15.. I parked up and walked to Sue's flat rang the buzzer and was let. She lives on the top floor of a 3 block of flats so isnt over looked by anyone. As I came up … Read more...

  • By Sccpl 9 Dec 2016 09:25
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My wife Sue and I had joked about dogging after an experience one night when we were having a kiss and a cuddle at an old airport in the midland,when a guy came to the car window with his cock out.on this occasion we made a quick exit and giggled all the way back to her parents house,where we were staying whilst our house was being renovated.
I noticed that when we talked about this when we were playing she got quite turned on. So one night , no… Read more...

  • By Dan 8 Dec 2016 22:39
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I decided to take French lessons since my wife, April, can speak it fluently and she loves to visit France. She's tall, slim, and a redhead with a great figure. We are both 54. This happened last year. I procured a student from the local university to tudor me.
Paul is 23 and I was surprised that he is African. He would come to our home twice a week for my lessons which would begin when I returned from work. One particular day I had to s… Read more...

  • By pformula 8 Dec 2016 16:47
  • Gay

Just this morning I slept in late and was quite dozy and still in my dressing gown when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was a guy, aged probably mid 50's, with a parcel for me. It was raining and it he seemed quite cold. He made a joke about how nice it was that he could feel my central heating through the open door. Without really thinking I asked him if he would like to come in for a cup of tea to warm up for a bit and he thank… Read more...

  • By nobby head 8 Dec 2016 15:59
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My wife and I have had fun in the past and were keen to rekindle our sex life after a barren spell of being messed about. This site is our provider as it does tend to attract the more honest individuals for people of our interests. namely i am a guy who likes to allow my wife the freedom to enjoy her sexuality without necessarily being joined by me each time.

now this depends on a great deal of trust and therefore we do like to have the init… Read more...

  • By scrum5 8 Dec 2016 13:31
  • Fact

I hope you all liked the story of me and Denise with her dildo,s and the fun we had using them. Anyway, she asked about a swinging club in Newport called Chameleons, we had been to one there before called the clink, which is now closed. So I said do you fancy going there, she said ok, so last Friday 7th we went there.
We went in and paid and put a bottle of wine over the bar, we went to the locker room, stripped off and put the towels on. Deni… Read more...

  • By Charlie Smith 8 Dec 2016 13:00
  • Fiction

It was my birthday on Saturday and you said you a special present for me and you would give me it Saturday night, Saturday night soon came round, the kids were out all night you said to have a shower and get ready, you did the same when we were ready you shouted me upstairs got a bag of sniff out and I said ahh baby thanks is this my special prez, you said no I would have to wait for that, I asked you where we were going you said just wait and se… Read more...

  • By Milfs husband 8 Dec 2016 11:45
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How it got to this

When I was perhaps 18 I read a story in a wank mag about a husband watching his wife getting fucked in their bakery by a new employee. That cuckold fantasy has been on mind for years.

My first marriage came and went with not much note.

My second marriage was a typical thing with a normal sex life until I confessed my fantasy. Then it all changed. Slowly at first, but then it didn’t take long.

I confessed to my wif…


We'd discussed dogging for some time, and posted an add on a dogging site, that same night we decided to go and chance it with nothing arranged. We went to Meyrick Park, and were the first car there. Almost immediately anther car with an older male in arrived, drove up to our car and shined his lights right on us for 30 seconds or so - not too impressed so far!

Anyway, he moved away and parked up, then kept moving every couple of minutes. T w… Read more...

  • By Tony 8 Dec 2016 10:15
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Lesley and I both moved into a new flat a few weeks ago. We had made a few friends who lived there, a particularly couple who were very nice was Laura and Tom.
There is an age gap of just over 20 years but we really seemed to get on well.
Saturday morning was always our day for cleaning out flat. Lesley likes to clean the flat in a vest top and towelling shorts.
One Saturday morning I was cleaning the lounge when Tom called by to see out new… Read more...

