19 Oct 2017

After our last adventure (see previous story) we had a hiatus from involving other people in our lives. To be honest there was a period of adjusting and some confusion for both of us. She and Lisa caught up several times but never were intimate again.

But try as we might our thoughts and desires kept returning to other women, and as time passed, Louise in particular desired and dreamt of the soft touch from another femme lover.

It remained a large part of our fantasy life with each of us daring the other to go back online to find someone.

And finally we did, and after browsing an adult dating site, we were both attracted to a profile of another beautiful bi married woman. Joanne is the same age and exudes a confidence that is simply delicious.

The first contact was simple hellos which then graduated to longer text conversations. We found out that Joanne had been attracted to women for some time and with her husband had involved other girls for threesomes. However she was looking for other people, mainly girls, but was open to the idea of being with both of us. The fact that it would be our first ménage au tois made it doubly tempting.

The texts between Louise and her became more confident and open and I loved reading and even encouraging my wife. We both found our sex drive increased dramatically and it became like that mad period when we first got together.

Let me describe Jo, strawberry blond hair, lovely eyes, and being a personal trainer and triathlete, fantastic body. I loved the thought of my wife touching and kissing this gorgeous lady.

Louise was also very attracted and when Jo asked for a meeting, Louise, after making sure that I was supportive, agreed.

Nervously Louise went to a cafe and met Jo. There was an immediate connection as both girls work within the same health related industry and conversation flowed easily and innocently. As the time progressed however meaningful looks were exchanged and the subject became more personal. Louise felt that familiar heat building in the pit of her stomach and delIghted in realising that her pussy was becoming a furnace.

With a smile both ladies realised there was a sexual tension between them and while they had to part ways that day, both agreed that they would like to meet again. My wife later told me that she had become increasingly aroused and had Jo asked, she would have allowed her to take her back to her place. Louise admitted that as she drove home she pulled her car over and plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy until she was rocked with an amazing orgasm.

The online conversations continued between the women and I loved the way our relationship also flourished. Within weeks the girls had agreed to another meeting, this one at night with drinks and dancing. Louise promised that I would also be meeting Jo, but we both agreed that the first night would be ladies only.

Never the less, both agreed that a glass of wine and some good company would be a nice way to spend a Friday night. Louise booked a room at a nice central hotel to avoid having to drive home after drinking. Jo lived centrally and accomodation for her was not necessary.

Once again my amazing wife kissed me goodbye and went to meet a potential female lover. And I loved it. Even though it was only to be a few quiet drinks I was delighted to find that Louise's pussy was freshly shaved.

As always Louise openly described to me her night.

She met Jo at a central bar and naturally there was the initial nervousness. Yet again my wonderful wife was on another date with a beautiful woman.

Several glasses of wine were consumed and meaningful looks at exchanged although both ladies had agreed that the night was only to be a meeting for a couple of drinks, some dancing, and no more. Jo suggested to my wife that she knew a trendy quiet and small bar and shortly after the girls were seated in a dark private booth overlooking the busy street. Jo's fingers began tracing circles along Louise's forearm and Louise delighted in how sexy yet comfortable it felt. Despite being in open view my wife happily allowed Jo's soft lips to caress hers, and revelled in tasting Jo's tongue.

Louise and Jo kissed passionately while desire mounted with frustration as both realised that the self imposed limits would prevent the evening being fulfilled how each desired. But my wife delighted in flaunting her sexuality in public, and was mesmerised by the beautiful woman before her. She felt powerful, confident, secure and completely bisexual.

With a frustrated moan the women parted and Jo huskily whispered, "I know I am not supposed to fuck you tonight, but I want to spend the night with you.".

My wife responded by taking Jo's face in her hands and kissing her hungrily. Jo's fingers brushed against Louise's shirt and my wife's nipples became instantly hard and erect through the material.

Louise moaned and felt Jo take her hand and guide it towards her own breasts and my wife slid her fingers under Jo's low cut top and was pleased to hear Jo gasp and see her smile as she teased her nipples.

Jo then took Louise's other hand and guided her fingers into her mouth. My wife felt the heat from Jo's mouth enveloping her fingers and watched as Jo's tongue then gently pushed her fingers, following their exit and as if a seperate being, caressing and soothing. Jo's tongue danced along Louise's fingers leaving no doubt as to Jo's experience.

With a mischievous smile Jo then inched closer to my wife and took her now wet fingers and trailed them along her upper thighs. As Louise looked into Jo's lustful eyes she realised that under Jo's skirt she was pantyless. As my wife felt her fingers being brushed against Jo's wet pussy lips, Jo then whispered, "Kiss me again".

