Written by Suzi

4 Feb 2018

Once again thank you for all your lovely saucy comments and advice , my story continues after my lovely time with hannah in the cinema , she invited me back to her place , to contiue our lust full fun , what happened blew my mind, opened up my horizons to lady love with sex toys .

We drove to hannahs , plenty of kissing , hannah took my hand and took me up stairs , we undressed each other and got under her dovet , plenty of kissing , hannah licked and sucked my nipples , moving down to my pussy , i was so wet and came again , i followed kidding suzi body down to her pussy , she tasted sweet , then hannah moved around so we were in the 69 position , what a feeling this was , ive done it before with men , this was amazing .

We snuggled together to continue the moment , then hannah asked me do you like toy fun , i giggled and said i have a rabbit , she got out of bed and showed me a strap on she had , thick and black, it looked painful but sexy , after a wash in her bath room , she showed off her oral sucking skills , she said she wanted to fuck me , with a little help with the straps , and a little lube, i was ready and willing in the doggy position , the cock end entered my pussy and inch by inch , moving in and out , with my hand finding my clit, and a few slut slaps on my arse i was loving it , i came again , i asked could i fuck suzi, we changed positions and strap on ,looking at myself in the mirror , i was so turned on , suzi loved it telling me to spank her arse when i was fucking her , she was pushing back on my thrusts , she kept saying fuck me hard, then another new one on me she asked me to finger her arse as i was fucking her, 2 finger in and suzi was loving it.

Wow what a day , from lustful fun in the cinema to dildo strap on fun in hannahs bed . We snuggled for a bit before i hsd to leave ,hannah told me she has a fuck buddy, a married woman she sees who is discreet and loves female fucking fun .

She wants us to have a 3some , im up for it and cant wait, my mind has been racing and my rabbit has been in use , suzi is always on my mind , i love our time together , female love is everything and more than i have imagined ......our 3some is planned soon and i will share the moment with you all ??