  • By MrBawdy 8 Dec 2016 04:02
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A few weeks ago I was away on business and stayed with an old Mate and his Wife, his son and son's girlfriend turned up so it was a full house, Monday to Friday I was busy and basically just had dinner, no booze and bed, leaving early in the morning, each night my wife was contacting me via Messenger and we were getting of on watching each other wanking, but I was gagging for a fuck...
Friday morning and my Mate suggested we had a few drinks tha… Read more...

  • By Cumlicker 8 Dec 2016 03:54
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I look forward to, I mean we both look forward to a night when her lover comes over. It’s a date night. She, he and I know why he is there. It’s plain and simple. He is going to fuck my wife.

The build up starts early as she prepares. She is usually naked and she is so turned on. From her already wet pussy she often feeds me the creamy sexual essence that moistens her hole. She is so aroused by the thought of fucking another man’s h… Read more...

  • By Patsweeney 7 Dec 2016 23:47
  • Fact

Working on construction, you don't see many lady's into the job.
A few years ago while working over in Yorkshire. A young girl, 20 years of age, came to our company, to "learn the trade"..
I got the job of taking this curvy, 4ft 10 with massive tits, and a curvy size 14, with a fuck me now massive arse, 20 year old lady, out on site.
To show her the general ropes..
Monday morning she arrived at the office in a white see though blouse, wi… Read more...

  • By Daredevil M 7 Dec 2016 22:15
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I often come here and read stories.
I just feel like I have to share my amazing experience wit all of you...

Last night something amazing happened which we were trying to make it happen for a long time...

It started as usual...
First we had put our children to sleep and waited for some time until they were really asleep. Then I went to take a shower and a good cleaning and shaving. I was in the bathroom for nearly an hour. After I was fi… Read more...

  • By S lut 7 Dec 2016 21:32
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It was a Saturday evening in the middle of Summer, it had been a really hot day and I had spent it chilling out in the garden chatting to friends. The heat always makes me feel horny so I headed for the shower to get ready for a night up the local. The shower was the same as any other the fingers stayed in certain places longer than was really necessary but it felt so damn good. As it was… Read more...

Wait! This couldn’t really be happening to me! His warm breath on my sweaty skin, the pungent scent of my arousal, the feeling of the silky bed sheets under my naked body. His hard body enveloping me.

“Miss Bryant, George and I would like you to know how pleased we are that you accepted to be our odalisque…”

“Ethan and I will be sharing you, and from time to time we will allow a woman to share you also;” said another voice I did… Read more...

  • By Jim 7 Dec 2016 16:07
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Following on from the post of a couple of days I saw a different side to my sister in law, Margaret. I knew she had those "i fuck really well" features and deep down I knew she would suck cock. It was just one of those feelings you get with some of the things that she does.
Anyhow on the second day of the holiday we went down to the beach again and I am sitting there hoping to hear the "I am off for a walk down the beach" but nothing is mention… Read more...

  • By A 7 Dec 2016 12:38
  • Gay

This is a story about a meet I had recently on this site.

I was chatting away in the chatroom with the usual success.... lots of people talking but not many meeting.

Then, a guy I had previously met came on line and started chatting again. We were talking about how I had previously only sucked his cock and drunk his cum but on that day I was gagging for a little bit more.

He said he was free and that he would happily fuck me (if I brough… Read more...

  • By S lut 7 Dec 2016 12:23
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It was a Saturday evening in the middle of Summer, it had been a really hot day and I had spent it chilling out in the garden chatting to friends. The heat always makes me feel horny so I headed for the shower to get ready for a night up the local. The shower was the same as any other the fingers stayed in certain places longer than was really necessary but it felt so damn good. As it was… Read more...

  • By Mr&MrsMC 7 Dec 2016 10:28
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Tues 9am kids at school and both of us off work..... She puts on a full black body stocking and red thong and bra. Covers it all with a dress down to her knees and high heels. We drive towards the motorway and she unbuttons my jeans and takes my cock between her hands.... She's playing with me and leans over to kiss my erect throbbing cock.... She starts to suck it and her knees and ass are on the seat as passers by see her ass shaking out the wi… Read more...