My wife leaned forward and as she accepted Jo's tongue inside her mouth, felt Jo guiding her fingers inside her waiting wet cunt. Louise, my beautiful wife, was swept away in passion, her mind spinning as she realised that with one hand she was caressing the nipples of another girl while with her other hand she finger fucked her soon to become lover. The fact that it was public made Louise even more aroused.

Jo began rocking on my wife's fingers and Louise instinctively curled her fingers to press against Jo's g spot.

As a waiter walked past Jo shuffled slightly away from hand from Jo's tits and plain sight, but under the tablecloth, emboldened by Jo's quickening breathing, continued to slide her fingers in and out of Jo's willing pussy.

“Do you want to taste my pussy?" Jo whispered. Not trusting her voice my wife nodded. Jo "Then meet me in the bathroom." Jo directed as she smiled and slid from the table. Louise watched Jo sway her way to the bathroom door, turning and smiling as she entered.

Louise hesitated, realising that the night was beginning to spiral out of control. Brushing her her out of her eyes she smelt Jo’s luscious cunt on her fingers and her decision was made, and she followed Jo. As she entered Jo was waiting near the wash basins and pulled Louise to her thrusting her tongue deep into her mouth. Louise responded and pulled Jo to her, moaning.

Jo then pulled my wife’s hair back and bit her roughly on the neck. Louise gasped with the sensation and Jo pulled back with a grin and then led Louise to one of two cubicles. The cubicle was for the challenged with railings and extra room and Jo closed and locked the door behind them.

Louise then fell into Jo’s embrace and hungrily sought her tongue again. Jo responded by pushing Louise onto the toilet seat and stepped back. Watching

Louise intently Jo lifted her skirt until Louise saw and devoured visually Jo’s manicured mound.

Jo smiled and with wicked delight ran her fingers along her already glistening lips. My wife could see tendrils of Jo’s juices stretching from her pussy to her fingers. Jo then brought her fingers to Louise’s mouth. For my wife there was no hesitation, no second thoughts. She opened her mouth and hungrily ran her tongue over Jo’s offered fingers and she revelled in tasting pussy for the second time in her life, her feeling of utter completeness making a throaty moan escape.

Jo watched with eyes narrowed in lust as her soon to be lover, my wife, made love to her fingers. “Yes baby?” she asked. Not trusting her voice, and her tongue still swirling around Jo’s fingers, Louise could only nod in assent.

Jo then lifted her leg and rested her foot on a wall railing, spreading her pussy lips wide. Louise then took Jo’s fingers from her mouth and guided her hand to behind her head, submitting herself to Jo. Understanding the situation perfectly, aware that my wife was hers to take and use, Jo guided Louise’s face to her waiting cunt.

There was no hesitation, no quandaries as Louise hungrily tasted another beautiful woman. Her nerves and senses were on fire she felt every crease, every ripple as she slid her tongue as deep as she could into her lesbian lover’s pussy. Hearing Jo gasp and feeling her body shudder only served to increase Louise’s ardour, her own pussy beginning to quiver in excitement.

Jo increased her grip on Louise’s hair, pulling her face into her mound and Louise found that the feeling of being dominated was pure delight. Jo’s juices began to cascade over Louise’s seeking tongue. Jo’s clit became engorged and Louise’s tongue accepted the invitation while her hands cupped Jo’s buttocks, squeezing and revelling in the softness. Louise then traced her fingers down Jo’s ass and from behind teased her pussy lips while alternating her tongue between Jo’s clit and lips. Emboldened by Jo’s increasing moans Louise fingers explored Jo’s ass, using Jo’s own juices to tease and slide against her ass entrance.

Jo moaned, “Oh God yes baby” and that was all encouragement that Louise needed. With Jo’s sopping pussy providing the perfect lubricant Louise slid her finger softly into her lovers ass as her tongue delved deeply into her pussy. The effect was immediate, with a guttural cry Jo’s pussy erupted in glorious climax, her juices exploding into my wife’s mouth, down her chin and soaking her clothes.

Jo continued to ride Louise’s face, smearing her pussy juices in quivering response while Louise revelled in the knowledge and satisfaction of the success of lesbian lovemaking.

“Oh my god” was all that Jo could say as control of her body returned to her. Louise stood and kissed Jo’s mouth deeply. “Take me home” my wife whispered in Jo’ s ear.

Smiling Jo rearranged her skirt and said, “Let’s go”. Louise murmured that she would like to freshen up and wash her face. With a wink and a smile Jo then led Louise from the cubicle, but pulled Louise straight out of the bathroom into the bar and began heading for the exit.

Louise immediate reaction was to resist, she was fully aware that her face and clothing was still soaked by her lovers orgasm, her nipples hard and erect under her blouse. And then it happened, her embarrassment turned to lust and passion. With her head held high and drawing stares from other patrons she walked hand in hand with Jo to the door.