  • By gazza2000 7 Dec 2016 08:18
  • Gay

ive put a story on here before with the same title,met a few guys of here since , i still see the gay friend kev,and this is what its about,on monday we went to a gay sauna in london, when we was in the changing room there was a couple of guys in there in there late 50s,kev stripped down to a pair of tight briefs,showing his thick cock,i stripped of to red suspender belt ,stockings and panties,we went to the dark room and there was a couple of gu… Read more...

I see many want to try the hotwife or sharing scene and there is plenty advice on how to make it happen which is good and I hope some of it works. I just thought I would tell you about my circumstances and how it happened.
Firstly, my wife having sex with others and me with other ladies is normal and where we are at.
I lived with my girlfriend for 2 years. We were both early 20’s. She was good to live with, gave me heaps of sex but she was sh… Read more...

To clarify, I am 58, a teacher in arelationship with young student. With just over a week till she comes home from Uni, Love Bunny is planning her night teasing the boys in the Friday club. Her audience will be a small group of my friends aged 54 to 64 who meet in a local pub. She is 19. These are the messages she sends me:

Okay, I am wearing a dress, hold ups and no pants, we walk in and sit down waiting for everyone to get their drinks.

  • By pete125 6 Dec 2016 17:39
  • Gay

I know I usually write the same stuff on here but it does all happen. Got to my usual car park about 9 30pm last night. Cooper's Hill on the A46 near Brockworth, Glos.
One car. Looked like it had just got there. Went round the back of my car for a wee. the other driver came round and we started talking . It was obvious we were both there for sex. I asked him what he liked, did he have a place to go, was he married, was he still fucking his wife… Read more...

  • By Naughty girl 5 Dec 2016 21:09
  • Fact

Well I managed to meet up with my friend again tonight.( If you want some background search for part 1/2)
We have been sending each other rather hot and sexy emails since we met two weeks ago and I have to admit to getting a kick about how many people like my first two accounts of our meetings. Unfortunately we couldn't meet last week and I was the one who only had an hour this week.
We arranged to have an hour tonight and it was going to be… Read more...

  • By jo 5 Dec 2016 18:20
  • Fact

my name is Joanne , I am married , pushing 40 but have a decent figure , still firm boobs ,blonde hair and have been told great legs , at weekend 5 of us were out on our office xmas party . we had decided to wear fancy dress outfits , so I decided to wear a sexy elf outfit ,it is very short ,I also wore my thigh boots , bare legs even though it was cold ,because I have a decent tan . I should have worn bigger panties but decided on a pair of … Read more...

  • By Steve 5 Dec 2016 17:25
  • Gay

This is a true account of something that happened three weeks ago. I am a reasonably fit late forties guy, athletic build, number 2 haircut, and as you can see from my profile well endowed. I am bi and as far as guys are concerned I go for fit, athletic, hung dark or black younger guys. I live in South London

On this occasion I was coming from a meeting in Guildford waiting at the station and on walked a very sexy young guy, he was twenty tw… Read more...

  • By Jim 5 Dec 2016 17:19
  • Fact

My sister in law is quite fit but I suspect she isn't getting as much cock as she would like as he husband is disabled, so we try to take them on holiday as often as we can to take some pressure off her and to give them a break.
I must admit I have never tried anything on with her but we flirt a little bit every now and then.
So here we are on holiday in Spain enjoying the sun and she decides that she would like to go for a walk along the beach… Read more...

  • By Cesca 5 Dec 2016 15:21
  • Other

That's what the message said... 'short and sexy'. That's what the message said and, being Irish, I immediately thought of it as rude and took umbrage and ignored him for a long time. Why do we Irish see an insult where maybe a compliment is intended. After all I am short-ish and he had called me sexy and people do like my bum. Despite what Randy Newman says, short people do have gorgeous bums; me included perhaps?

So, I engaged with my new fri…